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EDWARDS, E., 2020. Chintz redux: contemporary Indian painted textiles in bloom. Selvedge (93), pp. 32-35.

EDWARDS, E., 2020. Textiles in bloom: block-print revival and contemporary fashion in Northwestern India. In: S. FEE and S. BECKERT, eds., The cloth that changed the world: the art and fashion of Indian chintz. Newhaven: Yale University Press. ISBN 9780300246797

EDWARDS, E., 2020. Branding tradition: the commercialization of hand embroidery in Gujarat. In: J. HARRIS, ed., A companion to textile culture. Oxford: John Wiley and Sons. ISBN 9781118768624 (Forthcoming)

EDWARDS, E., 2019. Indian block printing: technology, entrepreneurship and innovation across time and place. In: K. SIEBENHUMER, J. JORDAN and G. SCHOPF, eds., Cotton in context. Manufacturing, marketing, and consumption of early modern textiles in the German speaking world (1500 – 1900). Köln: Böhlau, pp. 61-90. ISBN 9783412515102

EDWARDS, E., 2018. Crafting futures India: The empowerment of women and girls through artisanal textiles, digital technology and entrepreneurship in India. London: British Council.

EDWARDS, E., 2016. Block printed textiles of India: imprints of culture. New Delhi: Niyogi Books. ISBN 9789385285035

EDWARDS, E., 2016. Cloth and community: the local trade in resist-dyed and block printed textiles in Kachchh district, Gujarat. In: C. BRANFOOT, ed., Traditional arts of South Asia: continuity in contemporary practice & patronage. Saffron Asian art & society series . London: Saffron Press, pp. 78-95. ISBN 9781872843322

EDWARDS, E. and KHATRI, I.M., 2016. The work of the Khatris of Kachchh: ajrakh and block printed textiles. In: C. BANCROFT, ed., Traditional arts of South Asia: continuity in contemporary practice & patronage. Saffron Asian art & society series . London: Saffron Press, pp. 96-109. ISBN 9781872843322

EDWARDS, E., 2014. Printing and dyeing in India. In: Encyclopaedia of the history of science, technology, and medicine in non-western cultures. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 1-12. ISBN 9789400739345

EDWARDS, E., 2012. Blueprint for sustainability: the evolution of traditional Indian textiles from local consumption to the global market. In: S. BLACK, ed., The sustainable fashion handbook. London: Thames & Hudson, pp. 154-157. ISBN 9780500290569

EDWARDS, E., 2012. Review of 'Under the embroidered sky: embroidery of the Ahirs of Kutch' by Anne Morrell, Shrujan Trust. Selvedge (45), p. 86. ISSN 0824-9091

EDWARDS, E., 2011. Textiles and dress of Gujarat. London: V&A Publishing in association with Mapin Publishing. ISBN 9781851776450

EDWARDS, E., 2010. Review of 'The grace of four moons: dress, adornment, and the art of the body in modern India' by Pravina Shukla, Indiana University Press, 2008. Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body & Culture, 14 (2), pp. 261-264. ISSN 1362-704X

EDWARDS, E., 2010. Textiles and dress among the Rabari of Kutch. In: E. SIMPSON and A. KAPADIA, eds., The idea of Gujarat: history, ethnography and text. New Delhi: Orient Blackswan, pp. 184-206. ISBN 9788125041139

EDWARDS, E., 2009. The role of veilcloths among the Rabaris of Kutch, Gujarat, Western India. Costume, 43, pp. 19-37. ISSN 0590-8876

EDWARDS, E., 2008. Hair, devotion and trade in India. In: G. BIDDLE-PERRY and S. CHEANG, eds., Hair: styling, culture and fashion. Oxford: Berg, pp. 149-166. ISBN 9781845207915

EDWARDS, E., 2007. Cloth and community: the local trade in resist-dyed and block-printed textiles in Kachchh district, Gujarat. Textile History, 38 (2), pp. 179-197. ISSN 0040-4969

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EDWARDS, E., 2005. Patterns of adaptation: interpreting social change among the Rabaris of Kachchh district, Gujarat, through their material culture. South Asian Studies, 21, pp. 53-68. ISSN 0266-6030

EDWARDS, E., 2003. Marriage and dowry customs of the Rabari of Kachchh. In: H.B. FOSTER and D.C. JOHNSON, eds., Wedding dress: across cultures. Oxford: Berg, pp. 67-84. ISBN 1859737420

EDWARDS, E., 2001. Textiles and dress of the Rabari of Kachchh. Ars Textrina, 33, pp. 59-74. ISSN 0824-9091

EDWARDS, E., 2001. A disappearing craft: ply-split braiding of the Rabari of Kachchh. In: J. PARRY, R. NORMAN and A. NORMAN, eds., Expanding the girths. Bampton: Sagaman. ISBN 0954242009

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