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Journal article

PISCICELLI, L., LUDDEN, G.D.S. and COOPER, T., 2018. What makes a sustainable business model successful? An empirical comparison of two peer-to-peer goods-sharing platforms. Journal of Cleaner Production, 172, pp. 4580-4591. ISSN 0959-6526

PISCICELLI, L., COOPER, T. and FISHER, T., 2015. The role of values in collaborative consumption: insights from a product-service system for lending and borrowing in the UK. Journal of Cleaner Production, 97, pp. 21-29. ISSN 0959-6526

Chapter in book

PISCICELLI, L., COOPER, T., MORENO, M. and FISHER, T., 2016. The individual-practice framework: a design tool for understanding consumer behaviour. In: A. GENUS, ed., Sustainable consumption: design, innovation and practice. Switzerland: Springer, pp. 35-50. ISBN 9783319296654

PISCICELLI, L., COOPER, T. and FISHER, T., 2015. Sharing values: the relationship between value(s) and meanings in collaborative consumption. In: K. THORNTON, ed., Unmaking Waste 2015, Adelaide, South Australia, 22-24 May 2015: conference proceedings. Adelaide, South Australia: Zero Waste SA Research Centre for Sustainable Design and Behaviour, pp. 143-151. ISBN 9780994336071

PISCICELLI, L., COOPER, T. and FISHER, T., 2015. Understanding consumer influences on product lifetimes: the Individual-Practice Framework. In: T. COOPER, N. BRAITHWAITE, M. MORENO and G. SALVIA, eds., Product Lifetimes and the Environment (PLATE) Conference proceedings, [Nottingham Trent University], Nottingham, 17-19 June 2015. Nottingham: Nottingham Trent University: CADBE, pp. 277-282. ISBN 9780957600997

PISCICELLI, L., 2015. The role of values in collaborative consumption. In: M. HOXLEY and A. CRABBE, eds., CADBE Doctoral Student Conference [Nottingham Trent University, 9-10 June 2014]: 2014 proceedings. Nottingham: Nottingham Trent University: CADBE, pp. 163-172. ISBN 9780957600980

PISCICELLI, L., 2013. (Designing) a mixed methods study on collaborative consumption: a journey on different perspectives and approaches for exploring values and sustainable practices. In: G. KOABEL, G. AGYEKUM-MENSAH, A.-U. AKAHALU, L. BLEAKLEY, E. HAMAD, M. GLAZZARD, A.B. MANKTELOW, N. MARKOULAKIS, V. SAICHEUA and R. SLADE, eds., Research and the Researcher. Research Practice Course Fifth Annual Conference, Nottingham Trent University, 17 May 2013. Nottingham: Nottingham Trent University: AAS, pp. 70-73. ISBN 9780957601000

Conference contribution

MORENO, M., PISCICELLI, L., COOPER, T. and FISHER, T., 2015. Presenting the Design for Individuals and Practices (DIP) toolkit. In: Global Cleaner Production and Sustainable Consumption Conference 2015, Sitges, Spain, 1-4 November 2015.

MORENO, M.A., PISCICELLI, L. and COOPER, T., 2014. Using the Values-Practice Framework to adopt lifetime optimising behaviours: the case of maintenance. In: SCORAI Europe Workshop, Royal Society of Arts, London, 30 September - 2 October 2014, London.

PISCICELLI, L., COOPER, T. and FISHER, T., 2013. Enabling collaborative consumption through Product-Service Systems (PSSs). In: Sustainable Innovation 2013: Collaboration, Co-creation and New Business Models, University for the Creative Arts, Epsom, Surrey, 4-5 November 2013.

Edited book

BILAL, A., RATNAYAKA, A., ZOBENBULLER, A., COINTOT, C., HARBIDGE, D., WHATMAN, D., MBISE, E., AL-HASHIMI, F., MARTÍNEZ-ARELLANO, G., ROGERS, G., GOSTAUTAS, I., TAYLOR, J., TRYTKO, K., PISCICELLI, L., AHMED, M., ALASHAB, M., MAHMOOD, M., WILSON, S., ELFAYEZ, T., LIAO, Y. and TURNBULL, N., 2014. Breaking Boundaries 2014: First Annual Professional Research Practice Conference, Nottingham Trent University, 15 May 2014. Nottingham: Nottingham Trent University: Graduate School. ISBN 9780992995706


PISCICELLI, L., 2016. Do I share because I care? The role of values in the acceptance, adoption and diffusion of collaborative consumption. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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