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Journal article

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2019. Beyond language and the subject: machinic enslavement in contemporary European cinema. Studies in European Cinema, 16 (3), pp. 197-217. ISSN 1741-1548

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2019. Putting the dead to work: making sense of worker suicide in contemporary French and Francophone Belgian film. Studies in French Cinema, 19 (4), pp. 314-334. ISSN 1471-5880

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2017. Review essay: Governing by debt by Maurizio Lazzarato and Signs and machines: capitalism and the production of subjectivity by Maurizio Lazzarato. SubStance, 46 (1). ISSN 0049-2426

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2016. Thinking Contemporary Political Cinema with Cantet. South Central Review, 33 (2), pp. 44-56. ISSN 1549-3377

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2014. The crisis before the crisis: reading films by Laurent Cantet and Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne through the lens of debt. SubStance, 43 (1), pp. 82-95.

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2012. French film and work: the work done by work centered films. Framework: the Journal of Cinema and Media, 53 (1), pp. 155-171.

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2011. Breaking the circle: 'Le crime de Monsieur Lange' and the contemporary illegibility of the radical text. South Central Review, 28 (3), pp. 26-44.

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2011. Filming work and the work of film. L'Esprit créateur, 3, pp. 59-73.

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2011. French film and the new world of work: from the iron to the glass cage. Modern and Contemporary France, 19 (4), pp. 427-442.

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2011. Silencing the war all the better to hear it: Renoir's 'La grande illusion' (1937). Studies in French Cinema, 11 (1).

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2010. French cinema and the political. Studies in French Cinema, 10 (1), pp. 39-56.

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2005. Eloquent fragments: French fiction film and globalization. French Politics, Culture and Society, 23 (3), pp. 75-88. ISSN 1537-6370

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2004. Le surhomme à bout de souffle: le Belmondo des années 1975-1985. CinémAction, 112, pp. 107-115. ISSN 1241-8161

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2004. Suffering in silence: bodily politics in post-1995 French cinema. French Cultural Studies, 15 (3), pp. 219-233. ISSN 0957-1558

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2004. Suffering in silence: bodily politics in post-1995 French cinema. French Cultural Studies, 15 (3), pp. 219-233. ISSN 0957-1558

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2003. Post-1995 French cinema: return of the social, return of the political? Modern and Contemporary France, 11 (2), pp. 189-203. ISSN 0963-9489

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2001. Le séducteur: un macho comme les autres? CinémAction, 99, pp. 14-26. ISSN 1241-8161

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2001. The Parisian popular as reactionary modernisation. Studies in French Cinema, 1 (2), pp. 80-88. ISSN 1471-5880

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2001. The Parisian popular as reactionary modernisation. Studies in French Cinema, 1 (2), pp. 80-88. ISSN 1471-5880

Authored book

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2022. Looking beyond neoliberalism: French and francophone Belgian cinema and the crisis. Political cinemas . Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. ISBN 9781474448628

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2015. Laurent Cantet. Manchester: Manchester University Press. ISBN 9780719091506

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2009. La grande illusion. London: I.B. Tauris. ISBN 9781848850576

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2007. The new face of political cinema: French film since 1995. Berghahn. ISBN 9781845453220

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2000. Jean Renoir. Manchester: Manchester University Press. ISBN 0719050634

Chapter in book

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2022. Precarious narratives in French and Francophone Belgian cinema. In: E. CUTER, G. KIRSTEN and H. PRENZEL, eds., Precarity in European film: depictions and discourses. Film class, society (1). Berlin: De Gruyter, pp. 31-47. ISBN 9783110707724

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2020. Beyond neoliberalism? Gift economies in the films of the Dardenne brothers. In: A. KOUTSOURAKIS and T. AUSTIN, eds., Cinema of crisis: film and contemporary Europe. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. ISBN 9781474448505

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2018. Representations: fiction, documentary and the political. In: M. TEMPLE and M. WITT, eds., The French cinema book. 2nd ed. London: BFI Palgrave, pp. 297-303. ISBN 9781844574667

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2017. Cinema, sex tourism and globalisation in American and European cinema. In: E. MAZIERSKA and L. KRISTENSEN, eds., Contemporary cinema and neoliberal ideology. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 217-232. ISBN 9781138235731

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2015. Between the I and the we: Jean Renoir’s films of the Popular Front era. In: J. WARDAUGH, ed., Politics and the idividual in France 1930-1950. Oxford: Legenda, pp. 41-57. ISBN 9781909662247

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2015. Contemporary political cinema. In: A. FOX, M. MARIE, R. MOINE and H. RADNER, eds., A companion to contemporary French cinema. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 117-135. ISBN 9781444338997

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2014. Le cinéma français et le politique. In: I. VEYRAT-MASSON, S. DENIS and C. SÉCAIL, eds., Sous les images, la politique. Paris: CNRS Editions, pp. 377-388.

FAULKNER, C., O'SHAUGHNESSY, M. and PERKINS, V.F., 2013. La Règle du jeu: lies, truth, and irresolution (a critical round table). In: A. PHILLIPS and G. VINCENDEAU, eds., A companion to Jean Renoir. Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 144-165. ISBN 9781444338539

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2013. Nowhere to run, somewhere to hide: Laurent Cantet’s L’Emploi du temps. In: M. GOTT and T. SCHILT, eds., Open roads, closed borders: the contemporary French-language road movie. Bristol: Intellect, pp. 155-170. ISBN 9781841506623

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2013. Shooting in deep time: the mise-en-scène of history in Renoir's films of the 1930s. In: A. PHILLIPS and G. VINCENDEAU, eds., A companion to Jean Renoir. Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 16-34. ISBN 9781444338539

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2011. French cinema and neo-liberal globalization. In: J. KAPUR and K. WAGNER, eds., Neoliberalism and global cinema: capital, culture, and Marxist critique. New York ; London: Routledge.

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2011. Hidden violences: work and the working class in recent French film. In: J. MCCORMACK, M. PRATT and A. ROLLS, eds., Hexagonal variations: diversity, plurality and reinvention in contemporary France. Amsterdam: Rodopi, pp. 261-276. ISBN 9789042032453

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2010. The bafflement of Gabin and Raimu and the breathlessness of Belmondo: a dialogue with the work of Ginette Vincendeau. In: W. HIGBEE and S. LEAHY, eds., Studies in French cinema: UK perspectives. Intellect.

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2008. Belgium year zero: filming in the ruins of the social. In: Y. SARRI and D. MOUZAKI, eds., Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. Thessaloniki International Film Festival: Oxy publications, pp. 22-29. ISBN 9790000000000

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2008. Ethics in the ruins of politics: the Dardenne brothers. In: K. INCE, ed., Five directors: auteurism from Assayas to Ozon. Manchester: Manchester University Press, pp. 59-83. ISBN 9780719074318

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2007. Cinematic stardom, shifting masculinities. In: C.E. FORTH and B. TAITHE, eds., French masculinities: history, politics and culture. Palgrave MacMillan, pp. 190-205. ISBN 9.78023E+12

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2006. La règle du jeu. In: P. POWRIE, ed., The cinema of France. London: Wallflower, pp. 41-49. ISBN 1904764460

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2005. Reprise et les nouvelles formes du cinéma politique. In: G. HAYES and M. O'SHAUGHNESSY, eds., Cinéma et engagement. L'Harmattan, pp. 83-98. ISBN 2747578410

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2004. Femmes marginales, espaces marginaux. In: C. BARD, ed., Le genre des territoires. University of Angers, pp. 327-334. ISBN 2903075980

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2004. Poor propaganda: French colonial films of the 1930. In: M. EVANS, ed., Culture and empire. Palgrave, pp. 27-40. ISBN 333791819

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2001. Republic of cinema or fragmented public sphere: the debate between film-makers and critics. In: J. MARKS and E. MCCAFFREY, eds., French cultural debates. University of Delaware Press, pp. 65-79.

Edited book

HAYES, G. and O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2005. Cinéma et engagement. L'Harmattan. ISBN 2747578410

Journal editorship

REYNOLDS, C. and O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2012. La France et la crise [special issue]. UNSPECIFIED.

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M. and HAYES, G., 2007. French cinema and globalisation (special issue). UNSPECIFIED.


O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2002. The shifting identities of French popular cinema. Film-Philosophy, 6 (2). ISSN 1466-4615

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