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BLACK, P., HARRISON, C., HODGEN, J., MARSHALL, B. and SERRET, N., 2013. Inside the black box of assessment. Black box assessment for learning . London: GL Assessment. ISBN 9781941112205

BOULTON, H., 2013. Developing trainee teachers as practitioner researchers. Journal of Advancing Education.

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BYROM, T. and HINDLEY, D., 2013. ‘I can’t believe how far I’ve come - I think I’ve finally found my career choice’: what makes a good placement? In: European Conference on Education Research (ECER), Creativity and Innovation in Educational Research, Istanbul, 10-13 September 2013.

BYROM, T. and LIGHTFOOT, N., 2013. 'I would not recommend university to my friends unless they were sure they knew what they wanted to do in life, this has left me more confused than when I came': habitus and the emerging self. In: Society for Research into Higher Education Conference 2013: Experiencing Higher Education: Global Trends and Transformations, Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, 11-13 December 2013.

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CROFT, T., AHMED, S., AIKEN, V., FLETCHER, L., GROVE, M., MEAD, A., PATEL, C. and WILSON, R., 2013. Offering training to postgraduates who tutor in mathematics support centres. MSOR Connections, 13 (1), pp. 3-7. ISSN 1473-4869


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FLINT, K.J., 2013. The Exeter Ed D Summer School: a view from nowhere. In: Exeter Ed D Summer School, University of Exeter, Exeter, 2013.

FLINT, K.J., 2013. Nothing changes: perceptions of vocational education in a coalition era [forthcoming]. Journal of Vocational Education.

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FLINT, K.J., 2013. The 'state of exception' in a post 9/11 world: towards a re-conception of ethics in research. In: University of Brighton Conference, Ethics and Student Engagement: Exploring Practices in Higher Education, University of Brighton, Brighton, September 2013.


HAMMADI, N.K.B., 2013. An exploration of the gendering mediating students' attitudes and experiences in the formal academic curriculum at secondary school level in Libya. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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LAWE, B., 2013. Teaching university students to cook, to improve their diet: a pilot study at Nottingham Trent University. International Journal of Health Promotion and Education. ISSN 1463-5240


MCCARRON, J.P., 2013. Shared education within Northern Ireland: a grounded theory study of integrated education. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

MCLAY, L.K., SUTHERLAND, D., CHURCH, J. and TYLER-MERRICK, G., 2013. The formation of equivalence classes in individuals with autism spectrum disorder: a review of the literature. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 7 (2), pp. 418-431. ISSN 1750-9467

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O'GRADY, A., 2013. What's it like to be here? An exploration of British Asian women’s experiences of undergraduate study at the University of Derby. In: 20th International Conference on Learning, Rhodes, Greece, 11-13 July 2013.


PEART, S., 2013. Making a difference: support in practice. In: Nottingham Trent University School of Education, 2nd Research Conference, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, Nottingham.

PEART, S., 2013. Making education work, how black men and boys navigate the further education sector. London: Trentham Books/Institute of Education Press. ISBN 9781858565095

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WALLACE, S., 2013. Doing research in further education and training. London: Sage/Learning Matters. ISBN 9781446259191

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