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RASHEED, T., SHAFI, S. and SHER, F., 2022. Smart nano-architectures as potential sensing tools for detecting heavy metal ions in aqueous matrices. Trends in Environmental Analytical Chemistry: e00179. ISSN 2214-1588

MOHYUDIN, S., FAROOQ, R., JUBEEN, F., RASHEED, T., FATIMA, M. and SHER, F., 2022. Microbial fuel cells a state-of-the-art technology for wastewater treatment and bioelectricity generation. Environmental Research, 204 (Part D): 112387. ISSN 0013-9351

FAREED, B., SHER, F., SEHAR, S., RASHEED, T., ZAFAR, F., AMEEN, M. and LIMA, E.C., 2022. Tailor made functional zeolite as sustainable potential candidates for catalytic cracking of heavy hydrocarbons. Catalysis Letters, 152, pp. 732-744. ISSN 1011-372X

RASHEED, T., SHAFI, S., ALI, J., SHER, F., RIZWAN, K. and KHAN, S., 2022. Recent advances in chemically and biologically synthesized nanostructures for colorimetric detection of heavy metal. Journal of King Saud University - Science, 34 (2): 101745. ISSN 1018-3647

KHALID, U., SHER, F., NOREEN, S., LIMA, E.C., RASHEED, T., SEHAR, S. and AMAMI, R., 2022. Comparative effects of conventional and nano-enabled fertilizers on morphological and physiological attributes of Caesalpinia bonducella plants. Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences, 21 (1), pp. 61-72.

RASHEED, T., KAUSAR, F., RIZWAN, K., ADEEL, M., SHER, F., ALWADAI, N. and ALSHAMMARI, F.H., 2022. Two dimensional MXenes as emerging paradigm for adsorptive removal of toxic metallic pollutants from wastewater. Chemosphere, 287 (3): 132319. ISSN 0045-6535

HASSAN, M.H.A., SHER, F., SEHAR, S., RASHEED, T., ZAFAR, A., SULEJMANOVIĆ, J., ALI, U. and RASHID, T., 2021. Hydrothermally engineered enhanced hydrate formation for potential CO2 capture applications. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 9 (6): 106515. ISSN 2213-3437

RASHEED, T., RIZWAN, K., BILAL, M., SHER, F. and IQBAL, H.M.N., 2021. Tailored functional materials as robust candidates to mitigate pesticides in aqueous matrices—a review. Chemosphere, 282: 131056. ISSN 0045-6535

RASHEED, S., SHER, F., RASHEED, T., SEHAR, S., AL QUBEISSI, M., ZAFAR, F. and LIMA, E.C., 2021. Hydrothermally engineered Ni–CuC hybrid nanocomposites: structural and morphological investigations with potential fuel catalytic applications. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 270: 124837. ISSN 0254-0584

RASHEED, T., AHMAD, N., ALI, J., HASSAN, A.A., SHER, F., RIZWAN, K., IQBAL, H.M.N. and BILAL, M., 2021. Nano and micro architectured cues as smart materials to mitigate recalcitrant pharmaceutical pollutants from wastewater. Chemosphere, 274: 129785. ISSN 0045-6535

RASHEED, T., ANWAR, M.T., AHMAD, N., SHER, F., KHAN, S.U., AHMADI, A., KHAN, R. and WAZEER, I., 2021. Valorisation and emerging perspective of biomass based waste-to-energy technologies and their socio-environmental impact: a review. Journal of Environmental Management, 287: 112257. ISSN 0301-4797

SHER, F., HAZAFA, A., MARINTSEVA, K., RASHEED, T., ALI, U., RASHID, T., BABU, A. and KHZOUZ, M., 2021. Fully solar powered Doncaster Sheffield Airport: energy evaluation, glare analysis and CO2 mitigation. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 45: 101122. ISSN 2213-1388

SHER, F., CHEN, S., RAZA, A., RASHEED, T., RAZMKHAH, O., RASHID, T., RAFI-UL-SHAN, P.M. and ERTEN, B., 2021. Novel strategies to reduce engine emissions and improve energy efficiency in hybrid vehicles. Cleaner Engineering and Technology, 2: 100074. ISSN 2666-7908

MAQSOOD, M., MUSHTAQ, Z., RASHEED, T., NISA, Z.U. and SHER, F., 2021. Thrombolytic and cytotoxic activity of different bioactive extracts of E. coli. Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, 3: 100080.

RASHID, T., SHER, F., KHAN, A.S., KHALID, U., RASHEED, T., IQBAL, H.M.N. and MURUGESAN, T., 2021. Effect of protic ionic liquid treatment on the pyrolysis products of lignin extracted from oil palm biomass. Fuel, 291: 120133. ISSN 0016-2361

RASHEED, T., NABEEL, F., SHER, F., KHAN, S.U. and AL KHERAIF, A.A., 2021. Tailored functional polymeric vesicles as smart nanostructured materials for aqueous monitoring of transition metal cations. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 327: 114791. ISSN 0167-7322

RASHID, T., SHER, F., HAZAFA, A., HASHMI, R.Q., ZAFAR, A., RASHEED, T. and HUSSAIN, S., 2021. Design and feasibility study of novel paraboloid graphite based microbial fuel cell for bioelectrogenesis and pharmaceutical wastewater treatment. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 9 (1): 104502. ISSN 2213-3437

RASHID, T., SHER, F., RASHEED, T., ZAFAR, F., ZHANG, S. and MURUGESAN, T., 2021. Evaluation of current and future solvents for selective lignin dissolution – a review. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 321: 114577. ISSN 0167-7322

SHER, F., IQBAL, S.Z., RASHEED, T., HANIF, K., SULEJMANOVIĆ, J., ZAFAR, F. and LIMA, E.C., 2021. Coupling of electrocoagulation and powder activated carbon for the treatment of sustainable wastewater. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 28, pp. 48505-48516. ISSN 0944-1344

AL-JUBOORI, O., SHER, F., RAHMAN, S., RASHEED, T. and CHEN, G.Z., 2020. Sustainable conversion of carbon dioxide into diverse hydrocarbon fuels via molten salt electrolysis. ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 8 (51), pp. 19178-19188. ISSN 2168-0485

AL-RAWI, U.A., SHER, F., HAZAFA, A., RASHEED, T., AL-SHARA, N.K., LIMA, E.C. and SHANSHOOL, J., 2020. Catalytic activity of Pt loaded zeolites for hydroisomerization of n-hexane using supercritical CO2. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 59 (51), pp. 22092-22106. ISSN 0888-5885

ULLAH, S., BRANQUINHO, R., MATEUS, T., MARTINS, R., FORTUNATO, E., RASHEED, T. and SHER, F., 2020. Solution combustion synthesis of transparent conducting thin films for sustainable photovoltaic applications. Sustainability, 12 (24): 10423. ISSN 2071-1050

YAQOOB, H., TEOH, Y.H., JAMIL, M.A., RASHEED, T. and SHER, F., 2020. An experimental investigation on tribological behaviour of tire-derived pyrolysis oil blended with biodiesel fuel. Sustainability, 12 (23): 9975. ISSN 2071-1050

RASHEED, T., HASSAN, A.A., KAUSAR, F., SHER, F., BILAL, M. and IQBAL, H.M.N., 2020. Carbon nanotubes assisted analytical detection – sensing/delivery cues for environmental and biomedical monitoring. TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 132: 116066. ISSN 0165-9936

RASHEED, T., SHAFI, S., BILAL, M., HUSSAIN, T., SHER, F. and RIZWAN, K., 2020. Surfactants-based remediation as an effective approach for removal of environmental pollutants - a review. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 318: 113960. ISSN 0167-7322

JUBEEN, F., SHER, F., HAZAFA, A., ZAFAR, F., AMEEN, M. and RASHEED, T., 2020. Evaluation and detoxification of aflatoxins in ground and tree nuts using food grade organic acids. Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology, 29: 101749. ISSN 1878-8181

RASHEED, T., AHMAD, N., NAWAZ, S. and SHER, F., 2020. Photocatalytic and adsorptive remediation of hazardous environmental pollutants by hybrid nanocomposites. Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, 2: 100037.

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