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BROWN, D., 2020. Betelgeuse: star’s weird dimming sparks rumours that its death is imminent. The Conversation.

BROWN, D., 2020. Five Moon myths – and how to disprove them yourself. The Conversation.


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CHEAH, J.E.-T., 2020. What is DeFi and why is it the hottest ticket in cryptocurrencies? The Conversation.

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HOMEWOOD, M.J., 2020. Law schools, the SQE and technology. Legal Futures.


KELLEZI, B., 2020. How people in immigration detention try to cope with life in limbo. The Conversation.


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LEE, L.W., KIETZMANN, J. and KIETZMANN, T.C., 2020. Deepfakes: five ways in which they are brilliant business opportunities. The Conversation.


MANU, E. and OGBUOKIRI, A., 2020. Cities like Lagos need building designs that don't just copy global styles. The Conversation.

MARKHAM, C., 2020. From book clubs to the Archers, how to reinvigorate the local village pub. The Conversation.

MILES, G. and SHORE, S., 2020. Photography and flow: Stephen Shore x George Miles. IMA, 32 (Summer).

MILEV, G. and AL-HABAIBEH, A., 2020. If all cars were electric, UK carbon emissions would drop by 12%. The Conversation.

MURPHY, P., 2020. Why it matters that so many senior civil servants are quitting under Boris Johnson. The Conversation.


PICH, C., 2020. Boris Johnson’s political brand is in deep trouble. The Conversation.

PICH, C., 2020. Guernsey has no political parties - but a referendum could be about to change all that. The Conversation.


RIDGWAY, M., 2020. Five tips to support expatriate wellbeing. HRreview.

RIDGWAY, M., 2020. Now is the time to reskill and future proof your business. Small Business Charter.


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WHITAKER, E., WILLIAMS, G., LARKIN, R., ROSE, N., HEMSLEY, S. and WOOD, C., 2020. Exploring spelling skills in children with Developmental Language Disorder. Naplic News.

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