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PAIROBA, C., COLOMBO, S.L. and ANDREO, C.S., 2000. Flavonoids: from waste products to profitable metabolites. Current Topics in Phytochemistry, 3.

COLOMBO, S.L., ANDREO, C.S. and CHOLLET, R., 1998. The interaction of shikimic acid and the protein phosphorylation with pep carboxylase from the C4 dicot Amaranthus viridis. Phytochemistry, 48 (1), pp. 55-59.

COLOMBO, S.L., ANDREO, C.S. and PODESTA, F.E., 1997. Carbon metabolism in germinating Ricinus communis cotyledons: purification, characterisation and developmental profile of NADP-dependent malic enzyme. Physiologia Plantarum, 101, pp. 821-826.

PAIROBA, C.F., COLOMBO, S.L. and ANDREO, C.S., 1996. Flavonoids as inhibitiors of NADP-malic enzyme and PEPC carboxylase from C4 plants. Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry, 60 (5), pp. 779-783.

COLOMBO, S.L., PAIROBA, C.F. and ANDREO, C.S., 1996. Inhibitory effect of shikimic acid on PEP carboxylase activity. Plant and Cell Physiology, 37 (6), pp. 870-872.

PODESTA, F.E., COLOMBO, S.L. and ANDREO, C.S., 1995. Purification and characterization of the light and dark forms of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase from the dicot plant Amaranthus viridis L. An examination of its kinetic and regulatory properties in the presence of water-alcohol binary solvents. Plant and Cell Physiology, 36, pp. 1471-1476.

SPAMPINATO, C.P., COLOMBO, S.L. and ANDREO, C.S., 1994. Interaction of analogues of substrate with NADP-malic enzyme from maize leaves. Photosynthesis Research, 39, pp. 67-73.

SPAMPINATO, C.P., PAIROBA, C.F., COLOMBO, S.L., BENEDIKTTSON, I. and ANDREO, C.S., 1994. Properties of DNA polymerase from petunia 'Mitchell' chloroplast. Inhibitory effect of flavonoides. Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry, 58 (5), pp. 822-825.

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