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Journal article

CLAPHAM, A., 2023. Docility and dilemmas: mapping ‘performative evaluation’ and informal learning. Journal of Educational Change. ISSN 1389-2843

CLAPHAM, A., 2023. Examining teaching for mastery as an instance of 'hyperreal' cross national policy borrowing. Oxford Review of Education. ISSN 0305-4985

CLAPHAM, A., RICHARDS, R., LONSDALE, K. and LA VELLE, L., 2023. Scarcely visible? Analysing initial teacher education research and the Research Excellence Framework. London Review of Education, 21 (1): 24. ISSN 1474-8460

DOAK, L., 2023. Rethinking the contributions of young people with learning disabilities to iPad storymaking: a new model of distributed authorship. Literacy. ISSN 1741-4350

GRACE PHILLIPS, J., TYLER-MERRICK, G. and PHILLIPSON, S., 2023. The feasibility of TOGETHER: a collaborative educator-parent programme for teaching social and emotional competence in young children. Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. ISSN 1363-2752

HUGHES-ROBERTS, T., BROWN, D., BURTON, A., SHOPLAND, N., TINNEY, J. and BOULTON, H., 2023. Digital game making and game templates promotes learner engagement in non-computing based classroom teaching. Technology, Knowledge and Learning. ISSN 2211-1662

KUSHNIR, I., 2023. ‘It is more than just education. It’s also a peace policy’: (re)imagining the mission of the European Higher Education Area in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. European Educational Research Journal. ISSN 1474-9041

KUSHNIR, I., 2023. Rational-choice neo-institutionalism in Europeanization in the UK and Germany: a toolkit offered by their memberships in the European higher education area. European Education. ISSN 1056-4934

KUSHNIR, I., ETA, E.A., MBAH, M.F. and KENNEDY, C.-R., 2023. The orchestration of a sustainable development agenda in the European Higher Education Area. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education. ISSN 1467-6370

KUSHNIR, I., MILANI, Z. and MBAH, M.F., 2023. UK higher education sector's response to the war in Ukraine. Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education. ISSN 1758-1184

KUSHNIR, I. and YAZGAN, N., 2023. The politics of higher education: the European Higher Education Area through the eyes of its stakeholders in France and Italy. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 10: 774. ISSN 2662-9992

MCLAIN, M., SCHILLACI-ROWLAND, D., STABLES, K. and HARDY, A., 2023. Design and technology educators' experiences of competence, relatedness and autonomy with educational research. Design and Technology Education: An International Journal, 28 (2), pp. 50-69.

SLATER, J., WINDER, B., O'GRADY, A. and BANYARD, P., 2023. ‘There is nothing for me’: a qualitative analysis of the views towards prison education of adult male prisoners convicted of a sexual offence. The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice. ISSN 2059-1098

SYED-ABDULLAH, S.I.S., KUSHNIR, I. and ABDRAHIM, N.A., 2023. Narratives on education for sustainable development in Malaysian universities. Sustainability, 15 (17): 13110. ISSN 2071-1050

VICKERY, C. and HARDY, A., 2023. How can teacher preparation in England within D&T minimise further decline of the subject? Design and Technology Education: An International Journal, 28, pp. 70-88.

WOODFORD, M., CLAPHAM, A. and SERRET, N., 2023. ‘Pedagogic oppression’: the need for emancipation through contradiction in teacher professional development. Professional Development in Education. ISSN 1941-5257

WOODFORD, M. and TROTT, D., 2023. What is so important about reasoning? Mathematics Teaching (287). ISSN 0025-5785

Authored book

ROLPH, C., 2023. Understanding education policy. London: SAGE. ISBN 9781529757743

Chapter in book

DOAK, L., 2023. Do all children have the right to express views? Listening to ‘differently voiced’ communicators. In: A.E. BECKETT and A.-M. CALLUS, eds., The Routledge international handbook of children's rights and disability. Routledge international handbooks . Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9780367521530

ETA, E.A. and KUSHNIR, I., 2023. Conclusion. In: I. KUSHNIR and E.A. ETA, eds., Towards social justice in the neoliberal Bologna Process. Emerald Publishing. ISBN 9781801178815 (Forthcoming)

HALLIWELL, A., MASON, A., HARDY, A. and ELLIS, C., 2023. A developing project: investigating future forms of design and technology education. In: S. DAVIES, M. MCLAIN, A. HARDY and D. MORRISON-LOVE, eds., Proceedings of the 40th International Pupils’ Attitudes Towards Technology Conference Proceedings 2023, 31 October-3 November, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, UK. Liverpool John Moores University. ISBN 9781399967266

HARDY, J. and TYLER-MERRICK, G., 2023. Inclusive education through a neoliberal lens: the hierarchal differences between rural and urban China. In: S. MEYERS, M. MCCLOSKEY and G. PETRI, eds., The Routledge international handbook of disability human rights hierarchies. London: Routledge. ISBN 9781032530833

KUSHNIR, I., 2023. A growing voice of inclusion in the neoliberal context: the international policy-making level of the Bologna Process. In: I. KUSHNIR and E.A. ETA, eds., Towards social justice in the neoliberal Bologna Process. Emerald Publishing. ISBN 9781801178815

KUSHNIR, I. and ETA, E.A., 2023. Introduction. In: I. KUSHNIR and E.A. ETA, eds., Towards social justice in the neoliberal Bologna Process. Emerald Publishing. ISBN 9781801178815 (Forthcoming)

KUSHNIR, I., KILKEY, M. and STRUMIA, F., 2023. The EU integration project through the lens of the Balkan-corridor ‘migrant crisis’. In: M. KMEZIĆ, A. PRODROMIDOU and P. GKASIS, eds., Migration, EU integration and the Balkan route. Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9780367423063

KUSHNIR, I. and YAZGAN, N., 2023. Conceptualising the international phenomenon of crises. In: Education and sustainable development in the context of crises: international case studies of transformational change. Emerald. (Forthcoming)

NYE, D., 2023. Graduate in an employment team. In: C. HAYES, ed., The early years handbook for students and practitioners: an essential guide for the foundation degree and levels 4 and 5. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 523-537. ISBN 9781003154853

NYE, D. and PERKINS, H., 2023. Inclusive practice. In: A. BRADBURY, J. MUSGRAVE and H. PERKINS, eds., A practical guide to early childhood studies graduate practitioner competencies. London: Learning Matters. ISBN 9781529618723

SERRET, N. and CORREIA, C., 2023. Research design principles for dynamic teacher-researcher collaboration: two stars and a wish. In: C. HARRISON, C. LEUNG and D. PEPPER, eds., Educational assessment: the influence of Paul Black on research, pedagogy and practice. London: Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 259-274. ISBN 9781350288492

WOODFORD, M., 2023. What we learned by researching lesson study. In: The mathematics practitioner’s guidebook for collaborative lesson research. Studies in Mathematical Thinking and Learning . New York: Routledge, pp. 196-203. ISBN 9781032450759

Edited book

DAVIES, S., HARDY, A., MCLEAN, M. and MORRISON-LOVE, D., 2023. PATT40 conference proceedings. Liverpool: Liverpool John Moores University.

KUSHNIR, I. and ETA, E.A., 2023. Towards social justice in the neoliberal Bologna Process. Emerald. ISBN 9781801178815

Research report for external body

CROWLEY, M., RICHARDS, R. and BAKER, P., 2023. Teacher recruitment, training and retention. London: UK Parliament.

LUSHEY, C., TURA, F., TOFT, A., HARDING, R., BICKERTON, C., CASSIDY, S., COOPER, S., DAVIES, K., FLEMING, J., HUNTINGTON, B., JAMEEL, A., LAW, S., NEWHAM, K., PANDYA-WOOD, J., RATHORE, G., SLATER, J., TARCZYNSKI-BOWLES, L., THOMPSON, R., WARDLE, L., WOOD, C. and PAECHTER, C., 2023. Evaluation of Small Steps Big Changes: final report 2023. Nottingham: Nottingham Trent University.


MURPHY, A., 2023. Growing little learners: enabling trainee teachers to support children's learning in primary science using the outdoors. EdD, Nottingham Trent University.

Website content

WALTERS, A., 2023. Views from a conference. British Educational Research Association (BERA).

Working paper

KENT, J., 2023. Supporting children’s speech, language and communication: challenges for practitioners and leaders in the early years. Nottingham: Nottingham Trent University.

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