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ANTOINE, M.-J., THÉVENY, L., DE FRANCE, M., GERVAIS, R., KALUZA, S., ZWINK, E., BRÜCK, C., HASSARD, J., VILKEVICIUS, G., NICOLESCU, G., EECKELAERT, L. and CABEÇAS, M., 2013. Occupational safety and health and education: a whole school approach. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.

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BIERMANN, F., LABADZE, L. and MEKERISHVILI, G., 2013. Trade relations of Georgia. A report for the Business Association of Georgia. Georgia: Business Association of Georgia.

BIERMANN, F.M., DOGHONADZE, N., KELBAKIANI, G. and LIVNY, E., 2013. Estimating the fiscal impacts of the proposed Georgian LSG reform. USAID.

BLEHER, D., BRUNN, C., MOON, J. and CHAPPLE, W., 2013. Impact Measurement and Performance Analysis of CSR (IMPACT). Deliverable 6.5: brief summary report for optimisation of tools. Freiburg, Germany: Oeko institute.

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BRUNN, C., MOON, J. and CHAPPLE, W., 2013. Impact Measurement and Performance Analysis of CSR (IMPACT). Report on synthesis assessment of the relationship between CSR implementation & motivation and CSR performance & impacts. Freiburg, Germany: Oeko institute.

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COOPER, T., HILL, H., KININMONTH, J., TOWNSEND, K. and HUGHES, M., 2013. Design for longevity: guidance on increasing the active life of clothing: report for WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme). Banbury: WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme).

FLASPÖLER, E., HAUKE, A., KOPPISCH, D., REINERT, D., KOUKOULAKI, T., VILKEVICIUS, G., ŽEMĖS, L., ÁGUILA MARTÍNEZ-CASARIEGO, M., BAQUERO MARTÍNEZ, M., GONZÁLEZ LOZAR, L., VEGA MARTÍNEZ, S., LÓPEZ RIERA, S., CARTER, L., LEAH, C., GERVAIS, R. and HASSARD, J., 2013. New risks and trends in the safety and health of women at work. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.

GOLDINGAY, S.J., DURIE, R., WYATT, K., MACBETH, F., BALM, C. and LUNDY, C., 2013. Community? What do you mean? An investigation into how differing understandings of the term ‘community’ shapes care-leavers’ move to independence. Swindon: Arts and Humanities Research Council.

HERZIG, C., 2013. CSR impact – from CSR to CIAM: Corporate Impact Assessment and Management. Practitioners handbook. CSR Impact.

HUNTER, J. and WAHIDIN, A., 2013. Examining crime, ethnicity and gender in Nottingham. Crime and Drug Partnership.

JONES, I., ABRAHAMS, C., BROWN, L., DALE, K., EDWARDS, F., JEFFRIES, M., KLAAR, M., LEDGER, M., MAY, L., MILNER, A., MURPHY, J., ROBERTSON, A. and WOODWARD, G., 2013. The impact of extreme events on freshwater ecosystems: executive summary and policy brief. London: The British Ecological Society.

KARANIKA-MURRAY, M. and MICHAELIDES, G., 2013. The workplace makes a difference: principles of workplace design for employee well-being (v2.0). Nottingham: Nottingham Trent University.

KING, N., MELVIN, J., BROOKS, J., WILDE, D. and BRAVINGTON, A., 2013. Unpicking the threads: how specialist and generalist nurses work with patients, carers, other professionals and each other to support cancer and long-term condition patients in the community: final report to Macmillan Cancer Care. Huddersfield: University of Huddersfield, School of Human and Health Sciences, Centre for Applied Psychological Research.

KRAWCZYK, E. and ABDELMONEM, M.G., 2013. The impact of ICT on older people's living conditions and environment. Summary of the final report on Value Ageing WP3: ICT developments impacting on older people's living conditions and environment. UNSPECIFIED.

LAWTON, C., 2013. Profiling the distribution of learning in the D2N2 area in 2011. Nottingham: Economic Strategy Research Bureau (ESRB), Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University.

LEWIS, J. and ROSBOROUGH, J., 2013. Exploring the role of marketing as a tool to aid smart meter adoption amongst fuel poverty and vulnerable groups. Newcastle upon Tyne: Chesshire Lehmann Fund.

LIU-SMITH, Y.-L., 2013. Have Your Say - Children and Young People in Care annual survey 2013. Nottingham: Nottingham City Council.

MURPHY, P. and GREENHALGH, K., 2013. Response to Department of Communities and Local Government consultation: Operational Efficiencies Review led by Sir Ken Knight, April 2013. UNSPECIFIED.

MURPHY, P. and GREENHALGH, K., 2013. The new National Framework for Fire and Rescue Services: report to Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service. UNSPECIFIED.

O'HARA, S., HUMPHREY, M., JASPAL, R., NERLICH, B. and POBEREZHSKAYA, M., 2013. Public perception of shale gas extraction in the UK: how people's views are changing. Nottiingham: University of Nottingham.

PATRÍCIO, J., TEIXEIRA, H., MAZIK, K., LITTLE, S., ELLIOTT, M., ZAMPOUKAS, N., CHURILOVA, T., KRYVENKO, O., MONCHEVA, S., PAPADOPOULOU, N., SOLAUN, O., UYARRA, M., WILSON, C. and ZENETOS, A., 2013. Report cataloguing the monitoring networks used within EU member states. Deliverable 1.3. [Spain]: DEVOTES Project.

PRITCHARD, A., LAWTON, C. and BICKERTON, C., 2013. Meeting need: realising opportunity: a socio-economic framework for the East Midlands to inform the delivery of EU structural funds (2014-2020). Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire: East Midlands Councils.

PROWLE, M., HARRADINE, D., LATHAM, R., LOWTH, G., MURPHY, P. and ORFORD, K., 2013. The importance of strategic financial leadership in the UK public sector in a time of financial austerity. London: Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA).

RAHMAN, M. and THOM, N., 2013. Performance of asphalt patch repairs. London: Institution of Civil Engineers.

SLADE, K. and LOPRESTI, S., 2013. Promoting resilience in prison staff: research findings. Nottingham: Nottingham Trent University: Division of Psychology.

VALERO-SILVA, N., 2013. Archiving the contemporary. Nottingham: Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University.

VICKERS, T., 2013. Refugees, capitalism and the British State: the roots of refugees’ oppression and implications for action. Newcastle upon Tyne: Northumbria University.

WEBB, J., CHING, J., MAHARG, P. and SHERR, A., 2013. Setting standards: the future of legal services education and training regulation in England and Wales: the final report of the Legal Education and Training Review independent research team, June 2013. Legal Education and Training Review.

WHYSALL, Z., 2013. The E word: and what it means for HR and business leaders: a Lane4 White Paper. Bourne End, Buckinghamshire: Lane4 Management Group Ltd..

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