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BELBIN, D., 1992. Christmas past. In: Chilling Christmas tales. London: Scholastic Children's Books, pp. 63-94.

BELBIN, D., 1992. Different ways of getting drunk. Ambit, 128, pp. 40-49. ISSN 0002-6972

BELBIN, D., 1992. I fabbricanti di nebbia. Milan: Arnaldo Mondadori Editore.

BELBIN, D., 1992. Paul Odd's Picasso. The Wide Skirt, 19, pp. 36-44.

BELBIN, D., 1992. Poems, cars. Echo Room, 19.

BELBIN, D., 1992. The day her head exploded. Echo Room, 19.

BELBIN, D., 1992. The foggiest. Bath: Swift Children's Books.

BENNETT, M., 1992. Between Scylla and Charybdis: the establishment of rival administrations in the English Civil War. Local Historian, 22 (4), pp. 191-202. ISSN 0024-5585

BENNETT, M., 1992. The English Civil War. Swindon: W.H. Smith. ISBN 0904305112

BENNETT, M., 1992. The King's gambit: Charles I and Nottingham in the summer of 1642. Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, pp. 35-45. ISSN 0309-9210

BENNETT, M., 1992. The illustrated history of Britain. Vermont: Trafalgar. ISBN 0943955459

BOULÉ, J.-P., 1992. L'être-dans-la guerre de Sartre vu à travers le corps. Lendemains (Etudes Comparées sur la France - Vergleichende Frankreichforschung), 68.

BOULÉ, J.-P., 1992. Sartre médiatique. Paris: Minard. ISBN 2852100452

BOULÉ, J.-P., 1992. The cancelling of 'La pudeur ou l'impudeur': modesty or hypocrisy on the part of French television? French Cultural Studies, 3.

BOULÉ, J.-P. and SCRIVEN, M., 1992. L'existentialisme et l'autobiographie. Modern and Contemporary France, 51.


DUTT, S., 1992. Review of 'Unilateralism, ideology and US foreign policy: the United States in and out of UNESCO', by Roger A. Coate. Global Society/ Paradigms, 6 (1), pp. 158-179.


FEATHERSTONE, M., 1992. Cultural theory and cultural change. London: Sage. ISBN 0803987447

FEATHERSTONE, M., 1992. Cultural theory and cultural change: an introduction. Theory, Culture & Society, 9 (1).

FEATHERSTONE, M., 1992. Culture della cita e stili di vita postmoderni. L'Ermete, 1 (7).

FEATHERSTONE, M., 1992. Global culture and local culture. Netherlands Leisure Studies Journal.

FEATHERSTONE, M., 1992. The heroic life and everyday life. Theory, Culture & Society, 9 (1), pp. 159-182. ISSN 0263-2764


GOODRIDGE, J., 1992. Allan Ramsay (1684-1758),. In: M.M. SMITH, ed., The index of English literary manuscripts. London: Mansell, pp. 169-261. ISBN 720120381

GOODRIDGE, J., 1992. The John Clare Society Journal. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 0950921882


INKSTER, I., 1992. Commentary on the iron and steel industry. In: First International Symposium the Japanese Experience of Technology Transfer, Tokyo, Japan, 1980.

INKSTER, I., 1992. Japan: taking over and staying ahead. Futures.

INKSTER, I., 1992. Relative backwardness and revolution. A note on Marx, history and the transition to socialism. Journal of Contemporary Asia, 22, pp. 146-151.


NIVEN, B., 1992. The vanquished self: Christoph Hein's 'Drachenblut' and 'Der Tangospieler'. Journal of European Studies, pp. 127-141.


O'NEILL, J.A., 1992. The spirit of independence: friendly societies in Nottinghamshire 1724-1913. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.


TALBOT, M., 1992. Changing the subject: towards an anti-humanist view of the language user. .

TALBOT, M., 1992. 'I wish you'd stop interrupting me!' Interruptions and asymmetries in speaker-rights in 'equal encounters'. Journal of Pragmatics (18), pp. 451-466.

TALBOT, M., 1992. The construction of gender in a teenage magazine. In: N. FAIRCLOUGH, ed., Critical language awareness. Longman, pp. 174-199.

TALBOT, M., 1992. A synthetic sisterhood: false friends in a teenage magazine. In: Language and Gender Conference, Loughborough University, 2 May, 1992, Loughborough.

TALBOT, M., 1992. A synthetic sisterhood: false friends in a teenage magazine. In: Proceedings of the 1992 Berkeley Women and Language Conference.

TAYLOR, L., 1992. Vocabulary in action. Prentice Hall. ISBN 0130178640


WILLIAMS, P., 1992. Colonial discourse. The Year's Work in English Studies.

WILLIAMS, P., 1992. Teaching literary theory. PACE: SCEPCHE Newsletter.

WOODS, G., 1992. AIDS to remembrance: the uses of elegy. In: E.S. NELSON, ed., AIDS: the literary response. Boston: Twayne, pp. 155-166. ISBN 805790292

WOODS, G., 1992. Body, costume and desire in Christopher Marlowe. Journal of Homosexuality, 23, pp. 69-84.

WOODS, G., 1992. Body, costume and desire in Christopher Marlowe. In: Homosexuality in Renaissance and Enlightenment England: literary representations in historical context. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 69-84.

WOODS, G., 1992. Epidemiology of American psycho. Over Here: Reviews in American Studies, 12 (2), pp. 10-19.

WOODS, G., 1992. 'Still on my lips': Walt Whitman in Britain. In: R.K. MARTIN, ed., The continuing presence of Walt Whitman: the life after the life. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, pp. 129-140. ISBN 877453667

WOODS, G., 1992. We have the melon. Manchester: Carcanet.

WOODS, G., 1992. The internal exile of Yannis Ritsos. European Gay Review, 39699, pp. 88-98.

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Broken barrel of laughs. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. From mill to mall. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Grossbritanniens Niedergang und der deutsche Wald. Freibeuter, 54, pp. 85-97.

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Home is where the cart is. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Icon of the revolution. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Lexicon of life for the common man. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Making a fuss. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Music of the new model orchestra. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. The Poliscar. In: Z. AKTÜRE and B. JUNOD, eds., Identity, marginality, space. Ankara, Turkey: UNSPECIFIED, pp. 54-60.

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Quebec's tainted separatist dream. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Voice of the loud young Turks. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. The disenchanted forest. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. The fall from grace and favour. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. The mystery of the kiosk composer. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. The staff that dreams are made of. .

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