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Journal article

FRASER, I., 2005. Charles Taylor's Catholicism. Contemporary Political Theory, 4 (3).

FRASER, I., 2003. Charles Taylor on transcendence: Benjamin, Bloch and beyond. Philosophy and Social Criticism, 29 (3), pp. 297-314. ISSN 0191-4537

FRASER, I., 2003. Charles Taylor, Marx and Marxism. Political Studies, 51 (4), pp. 759-774. ISSN 0032-3217

FRASER, I., 2000. Hegel, Marxism and mysticism. Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain, 4142.

FRASER, I., 2000. Platonic influences in the thought of Marcuse. Studies in Marxism, 7.

FRASER, I., 1998. The dialectical mediation of need in Marx. Studies in Marxism, 4.

FRASER, I., 1997. Two of a kind: Hegel, Marx, dialectic and form. Capital and Class, 61.

FRASER, I., 1996. 'Extremities and interpretation: A critique of Straussian Hermeneutics'. Politics and International Relations.

FRASER, I., 1996. 'Speculations on poverty in Hegel's Philosophy of Right'. European Legacy: Journal of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas, 1 (7).

FRASER, I., 1995. 'Beyond Prometheus: Hegel on the need to be free.'. Politics, 15 (2).

Authored book

FRASER, I. and WILDE, L., 2011. The Marx dictionary. London: Continuum. ISBN 9781441178329

FRASER, I., 2008. Hegel ve Marks: ihtiyac kavrami [Turkish translation of Fraser 1998]. Dost Kitabevi Yayinlari.

FRASER, I., 2007. Dialectics of the self: transcending Charles Taylor. Imprint Academic. ISBN 1845400453

FRASER, I. and BURNS, T., 2000. The Hegel-Marx connection. Macmillan.

FRASER, I., 1998. Hegel, Marx and the concept of need. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Book contribution

FRASER, I., 2001. Entries on: Socialism; Communism; Surplus Value; Labour Theory of Value; Alienation. In: Routledge Encyclopedia of International Political Economy. Routledge. ISBN 415243513

FRASER, I., 1996. Entries on: Adorno; Arendt; Hegel; Legitimation Crisis; Lukás; Master and Slave; Reification; Sittlichkeit; Exchange Value; Factors of Production; Monetarism; New Right; Surplus Value. In: The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Chapter in book

FRASER, I., 2001. Herbert Marcuse: essence and existence. In: L. WILDE, ed., Marxism's ethical thinkers. Palgrave, pp. 95-115. ISBN 0333778073

BURNS, T. and FRASER, I., 2000. Hegel and Marx on needs: the making of a monster. In: The Hegel-Marx connection. Macmillan.

FRASER, I. and BURNS, T., 2000. Introduction: An historical survey of the Hegel-Marx connection. In: T. BURNS and I. FRASER, eds., The Hegel-Marx connection. Macmillan.

FRASER, I., 1996. Hegel and modern need theory. In: I.H. MONK and J. STANYER, eds., Contemporary political studies. Belfast: Political Studies Association of the UK.

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