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ZHANG, Z., GENTILE, A.L., BLOMQVIST, E., AUGENSTEIN, I. and CIRAVEGNA, F., 2017. An unsupervised data-driven method to discover equivalent relations in large linked datasets. Semantic Web, 8 (3), pp. 437-452. ISSN 1570-0844

ZHANG, Z., GAO, J. and GENTILE, A.L., 2015. The LODIE team (University of Sheffield) participation at the TAC2015 Entity Discovery Task of the Cold Start KBP Track. In: Proceedings of the Eighth Text Analysis Conference, Gaithersburg, Maryland, 16-17 November 2015. Gaithersburg, Maryland: National Institute of Standards and Technology.

ZHANG, Z., GENTILE, A.L. and AUGENSTEIN, I., 2014. "Linked data as background knowledge for information extraction on the web" by Ziqi Zhang, Anna Lisa Gentile and Isabelle Augenstein with Martin Vesely as coordinator. ACM SIGWEB Newsletter (Summer). ISSN 1931-1745

GENTILE, A.L., ZHANG, Z. and CIRAVEGNA, F., 2014. Self Training Wrapper Induction with Linked Data. In: P. SOJKA, A. HORÁK and I. KOPEČEK, eds., Text, Speech and Dialogue: 17th International Conference, TSD 2014, Brno, Czech Republic, September 8-12, 2014. Proceedings. Lecture notes in computer science (8655). Cham: Springer International Publishing, pp. 285-292. ISBN 9783319108155

ZHANG, Z., GENTILE, A.L. and CIRAVEGNA, F., 2013. Recent advances in methods of lexical semantic relatedness – a survey. Natural Language Engineering, 19 (4), pp. 411-479. ISSN 1351-3249

AUGENSTEIN, I., NORTON, B., GENTILE, A.L., ZHANG, Z. and CIRAVEGNA, F., 2013. Mapping Keywords to Linked Data Resources for Automatic Query Expansion. In: P. CIMIANO, M. FERNANDEZ, V. LOPEZ, S. SCHLOBACH and J. VÖLKER, eds., The semantic Web: ESWC 2013 Satellite Events, Montpellier, France, 26-30 May 2013. Lecture notes in computer science (7955). Berlin: Springer, pp. 101-112. ISBN 9783642412417

ZHANG, Z., GENTILE, A.L., AUGENSTEIN, I., BLOMQVIST, E. and CIRAVEGNA, F., 2013. Mining equivalent relations from linked data. In: Proceedings of the 51st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2013): System Demonstrations, Sofia, Bulgaria, 4-9 August 2013. Stroudsburg, PA: Association for Computational Linguistics ( ACL ), pp. 289-293. ISBN 9781627489775

ZHANG, Z., GENTILE, A.L., BLOMQVIST, E., AUGENSTEIN, I. and CIRAVEGNA, F., 2013. Statistical Knowledge Patterns: Identifying Synonymous Relations in Large Linked Datasets. In: H. ALANI, L. KAGAL, A. FOKOUE, P. GROTH, C. BIEMANN, J.X. PARREIRA, L. AROYO, N. NOY, C. WELTY and K. JANOWICZ, eds., The Semantic Web – ISWC 2013. Proceedings of the 12th International Semantic Web Conference, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 21-25 October 2013. Part 1. Lecture notes in computer science (8218). Berlin: Springer, pp. 703-719. ISBN 9783642413346

GENTILE, A.L., ZHANG, Z., AUGENSTEIN, I. and CIRAVEGNA, F., 2013. Unsupervised wrapper induction using linked data. In: R. BENJAMINS, M. D'AQUIN and A. GORDON, eds., Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Knowledge Capture (K-CAP '13), Banff, AB, Canada, 23-26 June 2013. New York: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), pp. 41-48. ISBN 9781450321020

ZHANG, Z., GENTILE, A.L., XIA, L., IRIA, J. and CHAPMAN, S., 2010. A random graph walk based approach to computing semantic relatedness using knowledge from Wikipedia. In: N. CALZOLARI, K. CHOUKRI, B. MAEGAARD, J. MARIANI, J. ODIJK, S. PIPERIDIS, M. ROSNER and D. TAPIAS, eds., Proceedings of LREC 2010, Seventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, Valletta, Malta, 17-23 May 2010. Paris: European Language Resources Association, pp. 1394-1401. ISBN 2951740867

GENTILE, A.L., ZHANG, Z., XIA, L. and IRIA, J., 2010. Cultural knowledge for named entity disambiguation: a graph-based semantic relatedness approach. Serdica Journal of Computing, 4 (2), pp. 217-242. ISSN 1312-6555

GENTILE, A.L., ZHANG, Z., XIA, L. and IRIA, J., 2010. Semantic Relatedness Approach for Named Entity Disambiguation. In: M. AGOSTI, F. ESPOSITO and C. THANOS, eds., Digital libraries: 6th Italian Research Conference, IRCDL 2010, Padua, Italy, January 28-29, 2010: revised selected papers. Communications in computer and information science (91). Berlin: Springer-Verlag, pp. 137-148. ISBN 9783642158490

GENTILE, A.L., ZHANG, Z., XIA, L. and IRIA, J., 2009. Graph-based semantic relatedness for named entity disambiguation. In: 1st International Conference on Software, Services and Semantic Technologies: S3T’09, Sofia, Bulgaria, 28-29 October 2009.

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