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REMPELOS, L., WANG, J., BARAŃSKI, M., WATSON, A., VOLAKAKIS, N., HOPPE, H.-W., KÜHN-VELTEN, W.N., HADALL, C., HASANALIYEVA, G., CHATZIDIMITRIOU, E., MAGISTRALI, A., DAVIS, H., VIGAR, V., ŚREDNICKA-TOBER, D., RUSHTON, S., IVERSEN, P.O., SEAL, C.J. and LEIFERT, C., 2022. Diet and food type affect urinary pesticide residue excretion profiles in healthy individuals: results of a randomized controlled dietary intervention trial. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 115 (2), pp. 364-377. ISSN 0002-9165

HASANALIYEVA, G., CHATZIDIMITROU, E., WANG, J., BARANSKI, M., VOLAKAKIS, N., PAKOS, P., SEAL, C., ROSA, E.A.S., MARKELLOU, E., IVERSEN, P.O., VIGAR, V., WILLSON, A., BARKLA, B., LEIFERT, C. and REMPELOS, L., 2021. Effect of organic and conventional production methods on fruit yield and nutritional quality parameters in three traditional Cretan grape varieties: results from a farm survey. Foods, 10 (2): 476.

BARAŃSKI, M., ŚREDNICKA-TOBER, D., REMPELOS, L., HASANALIYEVA, G., GROMADZKA-OSTROWSKA, J., SKWARŁO-SOŃTA, K., KRÓLIKOWSKI, T., REMBIAŁKOWSKA, E., HAJSLOVA, J., SCHULZOVA, V., CAKMAK, I., OZTURK, L., HALLMANN, E., SEAL, C., IVERSEN, P.O., VIGAR, V. and LEIFERT, C., 2021. Feed composition differences resulting from organic and conventional farming practices affect physiological parameters in Wistar rats - results from a factorial, two-generation dietary intervention trial. Nutrients, 13 (2): 377.

REMPELOS, L., BARANSKI, M., WANG, J., ADAMS, T.N., ADEBUSUYI, K., BECKMAN, J.J., BROCKBANK, C.J., DOUGLAS, B.S., FENG, T., GREENWAY, J.D., GÜR, M., IYAREMYE, E., KONG, C.L., KORKUT, R., KUMAR, S.S., KWEDIBANA, J., MASSELOS, J., MUTALEMWA, B.N., NKAMBULE, B.S., ODUWOLE, O.B., OLADIPO, A.K., OLUMEH, J.O., PETROVIC, L., RÖHRIG, N., WYLD, S.A., XU, L., PAN, Y., CHATZIDIMITRIOU, E., DAVIS, H., MAGISTRALI, A., SUFAR, E., HASANALIYEVA, G., KALEE, H.H.H.A., WILLSON, A., THAPA, M., DAVENPORT, P., ŚREDNICKA-TOBER, D., VOLAKAKIS, N., WATSON, A., SEAL, C.J., GOLTZ, M., KINDERSLEY, P., IVERSEN, P.O. and LEIFERT, C., 2021. Integrated soil and crop management in organic agriculture: a logical framework to ensure food quality and human health? Agronomy, 11 (12): 2494.

WANG, J., CHATZIDIMITRIOU, E., WOOD, L., HASANALIEVA, G., MARKELLOU, E., IVERSEN, P.O., SEAL, C., BARANSKI, M., VIGAR, V., ERNST, L., WILLSON, A., THAPA, M., BARKLA, B.J., LEIFERT, C. and REMPELOS, L., 2020. Effect of wheat species (Triticum aestivum vs T. spelta), farming system (organic vs conventional) and flour type (wholegrain vs white) on composition of wheat flour – results of a retail survey in the UK and Germany – 2. Antioxidant activity, and phenolic and mineral content. Food Chemistry: X, 6: 100091. ISSN 2590-1575

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