Molecular and functional analysis of the tumour antigen T21

Alshehri, B.M., 2015. Molecular and functional analysis of the tumour antigen T21. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.


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Immunotherapy is a valuable approach to target tumour cells by stimulating the body’s adaptive immune system. To achieve this objective, it is important to identify and study antigens that are distinctively expressed in cancer and can be used effectively to initiate or enhance immune responses. T21 (Testis clone 21) was identified as a member of cancer/testis antigen (CTAs) family of proteins using a modified SEREX technique and can be considered a promising prostate-associated tumour antigen, shown to elicit a humoral immune response in prostate cancer patients. T21 has also been shown to be over-expressed in malignant glands of the prostate compared to benign glands and stroma at the mRNA level. Since T21 shares significant similarity with the Centrosomal Protein, CEP290, which has been implicated in several cilia associated syndromic disorders such as Joubert syndrome, it was necessary to determine similarities and differences in the expression and functionality of these two molecules to facilitate further studies on the role of T21 in prostate cancer tumourigenesis. As with the majority of identified cancer/testis antigens, the role of T21 in cancer remains undetermined. Therefore, investigations were initiated to understand the potential function of T21 in cancer cells.

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Date: 2015
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