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Journal article

DAVIS, R.S., GENTLE, L.K., MGOOLA, W.O., STONE, E.L., UZAL, A. and YARNELL, R.W., 2022. Using camera trap bycatch data to assess habitat use and the influence of human activity on African elephants (Loxodonta africana) in Kasungu National Park, Malawi. Mammalian Biology. ISSN 1616-5047

DAVIS, R.S., GENTLE, L.K., MGOOLA, W.O., STONE, E.L., UZAL, A. and YARNELL, R.W., 2022. Habitat structure and the presence of large carnivores shape the site use of an understudied small carnivore: caracal ecology in a miombo woodland. Mammal Research. ISSN 2199-2401

DAVIS, R.S., GENTLE, L.K., STONE, E.L., UZAL, A. and YARNELL, R.W., 2022. A review of spotted hyaena population estimates highlights the need for greater utilisation of spatial capture-recapture methods. Journal of Vertebrate Biology, 71 (22017). ISSN 2694-7684

BATEMAN, J. and UZAL, A., 2021. The relationship between the Acoustic Complexity Index and avian species richness and diversity: a review. Bioacoustics. ISSN 0952-4622

TWYNHAM, K., ORDIZ, A., STØEN, O.-G., RAUSET, G.-R., KINDBERG, J., SEGERSTRÖM, P., FRANK, J. and UZAL, A., 2021. Habitat selection by brown bears with varying levels of predation rates on ungulate neonates. Diversity, 13 (12): 678. ISSN 1424-2818

SÉVÊQUE, A., GENTLE, L.K., VICENTE LOPEZ BAO, J., YARNELL, R.W. and UZAL, A., 2021. The impact of human disturbance on temporal partitioning within carnivore communities. Mammal Review. ISSN 0305-1838

DAVIS, R.S., YARNELL, R.W., GENTLE, L.K., UZAL, A., MGOOLA, W.O. and STONE, E.L., 2021. Prey availability and intraguild competition regulate the spatiotemporal dynamics of a modified large carnivore guild. Ecology and Evolution. ISSN 2045-7758

FINNEGAN, S.P., GANTCHOFF, M.G., HILL, J.E., SILVEIRA, L., TÔRRES, N.M., JÁCOMO, A.T. and UZAL, A., 2021. “When the felid’s away, the mesocarnivores play”: seasonal temporal segregation in a neotropical carnivore guild. Mammalian Biology. ISSN 1616-5047

SCHAUS, J., UZAL, A., GENTLE, L., BAKER, P.J., BEARMAN-BROWN, L., BULLION, S., GAZZARD, A., LOCKWOOD, H., NORTH, A., READER, T., SCOTT, D.M., SUTHERLAND, C.S. and YARNELL, R., 2020. Application of the random encounter model in citizen science projects to monitor animal densities. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation, 6 (4), pp. 514-528. ISSN 2056-3485

DAVIS, R.S., STONE, E.L., GENTLE, L.K., MGOOLA, W.O., UZAL, A. and YARNELL, R.W., 2020. Spatial partial identity model reveals low densities of leopard and spotted hyaena in a miombo woodland. Journal of Zoology. ISSN 0952-8369

ORDIZ, A., MILLERET, C., UZAL, A., ZIMMERMANN, B., WABAKKEN, P., WIKENROS, C., SAND, H., SWENSON, J.E. and KINDBERG, J., 2020. Individual variation in predatory behavior, scavenging and seasonal prey availability as potential drivers of coexistence between wolves and bears. Diversity and Distributions, 12 (9): 356. ISSN 1366-9516

BEARMAN-BROWN, L.E., BAKER, P.J., SCOTT, D., UZAL, A., EVANS, L. and YARNELL, R.W., 2020. Over-winter survival and nest site selection of the West-European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) in arable dominated landscapes. Animals, 10 (9): 1449. ISSN 2076-2615

SMITH, B.R., YARNELL, R.W., UZAL, A. and WHITEHOUSE-TEDD, K., 2020. The ecological effects of livestock guarding dogs (LGDs) on target and non-target wildlife. Journal of Vertebrate Biology, 69 (3): 20103. ISSN 2694-7684

SÉVÊQUE, A., GENTLE, L.K., LÓPEZ‐BAO, J.V., YARNELL, R.W. and UZAL, A., 2020. Human disturbance has contrasting effects on niche partitioning within carnivore communities. Biological Reviews. ISSN 1464-7931

ORDIZ, A., UZAL, A., MILLERET, C., SANZ-PÉREZ, A., ZIMMERMANN, B., WIKENROS, C., WABAKKEN, P., KINDBERG, J., SWENSON, J.E. and SAND, H., 2020. Wolf habitat selection when sympatric or allopatric with brown bears in Scandinavia. Scientific Reports, 10 (1): 9941.

BYRNE, B., STONE, E.L., MGOOLA, W.O. and UZAL, A., 2019. First confirmed record of suni (Neotragus moschatus) and rusty‐spotted genet (Genetta maculata) in Nyika National Park, Malawi. African Journal of Ecology, 57 (3), pp. 415-418. ISSN 0141-6707

MILLERET, C., ORDIZ, A., SANZ-PÉREZ, A., UZAL, A., CARRICONDO-SANCHEZ, D., ERIKSEN, A., SAND, H., WABAKKEN, P., WIKENROS, C., ÅKESSON, M. and ZIMMERMANN, B., 2019. Testing the influence of habitat experienced during the natal phase on habitat selection later in life in Scandinavian wolves. Scientific Reports, 9 (1): 6526. ISSN 2045-2322

LAFORGE, M.P., UZAL, A., MEDILL, S.A. and MCLOUGHLIN, P.D., 2016. Scale-dependent effects of density and habitat on foal survival. The Journal of Wildlife Management, 80 (2), pp. 347-354. ISSN 0022-541X

ROZEN-RECHELS, D., VAN BEEST, F.M., RICHARD, E., UZAL, A., MEDILL, S.A. and MCLOUGHLIN, P.D., 2015. Density-dependent, central-place foraging in a grazing herbivore: competition and tradeoffs in time allocation near water. Oikos, 124 (9), pp. 1142-1150. ISSN 0030-1299

VAN BEEST, F.M., UZAL, A., VANDER WAL, E., LAFORGE, M.P., CONTASTI, A.L., COLVILLE, D. and MCLOUGHLIN, P.D., 2014. Increasing density leads to generalization in both coarse-grained habitat selection and fine-grained resource selection in a large mammal. Journal of Animal Ecology, 83 (1), pp. 147-156. ISSN 1365-2656

UZAL, A., WALLS, S., STILLMAN, R.A. and DIAZ, A., 2013. Sika deer distribution and habitat selection: the influence of the availability and distribution of food, cover, and threats. European Journal of Wildlife Research, 59 (4), pp. 563-572. ISSN 1612-4642

LLANEZA, L., PALACIOS, V., UZAL, A., ORDIZ, A., SAZATOMIL, V., SIERRA, P. and ALVARES, F., 2005. Distribución y aspectos poblacionales del lobo Ibérico (Canis lupus signatus) en las provincias de Pontevedra y A Coruña (Galicia). Galemys, 17, pp. 61-80. ISSN 2254-8408

LLANEZA, L., ALVARES, F., ORDIZ, A., SIERRA, P. and UZAL, A., 2005. Distribución y aspectos poblacionales del lobo Ibérico en la provincia de Ourense. Ecologia (18), pp. 227-238. ISSN 0214-0896

LLANEZA, L., ORDIZ, A., PALACIOS, V. and UZAL, A., 2005. Monitoring wolf populations using howling points combined with sign survey transects. Wildlife Biology in Practice, 1 (2), pp. 108-117. ISSN 1646-1509

UZAL, A. and NORES, C., 2004. Endogenous and exogenous constraints in the population changes of wild boar (Sus scrofa Linnaeus, 1758). Galemys, 16, pp. 83-98. ISSN 2254-8408

Chapter in book

NEWTON, A.C., HODDER, K.H., UZAL, A. and KENWARD, R.E., 2013. Biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Frome catchment, Purbeck district, United Kingdom. In: J. PAPATHANASIOU, B. MANOS, S. ARAMPATZIS and R. KENWARD, eds., Transactional environmental support system design: global solutions. Hershey: IGI Global, pp. 203-208. ISBN 9781466628243

UZAL, A. and LLANEZA, L., 2010. Characterization of the wolf distribution in the Iberian peninsula. In: A. FERNÁNDEZ-GIL, F. ÁLVARES, C. VILÀ and A. ORDIZ, eds., Los lobos de la península Ibérica: propuestas para el diagnóstico de sus poblaciones. Palencia: ASCEL, pp. 21-33. ISBN 9788469291641

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