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BANDYOPADHYAY, S., 1994. Affordability: some recent findings from the Indian scene. In: Proceedings of the second symposium on housing for the urban poor: housing, poverty and developing countries.

BANDYOPADHYAY, S., 1994. Manah: an Ibadi-Omani settlement. In: 11th Inter-Schools Conference at York, University of York, 28-29 March 1994, York.

BANDYOPADHYAY, S., 1994. Settlement planning and housing in modern Oman: a critical view [poster presentation]. In: Building and the Environment International Conference, BRE, Watford, 16-20 May 1994, Watford.

BANDYOPADHYAY, S., 1994. Who can have a 'pucca' house in India? In: 2nd Symposium on Housing for the Poor, Housing, Poverty and Developing Countries. Birmingham 11-14 April 1994, Birmingham.

BARNES, P., 1994. Predicting takeover targets: some methodological issues and an empirical study. In: Western Social Science Association, Albuquerque, New Mexico, April 1994, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

BARNES, P., 1994. Predicting takeover targets: some methodological issues and an empirical study. In: School of Finance and Management Science, St Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, September 1994, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

BARNES, P., 1994. Predicting takeover targets: some methodological issues and an empirical study. In: Finance Department, Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia, September 1994, Malaysia.

BARNES, P., 1994. Predicting takeover targets: some methodological issues and an empirical study. In: Centre for Research in Financial Services, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, September 1994, Singapore.

BREACH, M., 1994. Teaching the gyrotheodolite to large numbers. In: International Society for Mining Surveying !X Congress, Prague, 1994.

BUCHANAN, D., PRESTON, D., SMITH, A.J. and JORDAN, S., 1994. When two worlds collide: conducting management research in a medical environment. In: 8th British Academy of Management Annual Conference, Management School, Lancaster University, Lancaster, 12-14 September 1994.


CARMONA, H.A., GEIM, A.K., LANGERAK, C.J.G.M., FOSTER, T.J., BROWN, C.V., MAIN, P.C. and BEAUMONT, S.P., 1994. Universal conductance fluctuations in a multi-subband quantum-well. In: 4th International Symposium on Research in High Magnetic Fields, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 29-31 August 1994.

CHILTON, J.C., 1994. Polygonal living: some environment-friendly buildings with reciprocal roofs. In: Application of Structural Morphology to Architecture, Stuttgart, October, 1994 [conference proceedings], Stuttgart.

CHILTON, J.C., CHOO, B.S. and YU, J., 1994. Morphology of reciprocal frame 3-dimensional grillage structures. In: Spatial Lattice and Tension Structures, Atlanta, Georgia, April, 1994 [conference proceedings].

COOPER, T., 1994. Product durability: how to achieve it. In: Wuppertal Institute Workshop on Eco-Efficient Services, Wuppertal, September 1994, Wuppertal.

COPIN, N.J., GREENWOOD, J.R., MORGAN, R.P.C. and CHURCHER, D., 1994. CIRIA field evaluation and demonstration trials for bioengineering. In: International Conference on Vegetation and Slopes, Oxford, September, 1994, Oxford, UK.

CORDEN, R., 1994. The changing nature of the pedagogical relationship in ITT. In: BERA Conference, Oxford University, Oxford, September, 1994, Oxford.

CORDEN, R. and HAYES, M., 1994. Changing perceptions: what we want, what we need & what we get. In: SRHE Conference, York University, York, December, 1994, York.

CORDEN, R. and HAYES, M., 1994. Teacher training: a comment on Circular 14/93. In: World Congress on Action Research, Bath University, Bath, July, 1994, Bath.


DAVIES, S.P. and CASTELL, A.M., 1994. Structuring concurrent descriptions of the design activity. In: Proceedings of the 7th Annual Conference, AI & Cognitive Science '94.

DE LEEUW, S., 1994. Designing distribution management systems. In: Advanced Summer Institute in Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering, Patras, Greece, 1994, Patras, Greece.

DE LEEUW, S., 1994. Distribution control design needs more conceptual knowledge. In: Derde Landelijke AIO-onderzoeksdag Bedrijfskunde, Amersfoort, Netherlands, 1994, Amersfoort, Netherlands.

DE LEEUW, S., 1994. A method for designing distribution control systems. In: 1st International Conference of the European Management Association, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, 1994, Cambridge.

DIAS, T., 1994. Knitting of flat shaped 2-D and 3-D forms. In: Proceedings of the International Conference 'Textiles for Composites', Manchester.

DINGWALL, R., 1994. [Invited speaker]. In: Familles et Justice Conference, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, July 1994, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.


ECCLES, T., 1994. Constructing urban development policies: contradictions of environmental development. In: European Environment Conference, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, September 1994, Nottingham.

ECCLES, T., 1994. Valuation in Europe: some educational issues. In: European Real Estate Society Inaugural Conference, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 1994, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

ECCLES, T., 1994. Water - public resource and private asset. In: European Faculty of Land Use and Development Conference 'Protection and Management of Water Resources through Land Use Planning', Strasbourg, France, June 1994, Strasbourg, France.

ECCLES, T., 1994. An investigation into the learning experience of overseas students: a case study for the teaching of built environment studies in British universities. In: 13th ISSED Conference 'Staff and Student Development in a Multi-Cultural Setting', Cape Town, South Africa, June 1994, Cape Town, South Africa.

EVANS, J.P.O., ROBINSON, M. and GODBER, S.X., 1994. Stereoscopic imaging systems for both robotic use and the decommissioning of nuclear power plants. In: ETAR '94: Emerging Technologies in Advanced Robotics, Windermere, September, 1994, Windermere.


HENHAM, R., 1994. Sentencing policy and the Court of Appeal. In: Prisons 2000 Conference, Leicester University, April 1994, Leicester.


KAMOCHE, K., 1994. Strategic human resource management within a resource-capability view of the firm. In: [Seminars], Chulalongkorn and Thai Chamber of Commerce Universities, Bangkok, Thailand, July, 1994, Bangkok.

KAMOCHE, K., 1994. Strategic human resource management within a resource-capability view of the firm. In: BUIRA HRM study group, Templeton College, Oxford, January, 1994, Oxford.

KAMOCHE, K., 1994. The integration-differentiation puzzle: a resource-capability perspective in international HRM. In: 4th Conference on IHRM, Gold Coast, Australia, July, 1994, Gold Coast.


LIANG, H., 1994. A multi-wavelength mass estimate of a z=0.31 cluster. In: Clusters of Galaxies: Proceedings of the 29th Rencontre de Moriond, 14th Moriond Astrophysics Meetings.

LOTFI, A., ANDERSEN, H.C. and TSOI, A.C., 1994. Towards matrix formulation of fuzzy rule-based systems. In: Third International Workshop on Rough Sets and Soft Computing (RSSC'94), San Jose, California, USA, November, 1994, San Jose, California, USA.


O'NEILL, M., 1994. Beyond the single market: the EU's commercial policy. In: Meeting of the Heads of Pickup Europe Regional Centres and representatives of the DTI held at South Bank University, 1994.

O'NEILL, M., 1994. Power in the European Union: the institutions and policy-making processes. In: Meeting of the Heads of Pickup Europe Regional Centres and representatives of the DTI held at South Bank University, 1994.


PEPPER, A. and KRANTZ, E.P., 1994. Single exposure color mixing technique for rainbow 'shadow' holograms. In: SPIE Proceedings, San Jose, California.

PEPPER, A. and KRANTZ, E.P., 1994. The art of collaboration: a conflict of disciplines or constructive relationship. In: SPIE Proceedings, Lake Forest, USA.

PYATT, F.B., 1994. 137Cs pollution in the Outer Hebrides. In: University of Sheffield [conference], 1994, Sheffield.

PYATT, F.B., 1994. Ecological monitoring of environmental pollution. In: University of Poznan [conference], Poland, 1994, Poland.


SU, D., 1994. Gearbox KBIS: a prototype knowledge-based integrated system for gearbox design. In: Proceedings of the International Gear Conference, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


TALBOT, M., 1994. Almost uncontrollable urges in women's popular fiction. In: 17th Annual Conference of the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language and Gender, Florida, USA, September 1994, Florida.

TALBOT, M., 1994. Coherence and heterosexuality in a problem page. In: 10th Sociolinguistics Symposium, Lancaster University, 23-25 March, 1994, Lancaster.

TALBOT, M., 1994. 'It felt good to kill': schoolboy dreams in the novels of James Herbert. In: Poetics and Linguistics Association Conference, Sheffield Hallam University, 8-11 April, 1994, Sheffield.

TALBOT, M., 1994. The construction of masculinity in a British tabloid. In: 2nd Nordic Language and Gender Conference, Tromsø, Norway, 3-5 November, 1994, Tromsø.


WALLACE, R.G., 1994. New approaches to running and assessing practical work on degree courses. In: The Royal Society of Chemistry Annual Chemical Congress, Liverpool, April 1994, Liverpool.

WALLACE, R.G., 1994. Sandwich or side order? In: What Can Higher Education Do for the Chemical Industry? The Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, November 1994, Cambridge.

WHITE, C.A., 1994. 'Movement in the theatre space'. Performance past and present: current trends in theatre research. In: IFTR, International Federation for Theatre Research XIIth World Congress, Moscow, 1994, Moscow.

WOODFIELD, R., 1994. Gombrich on style and culture. In: Vintermote held at the Department of Aesthetics, University of Uppsala, Sweden, 1994, Uppsala.

WOODFIELD, R., 1994. On contemporary British aesthetics [conference paper]. In: Slovakian Society of Aesthetics, Bratislava, Slovakia, Bratislava.

WOODFIELD, R., 1994. Tradition and bildung. In: Joint Meeting of the Hellenic and British Societies of Aesthetics, Athens, 1994, Athens.

WOODFIELD, R., 1994. Wittgenstein and Popper on aesthetics. In: Annual Conference of the Hungarian Association of Aesthetics, 1994.

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