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BODAGHI, M., SERJOUEI, A., ZOLFAGHARIAN, A., FOTOUHI, M., HAFIZUR, R. and DURAND, D., 2020. Reversible energy absorbing meta-sandwiches by 4D FDM printing. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 173: 105451. ISSN 0020-7403

WOOD, P., LIBURA, T., KOWALEWSKI, Z.L., WILLIAMS, G. and SERJOUEI, A., 2019. Influences of horizontal and vertical build orientations and post-fabrication processes on the fatigue behavior of stainless steel 316L produced by selective laser melting. Materials, 12 (24): 4203. ISSN 1996-1944

AKBARI, S., SAKHAEI, A.H., PANJWANI, S., KOWSARI, K., SERJOUEI, A. and GE, Q., 2019. Multimaterial 3D printed soft actuators powered by shape memory alloy wires. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 290, pp. 177-189. ISSN 0924-4247

HINGORANI, H., ZHANG, Y.-F., ZHANG, B., SERJOUEI, A. and GE, Q., 2019. Modified commercial UV curable elastomers for passive 4D printing. International Journal of Smart and Nano Materials. ISSN 1947-5411

AKBARI, S., SAKHAEI, A.H., KOWSARI, K., YANG, B., SERJOUEI, A., YUANFANG, Z. and GE, Q., 2018. Enhanced multimaterial 4D printing with active hinges. Smart Materials and Structures, 27 (6): 065027. ISSN 0964-1726

ZHANG, B., KOWSARI, K., SERJOUEI, A., DUNN, M.L. and GE, Q., 2018. Reprocessable thermosets for sustainable three-dimensional printing. Nature Communications, 9: 1831. ISSN 2041-1723

WANG, D., LI, L., SERJOUEI, A., DONG, L., WEEGER, O., GU, G. and GE, Q., 2018. Controllable helical deformations on printed anisotropic composite soft actuators. Applied Physics Letters, 112 (18): 181905. ISSN 0003-6951

ZHANG, B., LI, S., HINGORANI, H., SERJOUEI, A., LARUSH, L., PAWAR, A.A., GOH, W.H., SAKHAEI, A.H., HASHIMOTO, M., KOWSARI, K., MAGDASSI, S. and GE, Q., 2018. Highly stretchable hydrogels for UV curing based high-resolution multimaterial 3D printing. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 6 (20), pp. 3246-3253. ISSN 2050-750X

ZHANG, X., SERJOUEI, A. and SRIDHAR, I., 2018. Criterion for interface defeat to penetration transition of long rod projectile impact on ceramic armor. Thin-Walled Structures, 126, pp. 266-284. ISSN 0263-8231

GOUR, G., SERJOUEI, A. and SRIDHAR, I., 2017. Influence of geometry and hardness of the backing plate on ballistic performance of bi-layer ceramic armor. Procedia Engineering, 173, pp. 93-100. ISSN 1877-7058

FEI, G., XIANFENG, Z., SERJOUEI, A., MINGYANG, W., LEI, L., WEI, X. and JIANG, Z., 2017. Dynamic behavior and constitutive model for two tantalum-tungsten alloys under elevated strain rates. Rare Metal Materials and Engineering, 46 (10), pp. 2753-2762. ISSN 1875-5372

SERJOUEI, A., GOUR, G., ZHANG, X., IDAPALAPATI, S. and TAN, G.E.B., 2017. On improving ballistic limit of bi-layer ceramic–metal armor. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 105, pp. 54-67. ISSN 0734-743X

GE, Q., SERJOUEI, A., QI, H.J. and DUNN, M.L., 2016. Thermomechanics of printed anisotropic shape memory elastomeric composites. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 102/3, pp. 186-199. ISSN 0020-7683

CHI, R., SERJOUEI, A., SRIDHAR, I. and GEOFFREY, T.E.B., 2015. Pre-stress effect on confined ceramic armor ballistic performance. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 84, pp. 159-170. ISSN 0734-743X

SERJOUEI, A., CHI, R., SRIDHAR, I. and TAN, G.E.B., 2015. Empirical ballistic limit velocity model for bi-layer ceramic–metal armor. International Journal of Protective Structures, 6 (3), pp. 509-527. ISSN 2041-4196

SERJOUEI, A., CHI, R., ZHANG, Z. and SRIDHAR, I., 2015. Experimental validation of BLV model on bi-layer ceramic-metal armor. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 77, pp. 30-41. ISSN 0734-743X

SERJOUEI, A., CHI, R., SRIDHAR, I. and TAN, G.E.B., 2014. An empirical model for the ballistic limit of bi-layer ceramic/metal armour. Procedia Engineering, 75, pp. 14-18. ISSN 1877-7058

CHI, R., SERJOUEI, A., SRIDHAR, I. and TAN, G.E.B., 2013. Ballistic impact on bi-layer alumina/aluminium armor: a semi-analytical approach. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 52, pp. 37-46. ISSN 0734-743X

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