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Journal article

NEWLING, J., 2002. A short walk. Public Art Journal, 1 (6), pp. 52-61. ISSN 1465-7376

Authored book

NEWLING, J., 2009. The Noah laboratory; constructing soil. The Collection. ISBN 9780000000000

NEWLING, J., 2008. Make a piano in Spain. Wellcome Trust. ISBN 9780000000000

NEWLING, J., 2008. Preston Market mystery project. Harris Museum. ISBN 9780000000000

NEWLING, J., 2007. An essential disorientation: an investigation into sacredness and its relation to contemporary art. Polish Museum of Contemporary Sacred Art. ISBN 9788392296409

NEWLING, J., 2006. Chatham Vines. London: ArtOffice.

NEWLING, J., 2005. Writings by John Newling 1995-2005. Book one: Essays 1995-2004. London: SWPA. ISBN 09473002X

NEWLING, J., 2005. Writings by John Newling 1995-2005. Book two: Transactions and agreements. London: SWPA. ISBN 09473002X

NEWLING, J., 2004. Stamping uncertainty: [exhibition catalogue] published to coincide with an installation project at The Chapter House, Cantebury Cathedral, 16th April- 5th May 2004. SWPA Limited. ISBN 0954730003

NEWLING, J., 2004. The Westonbirt wishes. London: SWPA. ISBN 0954730011

NEWLING, J., 2003. Currency and belief. Bretton: Yorkshire Sculpture Park. ISBN 1871480418

NEWLING, J., 2003. A short walk: the Now Festival catalogue. UNSPECIFIED.

NEWLING, J., 2002. Prayer not of proof but of love. Worcester. ISBN 0954248406

Conference contribution

NEWLING, J., 2009. Art and ecology in the Anthropocene era: recent projects by John Newling [invited keynote speaker]. In: 6th ERARAM 'East Midlands Arts in Rural Area Network' Conference, 30 November 2009.

NEWLING, J., 2009. Between sign and symptom; the transformation of value, coin and materials in the works of John Newling [survey lecture]. In: Royal Numismatic Society for the Warburg Institute, Woburn Square, London, 17 November 2009, London.

NEWLING, J., 2006. Chatham vines: sacred narrative. In: 13th Conference of the International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture, Stirling University, 2006, Stirling, UK.

NEWLING, J., 2006. Removing the signs: design for a multi denomination temple. In: International Conference SARCOEXPO, Kielce, Poland, 2006, Kielce, Poland.

NEWLING, J., 2005. Are God and artists still talking? The great art debate. In: City of London Arts Festival, St Mary-le-Bow, London, 2005, London, UK.

NEWLING, J., 2004. Twenty first century methodolgies for arts production. In: Presentation delivered at PZI Institute, Rotterdam, 2004, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

NEWLING, J., 2003. The dynamics of art and new urbanism. In: Paper given at the Stepchange seminar, 2003, Worcester, UK.

NEWLING, J., 2003. The projects of John Newling 2000 to 2003. In: Keynote speech at 'Fermentation', the International Conference on Urban Regeneration, Helsinki.

NEWLING, J., 2002. Mediation in twenty first century arts production. In: Paper given for Public Art Forum at the Royal Court Theatre, London, London, UK.


KANDHOLA, M., GOODHEW, S., NEWLING, J., MOTTRAM, J. and EVANS, P., 2011. Wonder Cabinet. Newton Building, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, April 2011 - January 2013. .

NEWLING, J., 2010. Peterborough soil. Installation at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery, 2010. .

NEWLING, J., 2010. What happens next is a secret. Installation at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2010 [group show]. .

NEWLING, J., 2009. Art in public places: the archive of the PADT (Public Art Development Trust). Proposals and drawings of Newling's projects from the archive, exhibited at Leeds Art Gallery and the Henry Moore Institute, 2009. .

NEWLING, J., 2009. The Noah laboratory (final phase) constructing soil [installation and public transaction]. .

NEWLING, J., 2009. Peterborough soil. Project commissioned by Opportunity Peterborough and Peterborough City Council, 2009-2010. .

NEWLING, J., 2009. Stamping uncertainty. Installation in the Chapter House, Worcester Cathedral. .

NEWLING, J., 2009. What we do to make ourselves feel better: the penultimate public phase of the Wellcome Collection's commissioned project 'Make a piano in Spain'. .

NEWLING, J., 2009. The clearing (part 1). A commissioned project by 'Hinterland'. .

NEWLING, J., 2008. Documents from the Filter series (1990). Exhibited as part of the permanent collection display at Leeds City Art Gallery. .

NEWLING, J., 2008. Make a piano in Spain: installation commissioned by the Wellcome Collection, London, on behalf of the Wellcome Trust, 15 October - 14 November, 2008. .

NEWLING, J., 2008. The Noah lab. .

NEWLING, J., 2008. Out loud: a live public reading of the 500 citations collected from members of the public from 6th to the 10th of May, in answer to the question, 'What do you do to make yourself feel better?' Commissioned by the Wellcome Collection, London, on behalf of the Wellcome Trust, 18 October 2008. .

NEWLING, J., 2008. Prospects and interiors: sculptors drawings of inner space [group exhibition]. .

NEWLING, J., 2007. Preston market mystery project: Event 2: 'Voicing mysteries'. .

NEWLING, J., 2006. Itch, a work exhibited from the 'Currency and belief;' series. .

NEWLING, J., 2006. Preston market mystery project: Event 1: 'The insurance stall'. .

NEWLING, J., 2006. Stamping uncertainty, the Fratry building, Carlisle Cathedral. .

NEWLING, J., 2006. Westonbirt wishes, bronze bolus. .

NEWLING, J., 2005. Gilded Calf. .

NEWLING, J., 2005. Leaven. .

NEWLING, J., 2005. Mine. .

NEWLING, J., 2005. Mine: single version. .

NEWLING, J., 2005. Transactions and agreements. .

NEWLING, J., 2005. The Westonbirt wishes. .

NEWLING, J., 2004. Chatham Vines. .

NEWLING, J., 2004. International Environmental Artists Exhibition. .

NEWLING, J., 2004. Stamping uncertainty. .

NEWLING, J., 2004. The Westonbirt wishes. .

NEWLING, J., 2003. Charity - installation as part of Artranspennine03. .

NEWLING, J., 2003. Converge and convey - installation. .

NEWLING, J., 2003. Ices. .

NEWLING, J., 2003. ...If spring didn't come. .

NEWLING, J., 2003. Shelter, 1983: sculpture in 20th century Britain. .

NEWLING, J., 2003. A cartography of desire. .

NEWLING, J., 2002. Currency and belief: a retrospective. .

NEWLING, J., 2002. Prayer room. .

NEWLING, J., 2002. Through the surface. .


NEWLING, J., 2005. Happiness is not a right, performance - installation, version 2 of Stamping Uncertainty [Cork, Ireland]. .

NEWLING, J., 2002. Sleight of hand - performance. .

Website content

NEWLING, J., 2010. John Newling - autumn newsletter 2010.

NEWLING, J., 2010. John Newling - summer newsletter 2010.


NEWLING, J., 2009. Bread and wine transforming: the artist John Newling and the art historian Andrew Spira in conversation at The Chapter House, St Paul's Cathedral, St Paul's Churchyard, London, 19 November 2009. Department of Theology and Religious Studies, King's College.

NEWLING, J., 2009. Richard Grayson in conversation with John Newling at the Hinterland Symposium: the evolving relationships between artists, the changing climate and new responsibilities, 26 November 2009. Nottingham: Broadway.

NEWLING, J., 2007. Sacred in the secular: survey lecture, Polish Museum of Contemporary Sacred Art, Kielce, Poland.

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