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Journal article

MUŠO, M., BENTLEY, L., VIZOR, L., YON, M., BURLING, K., BARKER, P., ZOLKIEWSKI, L.A., COX, R.D. and DUMBELL, R., 2022. A Wars2 mutant mouse shows a sex and diet specific change in fat distribution, reduced food intake and depot-specific upregulation of WAT browning. Frontiers in Physiology, 13: 953199. ISSN 1664-042X

YUN, H., DUMBELL, R., HANNA, K., BOWEN, J., MCLEAN, S.L., KANTAMNENI, S., PORS, K., WU, Q.-F. and HELFER, G., 2022. The chemerin-CMKLR1 axis is functionally important for central regulation of energy homeostasis. Frontiers in Physiology, 13: 897105. ISSN 1664-042X

DUMBELL, R., 2022. An appetite for growth: the role of the hypothalamic–pituitary–growth hormone axis in energy balance. Journal of Neuroendocrinology: e13133. ISSN 0953-8194

POWELL, G., LONG, H., ZOLKIEWSKI, L., DUMBELL, R., MALLON, A.-M., LINDGREN, C.M. and SIMON, M.M., 2022. Modelling the genetic aetiology of complex disease: human-mouse conservation of noncoding features and disease-associated loci. Biology Letters, 18 (3): 20210630. ISSN 1744-9561

LABER, S., FORCISI, S., BENTLEY, L., PETZOLD, J., MORITZ, F., SMIRNOV, K.S., AL SADAT, L., WILLIAMSON, I., STROBEL, S., AGNEW, T., SENGUPTA, S., NICOL, T., GRALLERT, H., HEIER, M., HONECKER, J., MIANNE, J., TEBOUL, L., DUMBELL, R., LONG, H., SIMON, M., LINDGREN, C., BICKMORE, W.A., HAUNER, H., SCHMITT-KOPPLIN, P., CLAUSSNITZER, M. and COX, R.D., 2021. Linking the FTO obesity rs1421085 variant circuitry to cellular, metabolic, and organismal phenotypes in vivo. Science Advances, 7 (30): eabg0108. ISSN 2375-2548

MUŠO, M., DUMBELL, R., PULIT, S., SINNOTT-ARMSTRONG, N., LABER, S., ZOLKIEWSKI, L., BENTLEY, L., CLAUSSNITZER, M. and COX, R.D., 2020. A lead candidate functional single nucleotide polymorphism within the WARS2 gene associated with waist-hip-ratio does not alter RNA stability. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Gene Regulatory Mechanisms, 1863 (11): 194640. ISSN 1874-9399

HELFER, G. and DUMBELL, R., 2020. Endocrine drivers of photoperiod response. Current Opinion in Endocrine and Metabolic Research, 11, pp. 49-54. ISSN 2451-9650

MOIR, L., BOCHUKOVA, E.G., DUMBELL, R., BANKS, G., BAINS, R.S., NOLAN, P.M., SCUDAMORE, C., SIMON, M., WATSON, K.A., KEOGH, J., HENNING, E., HENDRICKS, A., O'RAHILLY, S., BARROSO, I., SULLIVAN, A.E., BERSTEN, D.C., WHITELAW, M.L., KIRSCH, S., BENTLEY, E., FAROOQI, S. and COX, R.D., 2017. Disruption of the homeodomain transcription factor orthopedia homeobox (Otp) is associated with obesity and anxiety. Molecular Metabolism, 6 (11), pp. 1419-1428. ISSN 2212-8778

DUMBELL, R., PETRI, I., SCHERBARTH, F., DIEDRICH, V., SCHMID, H.A., STEINLECHNER, S. and BARRETT, P., 2017. Somatostatin agonist pasireotide inhibits exercise-stimulated growth in the male Siberian hamster (Phodopus sungorus). Journal of Neuroendocrinology, 29 (1): 12448. ISSN 0953-8194

DUMBELL, R., LELIAVSKI, A., MATVEEVA, O., BLAUM, C., TSANG, A.H. and OSTER, H., 2016. Dissociation of molecular and endocrine circadian rhythms in male mice lacking Bmal1 in the adrenal cortex. Endocrinology, 157 (11), pp. 4222-4233. ISSN 0013-7227

DUMBELL, R., MATVEEVA, O. and OSTER, H., 2016. Circadian clocks, stress, and immunity. Frontiers in Endocrinology, 7: 37. ISSN 1664-2392

LELIAVSKI, A., DUMBELL, R., OTT, V. and OSTER, H., 2015. Adrenal clocks and the role of adrenal hormones in the regulation of circadian physiology. Journal of Biological Rhythms, 30 (1), pp. 20-34. ISSN 0748-7304

KOLBE, I., DUMBELL, R. and OSTER, H., 2015. Circadian clocks and the interaction between stress axis and adipose function. International Journal of Endocrinology, 2015: 693204. ISSN 1687-8337

PETRI, I., DUMBELL, R., SCHERBARTH, F., STEINLECHNER, S. and BARRETT, P., 2014. Effect of exercise on photoperiod-regulated hypothalamic gene expression and peripheral hormones in the seasonal dwarf hamster Phodopus sungorus. PLoS ONE, 9 (3): e90253. ISSN 1932-6203

ROBINSON, J.E., EVANS, N.P., DUMBELL, R., SOLBAKK, A.-K., ROPSTAD, E. and HARALDSEN, I.R.H., 2014. Effects of inhibition of gonadotropin releasing hormone secretion on the response to novel objects in young male and female sheep. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 40, pp. 130-139. ISSN 0306-4530

Chapter in book

DUMBELL, R. and COX, R.D., 2019. Genetically altered mice as an approach for the investigation of obesity and metabolic disease. In: M. LUDWIG and G. LEVKOWITZ, eds., Model animals in neuroendocrinology: from worm to mouse to man. Chichester: John Wiley and Sons Ltd, pp. 233-255. ISBN 9781119390947

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