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HUA, J., WILLIAMS, G.J., JIN, H., CHEN, J., XU, M., ZHOU, Y., GU, G. and DU, W., 2022. The early motor milestones in infancy and later motor impairments: a population-based data linkage study. Frontiers in Psychiatry. ISSN 1664-0640 (Forthcoming)

HUA, J., BARNETT, A.L., WILLIAMS, G.J., DAI, X., SUN, Y., LI, H., CHEN, G., WANG, L., FENG, J., LIU, Y., ZHANG, L., ZHU, L., WENG, T., GUAN, H., GU, Y., ZHOU, Y., BUTCHER, A. and DU, W., 2021. Association of gestational age at birth with subsequent suspected developmental coordination disorder in early childhood. JAMA Network Open, 4 (12): e2137581. ISSN 2574-3805

ZHANG, J., WILLIAMS, G.J., WANG, G., CHEN, J., ZHANG, M., DU, W., ZHU, J., ZHANG, J. and HUA, J., 2021. Early-term birth and its association with universal two-child policy: a national cross-sectional study in China. BMJ Open, 11 (12): e054959. ISSN 2044-6055

KE, L., BARNETT, A.L., WANG, Y., DUAN, W., HUA, J. and DU, W., 2021. Discrepancies between parent and teacher reports of motor competence in 5-10-year-old children with and without suspected Developmental Coordination Disorder. Children, 8 (11): 1028. ISSN 2227-9067

LIU, M., HUA, J., KE, L., DUAN, W. and DU, W., 2021. Analysis of developmental coordination disorder in Chinese children. Chinese journal of pediatrics, 59 (11), pp. 928-934. ISSN 0578-1310

HUA, J., SHEN, J., ZHANG, J., ZHOU, Y., DU, W. and WILLIAMS, G.J., 2021. The association between COVID-19 pandemic and maternal isolated hypothyroxinemia in first and second trimesters. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 128: 105210. ISSN 0306-4530

LIU, M., XUE, M., YANG, Q., DU, W., YAN, X., TAN, J., DUAN, T. and HUA, J., 2021. Association between migration status and caesarean section delivery based on a modified Robson classification in China. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 21: 215. ISSN 1471-2393

HUA, J., DU, W., DAI, X., WU, M., CAI, X., SHEN, M. and ZHU, L., 2020. International clinical practice recommendations on the definition, diagnosis, assessment, intervention, and psychosocial aspects of developmental coordination disorder – Chinese (Mandarin) translation. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology. ISSN 0012-1622

KE, L., DU, W., WANG, Y., DUAN, W., HUA, J. and BARNETT, A.L., 2020. The Movement ABC-2 Test in China: comparison with UK norms for 3-10 year olds. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 105: 103742. ISSN 0891-4222

DU, W., KE, L., WANG, Y., HUA, J., DUAN, W. and BARNETT, A.L., 2020. The prenatal, postnatal, neonatal, and family environmental risk factors for Developmental Coordination Disorder: a study with a national representative sample. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 104: 103699. ISSN 0891-4222

YANG, X., DU, W., LI, X., ZHANG, Y., QIAN, Z., BIGGS, M.J. and HUGHES, C., 2020. Cobalt(II) tetraaminophthalocyanine‐modified multiwall carbon nanotubes as an efficient sulfur redox catalyst for lithium–sulfur batteries. ChemSusChem. ISSN 1864-5631

HUA, J., SUN, J., CAO, Z., DAI, X., LIN, S., GUO, J., GU, G. and DU, W., 2019. Differentiating the cognitive development of early-term births in infants and toddlers: a cross-sectional study in China. BMJ Open, 9 (4), e025275. ISSN 2044-6055

HUA, J., LI, Y., YE, K., MA, Y., LIN, S., GU, G. and DU, W., 2019. The reliability and validity of Bayley-III cognitive scale in China's male and female children. Early Human Development, 129, pp. 71-78. ISSN 0378-3782

HUA, J., ZHU, L., DU, L., LI, Y., WU, Z., WO, D. and DU, W., 2018. Effects of midwife-led maternity services on postpartum wellbeing and clinical outcomes in primiparous women under China’s one-child policy. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 18: 329. ISSN 1471-2393

WILMUT, K., DU, W. and BARNETT, A.L., 2017. Navigating through apertures: perceptual judgement and actions of children with Developmental Coordination Disorder. Developmental Science, 20 (6): e12462. ISSN 1363-755X

WILMUT, K., DU, W. and BARNETT, A.L., 2017. When an object appears unexpectedly: object circumvention in adults. Journal of Motor Behavior, 49 (6), pp. 629-639. ISSN 0022-2895

DU, W., BARNETT, A. and WILMUT, K., 2016. The role of movement variability and action experience in the perceptual judgement of passability. Journal of Motor Learning and Development. ISSN 2325-3193

WILMUT, K., DU, W. and BARNETT, A.L., 2016. Gait patterns in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder. Experimental Brain Research. ISSN 0014-4819

HUANG, J., ZHU, L., DU, W., LUO, T. and WU, Z., 2016. Infant's sex, birth control policy and postpartum well-being: a prospective cohort study in Shanghai, China. BMJ Open, 6 (10), e012207. ISSN 2044-6055

DU, W., WILMUT, K. and BARNETT, A.L., 2015. Level walking in adults with and without Developmental Coordination Disorder: An analysis of movement variability. Human Movement Science, 43, pp. 9-14. ISSN 0167-9457

WILMUT, K., DU, W. and BARNETT, A.L., 2015. How Do I Fit through That Gap? Navigation through Apertures in Adults with and without Developmental Coordination Disorder. PLOS ONE, 10 (4), e0124695. ISSN 1932-6203

DU, W. and KELLY, S.W., 2013. Implicit sequence learning in dyslexia: a within-sequence comparison of first- and higher-order information. Annals of Dyslexia, 63 (2), pp. 154-170. ISSN 0736-9387

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