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WINSLOW, M., CROSS, W.B. and ROBINSON, D., 2020. A comparison of spin-flip TDDFT-based conical intersection approaches with XMS-CASPT2. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 16 (5), pp. 3253-3263. ISSN 1549-9618

TERREY, M.J., HOLMES, A., PERRY, C.C. and CROSS, W.B., 2019. C–H olefination of tryptophan residues in peptides: control of residue selectivity and peptide–amino acid cross-linking. Organic Letters, 21 (19), pp. 7902-7907. ISSN 1523-7060

TERREY, M.J., PERRY, C.C. and CROSS, W.B., 2019. Postsynthetic modification of phenylalanine containing peptides by C–H functionalization. Organic Letters, 21 (1), pp. 104-108. ISSN 1523-7060

SIMAYI, R., GILLBARD, S.M., CROSS, W.B., HOPE, E.G., SINGH, K. and SOLAN, G.A., 2018. Ligand and solvent control of selectivity in the C–H activation of a pyridylimine-substituted 1-naphthalene; a combined synthetic and computational study. Dalton Transactions, 47 (33), pp. 11680-11690. ISSN 1477-9226

SIMAYI, R., HOPE, E.G., SINGH, K., CROSS, W.B. and SOLAN, G.A., 2017. NNpyC- and ONpyC-pincers as functional ligands for palladium(II) complexes and assemblies. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 851, pp. 254-264. ISSN 0022-328X

WRIGHT, L.A., HOPE, E.G., SOLAN, G.A., CROSS, W.B. and SINGH, K., 2016. Active O,Npy,N-titanium(IV) fluoride precatalysts for ethylene polymerization: exploring "fluoride effects" on polymer properties and catalytic performance. Organometallics, 35 (9), pp. 1183-1191. ISSN 0276-7333

WRIGHT, L.A., HOPE, E.G., SOLAN, G.A., CROSS, W.B. and SINGH, K., 2015. O,N,N-Pincer ligand effects on oxidatively induced carbon–chlorine coupling reactions at palladium. Dalton Transcations, 44 (13), pp. 6040-6051. ISSN 1477-9226

WRIGHT, L.A., HOPE, E.G., SOLAN, G.A., CROSS, W.B. and SINGH, K., 2015. Organo-palladium(II) complexes bearing unsymmetrical N,N,N-pincer ligands: synthesis, structures and oxidatively induced coupling reactions. Dalton Transcations, 44 (16), pp. 7230-7241. ISSN 1477-9226

ALGARRA, A.G., CROSS, W.B., DAVIES, D.L., KHAMKER, Q., MACGREGOR, S.A., MCMULLIN, C.L. and SINGH, K., 2014. Combined experimental and computational investigations of rhodium- and ruthenium-catalyzed C-H functionalization of pyrazoles with alkynes. The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 79 (5), pp. 1954-1970. ISSN 0022-3263

CROSS, W.B., RAZAK, S., SINGH, K. and WARNER, A.J., 2014. C(sp3)–H activation without a directing group: regioselective synthesis of N-Ylide or N-heterocyclic carbene complexes controlled by the choice of metal and ligand. Chemistry - a European Journal, 20 (41), pp. 13203-13209. ISSN 1521-3765

ADEYI, O., CROSS, W.B., FORREST, G., GODFERY, L., HOPE, E.G., MCLEOD, A., SINGH, A., SINGH, K., SOLAN, G.A., WANG, Y. and WRIGHT, L.A., 2013. From discrete monomeric complexes to hydrogen-bonded dimeric assemblies based on sterically encumbered square planar palladium(II) ONN-pincers. Dalton Transcations, 42 (21), pp. 7710-7723. ISSN 1477-9226

CROSS, W.B., HOPE, E.G., LIN, Y., MACGREGOR, S.A., SINGH, K., SOLAN, G.A. and YAHYA, N., 2013. N,N-Chelate-control on the regioselectivity in acetate-assisted C–H activation. Chemical Communications, 49 (19), pp. 1918-1920. ISSN 1359-7345

CROSS, W.B., HOPE, E.G., FORREST, G., SINGH, K. and SOLAN, G.A., 2013. N-Triisopropylphenyl-substituted N,Npy,O pincers as supports for mononuclear palladium(II) complexes and hydrogen-bonded dimeric assemblies. Polyhedron, 59, pp. 124-132. ISSN 0277-5387

CROSS, W.B., DALY, C.G., BOUTADLA, Y. and SINGH, K., 2011. Variable coordination of amine functionalised N-heterocyclic carbene ligands to Ru, Rh and Rr: C-H and N-H activation and catalytic transfer hydrogenation. Dalton Transcations, 40 (38), pp. 9722-9730. ISSN 1477-9226

DALY, C.G., SINGH, K. and CROSS, W.B., 2011. trans-bis{1-[2-(2,6-diisopropylanilino)phenyl]-3-isopropylimidazolin-2-ylidenyl-κc2}diiodidopalladium(ii) benzene disolvate. Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online, 67 (6). ISSN 1600-5368

CROSS, W.B., DALY, C.G., ACKERMAN, R.L., GEORGE, I.R. and SINGH, K., 2010. N-heterocyclic carbene tethered amido complexes of palladium and platinum. Dalton Transcations, 40 (2), pp. 495-505. ISSN 1477-9226

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