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Journal article

ABELA, A., HOXLEY, M., MCGRATH, P. and GOODHEW, S., 2013. A comparative analysis of implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive in the Mediterranean. International Journal of Law in the Built Environment, 5 (3), pp. 222-240. ISSN 1756-1450

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CARFRAE, J., DE, W., LITTLEWOOD, J.R., GOODHEW, S. and WALKER, P., 2010. Development of a cost effective probe for the long term monitoring of straw bale buildings. Building and Environment, 46 (1), pp. 156-164.

PILKINGTON, B., GOODHEW, S. and DE, W., 2010. In situ thermal conductivity measurements of building materials with a thermal probe. Journal of Testing and Evaluation, 38 (3), pp. 339-346.

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PARSONS, D., GOODHEW, S., FEWKES, A. and DE, W., 2010. The perceived barriers to the inclusion of rainwater harvesting systems by UK house building companies. Urban Water Journal, 7 (4), pp. 257-265.

DEVERELL, R., GOODHEW, S., GRIFFITHS, R. and DE, W., 2009. The noise insulation properties of non-food-crop walling for schools and colleges: a case study. Journal of Building Appraisal, 5 (1), pp. 29-40. ISSN 1742-8262

DE, W., GRIFFITHS, R. and GOODHEW, S., 2008. Evolution and validation of a thermal probe model. Journal of Building Performance Simulation. ISSN 1940-1493 (print); 1940-1507 (online)

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GOODHEW, S. and GRIFFITHS, R., 2005. Sustainable earth walls to meet the building regulations. Energy and Buildings, 37 (5), pp. 451-459.

MURRAY, P.E., DONOHOE, S. and GOODHEW, S., 2004. Flexible learning in construction education: a building pathology case study. Structural Survey, 22 (5).

GOODHEW, S., GRIFFITHS, R. and WOOLLEY, T., 2004. An investigation of the moisture content in the walls of a straw-bale building. Building and Environment, 39 (12), pp. 1443-1451. ISSN 0360-1323

Chapter in book

CUI, J., GOODHEW, S. and CHILTON, J., 2012. The monitoring and assessment of indoor environment and domestic electricity use in a preliminary post-occupancy case study. In: N. M'SIRDI, ed., Sustainability in energy and building: proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings (SEB '11). Berlin: Springer, pp. 331-340. ISBN 9783642275081

ROBINSON, J., GOODHEW, S. and MCGRATH, P., 2011. Straw bale building: a mechanism for the promotion of biodiversity conservation. In: L. RUDDOCK, P. CHYNOWETH, C. EGBU, M. SUTRISNA and A. PARSA, eds., COBRA 2011: Proceedings of RICS Construction and Property Conference, University of Salford, Salford, 12-13 September 2011. London: Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, pp. 160-169. ISBN 9781907842191

CUI, J., GOODHEW, S., FEWKES, A. and CHILTON, J., 2011. A discussion on the occupancy-related indoor environment and electricity use in a UK residential building. In: V. SOEBARTO, ed., Driving better design through simulation: proceedings of the 12th Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association 2011. IBPSA / AIRAH, pp. 2170-2177. ISBN 9870646565101

CUI, J., GOODHEW, S. and FEWKES, A., 2011. A preliminary case study in the built environment applying smart environment techniques of monitoring and data analysis. In: Proceedings: Intelligent Environments (IE): 2011 7th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE'11). California: Conference Publishing Services, pp. 366-369. ISBN 9781607507949

CARFRAE, J., DE, W., LITTLEWOOD, J.R., GOODHEW, S. and WALKER, P., 2009. Detailing the effective use of rainscreen cladding to protect straw bale walls in combination with hygroscopic, breathable finishes. In: Detail Design in Architecture 8 - Translating Sustainable Design into Sustainable Construction, Cardiff, 4-8 September 2009. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781905617937

CARFRAE, J., DE, W., LITTLEWOOD, J.R., GOODHEW, S. and WALKER, P., 2009. Long term evaluation of the performance of a straw bale house built in a temperate maritime climate. In: P. WALKER, K. GHAVAMI, K. PAINE, A. HEATH, M. LAWRENCE and E. FODDE, eds., Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Non-conventional Materials and Technologies (NOCMAT 2009). UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781861971791

GOODHEW, S., 2003. [Chapters concerning the moisture and thermal properties of light earth materials]. In: C. MORGAN, ed., Milestone 5: DTI report. UNSPECIFIED.

Conference contribution

GOODHEW, S., 2010. Building performance and sustainable construction [keynote presentation]. In: UNSPECIFIED, Nottingham.

ALAMIN, S., FEWKES, A. and GOODHEW, S., 2010. Investigating the sustainability of water management in Alwahat, Libya. In: The Sustainable City 2010: Sixth International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability, La Coruna, Galicia, Spain,14 - 16 April 2010, Galicia.

DE, W., GRIFFITHS, R., GROVE, S. and GOODHEW, S., 2009. Progress in simulation of a thermal probe: modelling the probe to sample conductance. In: Proceedings of the Eleventh International IBPSA Conference, Glasgow.

GOODHEW, J., GOODHEW, S., AUBURN, T., DE, W. and PAHL, S., 2009. A preliminary investigation of the potential for thermographic images to influence householders' understanding of home energy consumption. In: 25th ARCOM Conference, 7-9 September 2009..

DE, W., MURRAY, P.E., GOODHEW, S. and TURPIN-BROOKS, S., 2008. Developments in the curriculum of environmental building at the University of Plymouth. In: BEAR 2008: International Conference in Building Education and Research, Kandalama, Sri Lanka, 11-15 February 2008, Kandalama, Sri Lanka.

CARFRAE, J., DE, W., GOODHEW, S., WALKER, P. and LITTLEWOOD, J.R., 2008. Totnes Eco House: interaction between design and in-situ monitoring. In: Proceedings of the Passive Low Energy Architecture Conference: Towards Zero Energy Building, Dublin, Ireland, 22-24 October 2008, Dublin, Ireland.

GOODHEW, S., GRIFFITHS, R., DE, W. and SIMMONDS, T., 2007. Monitoring of straw bale and non-food-crop based walling systems. In: Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies Conference, Coventry, 11-13 June 2007, Coventry.

DE, W., GRIFFITHS, R., PILKINGTON, B. and GOODHEW, S., 2007. Simulation of heat flow from a line source in support of the development of a thermal probe. In: Sun, Wind and Architecture: PLEA 2007, 24th International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture, Singapore, 22-24 November, 2007, Singapore.

GOODHEW, S., 2007. Sustainable building materials. In: Cutting the Costs: Towards Energy Efficient Controlled Environments. UK Controlled Environment Users' Group, University of Aberystwyth, 2007, Aberystwyth.

MCGILLIGAN, C., GOODHEW, S., DE, W. and GOODHEW, S., 2007. An assessment of potential impact of article 7 of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive on the UK household sector. In: Building Simulation in the SouthWest, IBPSA England Symposium, Plymouth, 16 November 2007 [CD-ROM], Plymouth.

PILKINGTON, B., DE, W., GOODHEW, S. and GRIFFITHS, R., 2006. Development of a probe for measuring in-situ the thermal properties of building materials. In: Clever Design, Affordable Comfort, Geneva.

MURRAY, P.E., GOODHEW, S. and TURPIN-BROOKS, S., 2006. Environmental sustainability: sustainable construction education – a UK case study. In: 2nd International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, Hanoi, Vietnam, 09-12 January, 2006, Hanoi.

DE, W. and GOODHEW, S., 2006. Towards key performance indicators for 'environmental building'. In: Clever Design, Affordable Comfort, Geneva.


KANDHOLA, M., GOODHEW, S., NEWLING, J., MOTTRAM, J. and EVANS, P., 2011. Wonder Cabinet. Newton Building, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, April 2011 - January 2013. .

Professional or trade journal contribution

GOODHEW, S., 1996. Gone to earth. , pp. 8-10.

GOODHEW, S., 1996. Gone to earth. , pp. 8-10. ISSN 1351-8607


GOODHEW, S., 2003. Sustainability in construction: learning packs. University of Plymouth.

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