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AHMAD, S.I., PARETZOGLOU, A. and KIRK, S.H., 1997. Free radical production by NUV photolysis of biological compounds: implications for induction of skin cancer. In: Proceedings of the 7th Congress of the European Society of Photobiology: Abstracts.

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DIAS, T., 1997. Solid 3-D warp knitted structures for composites. In: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Composite Engineering, Hawaii.

DIAS, T. and SCHEFFER, E., 1997. New technique for knitting solid 3-D structures. In: Proceedings of the International Conference 'Advances in Fibre and Textile Science and Technologies', Muhlhouse.

DINGWALL, R., 1997. [Invited keynote speaker]. In: Health Policy and Management, Anniversary Conference, Institute of Health Policy and Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, November 1997, Rotterdam.


EVANS, J.P.O., ROBINSON, M. and BENTLEY, J., 1997. 3-D X-ray image modelling - latest developments. In: 31st Annual International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology, Canberra, Australia, 15-17 October 1997, Canberra, Australia.


GOODRUM, A., 1997. Dedicated followers of fashion. In: Wessex Consortium Easter Conference, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park, April 1997.

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HENHAM, R., 1997. Reflections on the Crime (Sentences) Act 1997. In: SPTL Annual Conference, Warwick University, September 1997, Warwick.

HENHAM, R., 1997. Theory, rights and the sentencing process. In: Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, University of Wales, Cardiff, April 1997, Cardiff.

HENNIG, A., SHERKAT, N. and WHITROW, R.J., 1997. Word recognition from sparse graphs of letter candidates using wildcards and multiple experts. In: 8th Conference of the International Graphonomics Society (IGS), Genoa, Italy, 24-28 August 1997, Genoa, Italy.

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JAYNE, M. and GALLIMORE, P., 1997. Public perceptions of high voltage overhead transmission line risks: avoiding circularity [transcripts]. In: RICS Cutting Edge Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 1997, Dublin, Ireland.


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KEENAN, W.J.F., 1997. Stealing the garments of God: modifying the body through sacra. In: Body Modification Conference. Theory, Culture and Society Centre, Nottingham Trent University, 13 June 1997, Nottingham.

KEENAN, W.J.F., 1997. An evolutionary view of religious symbols. In: 20th Denton International Conference on Implicit Religion, Denton Hall, Ilkley, Yorkshire, 9-11 May 1997, Ilkley, Yorkshire.

KEENAN, W.J.F., 1997. The folly berger: a sartorial boost to Peter Berger's erasmian thrust. In: International Peter Berger Colloquium, University of Lancaster, 5-7 December 1997, Lancaster.

KEENAN, W.J.F., 1997. The role of the head of department. In: Nottingham Trent University Strategy Planning Conference, 14 February 1997, Nottingham.

KIRK, S.H., STRINGER, J. and AHMAD, S.I., 1997. Identification of the gene encoding a 55 Kdal protein conferring resistance to psoralen plus NUV light in E. coli. In: Proceedings of the 7th Congress of the European Society of Photobiology: Abstracts.

KNOX, K.T., 1997. Research terminology and approaches in hospitality management- entering the debate: an initial view from an emerging researcher. In: Council for Hospitality Management Education (CHME) Conference, St. Catherine's College, Oxford, UK, April 1997, St. Catherine's College, Oxford.


LAPTALI, E., BOUCHLAGHEM, N.M. and WILD, S., 1997. A computer model for time and cost optimisation during the pre-tender stage. In: [Conference], Cairns, Queensland, July 1997, Queensland.

LIDDLE, J., 1997. Scenario planning after 1997 general election: the implications for leisure services in the North East (local government in the North East). In: ILAM Conference, Leisure and the Millennium, Riverside Park, Chester-le-Street, 1997, Chester-le-Street.

LOTFI, A., HOWARTH, M. and THOMAS, P.D., 1997. Orthogonal fuzzy model of the solder paste printing stage of surface mount technology. In: Sixth IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, Barcelona, Spain, July, 1997, Barcelona, Spain.


MAGUIRE, K., 1997. Mental health: a major dimension of occupational health. In: Annual Conference of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Harrogate, October 1997, Harrogate.

MANSFIELD, P. and BENCSIK, M., 1997. Fluid flow in porous systems. In: 4th International Meeting on Recent Advances in MR Applications to Porous Media, Trondheim, Norway, 1997.

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MCELWEE, G., 1997. Quality in HE: no room for hard methods. In: GATE, Washington DC, USA, October 1997, Washington DC.

MCHALE, G., NEWTON, M.I., BANERJEE, M.K. and ROWAN, S.M., 1997. Interaction of surface acoustic waves with viscous liquids. In: Meeting on Interactions of Acoustic Waves with Thin Films and Interfaces, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK, 8-10 September 1997, Leicester, UK.

MORRIS, P. and WILLIAMS, G., 1997. Focused care in Parkside: the shift to a user-led service. In: College of Occupational Therapists, 21st Annual Conference and Exhibition, 'Shifting the Balance', University of Southampton, 25-27 June 1997, Southampton.

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ODDEY, A., 1997. Performance postscript post-it. In: Representing Lives: Women and Auto/Biography Conference, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, 1997.

ODDEY, A., 1997. Show and tell: the delights of devising theatre. In: Representing Lives: Women and Auto/Biography Conference, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, 1997.


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PRATT, M., 1997. The defence of the straight nation. In: AIDS in France, IRS, London, December, 1997, London.


REN, M., AL-DABASS, D. and SU, D., 1997. A fuzzy/possibilistic-reasoning AM-architecture for recognising radicals in Chinese characters. In: Proceedings ISFL'97: Second International ICSC (International Computer Science Conventions) Symposium on Fuzzy Logic and Applications, Zürich, Switzerland.


SALE, C., MACLAREN, D. and NEVILL, A., 1997. Fatigue and recovery of voluntary and electrically elicited force generation following treadmill running. In: Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences Research Seminar, Liverpool 1997, Liverpool.

SMITH, A.J., WHITTAKER, J., BOOCOCK, J.G. and LOAN-CLARKE, J., 1997. Management training and development in small and medium-sized enterprises: an assessment of the effectiveness of Training and Enterprise Councils in the East Midlands. In: Small Business and Enterprise Development Conference, Sheffield University, Sheffield, 1997.

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TALBOT, M., 1997. Language and gender: difference, dominance and beyond. In: British Association for Applied Linguistics Annual Meeting, University of Birmingham, 11-13 September, 1997, Birmingham.

THOMAS, G., TAYLOR, J. and WOOD, G., 1997. Mapping yield potential with remote sensing. In: First European Conference on Precision Agriculture, Warwick University Conference Centre, Coventry, 7-10 September 1997.

TIVERS, J., 1997. Virtual sport: sports participation and spectating in cyberspace. In: RGS-IBG Annual Conference, 1997.

TIVERS, J., 1997. The gendered landscapes of fantasy. In: RGS-IBG Annual Conference, 1997.


WALLACE, R.G. and MURRAY, R., 1997. Assessing the student in industry. In: Variety in Chemistry Teaching Meeting, York, September 1997, York.

WANG, X., SU, D. and HULL, J.B., 1997. Optimum design of helical gears with modified tooth profiles. In: Proceedings of the 13th National Conference on Manufacturing Research, Glasgow.

WHITTY, M.T., 1997. Plans for the future: a study of communion and agency in young men and women. In: Australian Postgraduate Conference in Cairns, 29 September - 1 October, 1997, Cairns, Australia.

WHITTY, M.T., 1997. Young males' and females' narratives of their plans for the future. In: 10th Australasian Human Development Conference, 10-12 July, 1997.

WILLIAMS, G., 1997. Four factors for effective team work in primary health care [presentation]. In: 2nd International Conference on Community Health Nursing Research, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, 13-15 August 1997, Edinburgh.

WILLIAMS, G., WATKINS, L. and LAUNGANI, P., 1997. Four factors for effective team work in NHS management and primary health care [presentation]. In: Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, 3-6 April 1997, Edinburgh.

WOODFIELD, R., 1997. Art and the environment. In: SANART Conference and Exhibition, Ankara, October 1997, Ankara.

WOODFIELD, R., 1997. History of art and the psychology of picture perception [conference paper]. In: University of Copenhagen, December 1997, Copenhagen.

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ZOGRAPHOS, A., ROBINSON, M., GODBER, S.X. and EVANS, J.P.O., 1997. A system for the inspection of rotating objects. In: SPIE Videometrics V, San Diego, June, 1997, San Diego.

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