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AL-HABAIBEH, A., 2018. How the legacy of dirty coal could create a clean energy future. The Conversation.

AL-HABAIBEH, A., 2018. Should we turn the Sahara Desert into a huge solar farm? The Conversation.


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BOULÉ, J.-P., 2018. Sex with Sartre: what does it mean to be a sexual being according to one of the great icons of existentialism? IAI News.

BRAITHWAITE, N., 2018. Clothing rental could be key to a stylishly sustainable fashion industry. The Conversation.


COLE, C., 2018. Four tough actions that would help fight the global plastic crisis. The Conversation.

COLE, C., 2018. Plastic crisis: divert foreign aid to dumpsites in developing countries. The Conversation.


DE RUYTER, A. and TSILIGIRIS, V., 2018. Brexit and UK HEIs. E-International Relations.


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EHSAN, R., SLOAM, J. and HENN, M., 2018. Youthquake was real – here’s how we know it was more than a myth. The Conversation.

ELHINNAWY, H., 2018. Being a feminist in Arab Muslim society. Sisterhood.

ELHINNAWY, H., 2018. Over a decade ago I made legal history in Egypt, but to fight for women's rights we need to change the culture, not just the laws. The Independent.


GENTLE, L.K., 2018. Born free. Viewfinder. ISSN 0952-4444

GENTLE, L.K., 2018. Dynasties: should nature documentary crews save the animals they film? The Conversation.

GENTLE, L.K., 2018. Five vampire traits that exist in the natural world. The Conversation.

GENTLE, L.K., 2018. Kamikaze sperm and four-headed penises – the hidden ways animals win the mating game. The Conversation.

GENTLE, L.K., 2018. Why do wombats poo cubes? The Naked Scientists.

GENTLE, L.K., 2018. The threats behind the plight of the puffin. The Conversation.

GIAMPORCARO, S., 2018. Making environmental, social and governance provisions mandatory could boost sustainable development goals. Daily Maverick.

GIAMPORCARO, S. and DHLAMINI, X., 2018. How the rich can help drive change by investing. Business Day.

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KENT, A., 2018. Why the high street should better harness digital technology – inside its shops. The Conversation.

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ROLPH, C.D., 2018. Grammars receive £50m boost, while primary and secondary schools rely on cash donations from parents. The Conversation.

ROLPH, C.D., 2018. Headteachers march: the school funding protests explained. The Conversation.

ROSSITER, W., 2018. Economy will continue to evolve: Top 200 Companies 2018. Nottingham Post. ISSN 2044-3331

ROSSITER, W., 2018. Thriving business sector key for a post-Brexit future: Top 200 Companies 2018. Nottingham Post. ISSN 2044-3331

ROSSITER, W., 2018. Who are the biggest 20 employers in Nottinghamshire? Nottingham Post. ISSN 2044-3331

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VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, L., 2018. US presidential elections: why a Democrat is now favourite to win in 2020. The Conversation.

VICKERS, T., 2018. The British public aren’t as polarised on immigration as you might think. The Conversation.


WATKINS, M., 2018. Why don’t electric cars look like the future? The Conversation.

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