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Journal article

KONG, M., HAN, T., YIN, H., XU, X., ZHANG, T., CHEN, T., PAN, G., SHI, W. and WEI, D., 2022. Algal settlement inactivates lanthanum/aluminum comodified attapulgite: implications for phosphorus control in shallow lakes. ACS ES & T Water. ISSN 2690-0637

ZHANG, H., FERGUSON, A., ROBERTSON, G., JIANG, M., ZHANG, T., SUDLOW, C., SMITH, K., RANNIKMAE, K. and WU, H., 2021. Benchmarking network-based gene prioritization methods for cerebral small vessel disease. Briefings in Bioinformatics, 22 (5): bbab006. ISSN 1467-5463

SUN, L., ZHANG, T., LIU, S., WANG, K., ROGERS, T., YAO, L. and ZHAO, P., 2021. Reducing energy consumption and pollution in the urban transportation sector: a review of policies and regulations in Beijing. Journal of Cleaner Production, 285: 125339. ISSN 0959-6526

XU, S., SUN, H., ADDICOAT, M., BISWAL, B.P., HE, F., PARK, S., PAASCH, S., ZHANG, T., SHENG, W., BRUNNER, E., HOU, Y., RICHTER, M. and FENG, X., 2021. Thiophene‐bridged donor–acceptor sp²‐carbon‐linked 2D conjugated polymers as photocathodes for water reduction. Advanced Materials, 33 (1): 2006274. ISSN 0935-9648

LIU, K., QI, H., DONG, R., SHIVHARE, R., ADDICOAT, M., ZHANG, T., SAHABUDEEN, H., HEINE, T., MANNSFELD, S., KAISER, U., ZHENG, Z. and FENG, X., 2019. On-water surface synthesis of crystalline, few-layer two-dimensional polymers assisted by surfactant monolayers. Nature Chemistry. ISSN 1755-4330

OAKEY, L.A., FLETCHER, R.S., ELHASSAN, Y.S., CARTWRIGHT, D.M., DOIG, C.L., GARTEN, A., THAKKER, A., MADDOCKS, O.D.K., ZHANG, T., TENNANT, D.A., LUDWIG, C. and LAVERY, G.G., 2019. Metabolic tracing reveals novel adaptations to skeletal muscle cell energy production pathways in response to NAD+ depletion [version 1; peer review: 2 approved]. Wellcome Open Research, 3: 147. ISSN 2398-502X

ZHANG, T., PAN, G. and ZHOU, Q., 2016. Temperature effect on photolysis decomposing of perfluorooctanoic acid. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 42, pp. 126-133. ISSN 1001-0742

ZHANG, T., O'HARE, L., HIBBARD, P.B., NEFS, H.T. and HEYNDERICKX, I., 2015. Depth of field affects perceived depth in stereographs. ACM Transactions on Applied Perception, 11 (4): 18. ISSN 1544-3558

ZHANG, T. and PAN, G., 2015. The degradation pathways and mineralization of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). Chinese Science Bulletin (Chinese Version), 60 (17), pp. 1574-1591. ISSN 0023-074X

O'HARE, L., ZHANG, T., NEFS, H.T. and HIBBARD, P.B., 2013. Visual discomfort and depth-of-field. i-Perception, 4 (3), pp. 156-169. ISSN 2041-6695

ZHANG, T., 2013. Governance and dissidence in online culture in China: the case of anti-CNN and online gaming. Theory, Culture & Society.

SIEBERS, L.Q., ZHANG, T. and LI, F., 2013. Retail positioning through customer satisfaction: an alternative explanation to the resource-based view. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 21 (7), pp. 559-587. ISSN 0965-254X

WOOD, A.G., PRYSE, S.E., GRANDE, M., WHITTAKER, I.C., COATES, A.J., HUSBAND, K., BAUMJOHANN, W., ZHANG, T., MAZELLE, C., KALLIO, E., FRÄNZ, M., MCKENNA-LAWLOR, S. and WURZ, P., 2012. The transterminator ion flow at Venus at solar minimum. Planetary and Space Science, 73 (1), pp. 341-346. ISSN 0032-0633

ZHANG, T. and TOMLINSON, J., 2012. Three constituencies of online dissent in China. Chinese media and globalization [special issue], 5 (1), pp. 55-60.

ZHANG, T., 2011. Postcard. Space and Culture, 14 (1), pp. 129-130.

ZHANG, T., 2007. Protestant missionary publishing and the birth of Chinese elite journalism. Journalism Studies, 8 (6), pp. 879-897. ISSN 1469-9699

Authored book

ZHANG, T., 2007. The origins of the modern Chinese press: the influence of the Protestant missionary press in late Qing China. London: Routledge. ISBN 9780415380669

Chapter in book

ZHANG, T., 2014. Key moments in the history of the modern Chinese press [forthcoming]. In: G.D. RAWNSLEY and M.-Y.T. RAWNSLEY, eds., Routledge handbook of Chinese media. Routledge. ISBN 9780415520775

ZHANG, T., 2012. From to 'April Youth': anti-Western sentiment in youth oriented Chinese online media. In: L. HERNÁNDEZ, ed., China and the West: encounters with the other in culture, arts, politics and everyday life. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 1-16. ISBN 9781443837804

Conference contribution

O'HARE, L., ZHANG, T., NEFS, H. and HIBBARD, P., 2012. Depth of field and visual discomfort. In: 35th European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP) 2012, Alghero, Sardinia, Italy, 2-6 September 2012.


ZHANG, T., 2004. Media and modernity: the influence of the missionary press in late Qing Dynasty China. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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