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ABUBAKRE, M., FAIK, I. and MKANSI, M., 2021. Digital entrepreneurship and indigenous value systems: an Ubuntu perspective. Information Systems Journal. ISSN 1350-1917

ABUBAKRE, M., ZHOU, Y. and ZHOU, Z., 2020. The impact of information technology culture and personal innovativeness in information technology on digital entrepreneurship success. Information Technology and People. ISSN 0959-3845

KWAYU, S., ABUBAKRE, M. and LAL, B., 2020. The influence of informal social media practices on knowledge sharing and work processes within organizations. International Journal of Information Management. ISSN 0268-4012

ABUBAKRE, M., FAYOUMI, A. and ELEBURUIKE, I., 2020. Implementing process improvement initiative: the role of visualisation and standardisation methods. Business Process Management Journal. ISSN 1463-7154

ABUBAKRE, M., VIVIER, E. and OZOLINA, A., 2020. How do digital platforms influence community organizing and inequalities? Lessons from community use of a locally developed digital platform in South Africa. In: 36th EGOS Colloquium: Organizing for a Sustainable Future: Responsibility, Renewal and Resistance, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany, 2-4 July 2020.

SIMS, J., PALERMO, O. and ABUBAKRE, M., 2019. Investigating liminality to understand the implications of organisational sensebreaking – sensegiving processes on actors' social identity construction in the workplace. In: BAM2019 Conference proceedings. British Academy of Management. ISBN 9780995641327

KWAYU, S., LAL, B. and ABUBAKRE, M., 2018. Enhancing organisational competitiveness via social media - a strategy as practice perspective. Information Systems Frontiers, 20 (3), pp. 439-456. ISSN 1387-3326

KWAYU, S., LAL, B. and ABUBAKRE, M., 2018. The impact of social media on internal communications in the Tanzanian telecom industry. In: Y.K. DWIVEDI, N.P. RANA, E.L. SLADE, M.A. SHAREEF, M. CLEMENT, A.C. SIMINTIRAS and B. LAL, eds., Emerging markets from a multidisciplinary perspective: challenges, opportunities and research agenda. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, pp. 119-131. ISBN 9783319750125

KWAYU, S., LAL, B. and ABUBAKRE, M., 2018. The influence of social media on engendering strategic organisational practices – the case of two Tanzanian telecommunications companies. In: A. ELBANNA, Y.K. DWIVEDI, D. BUNKER and D. WASTELL, eds., Smart Working, Living and Organising: IFIP WG 8.6 International Conference on Transfer and Diffusion of IT (TDIT 2018), Portsmouth, 25 June 2018. Proceedings. IFIP advances in information and communication technology, 533 . Cham, Switzerland: Springer, pp. 47-59. ISBN 9783030043155

ABUBAKRE, M., RAVISHANKAR, M.N. and COOMBS, C., 2017. Revisiting the trajectory of IT implementation in organisations: an IT culture perspective. Information Technology & People, 30 (3), pp. 562-579. ISSN 0959-3845

ABUBAKRE, M., COOMBS, C.R. and RAVISHANKAR, M.N., 2017. The impact of salient cultural practices on the outcome of IS implementation. Journal of Global Information Management, 25 (1), pp. 1-20. ISSN 1062-7375

KWAYU, S., LAL, B. and ABUBAKRE, M., 2016. Strategy Reformation? Materialization of Social Media in Telecom Industry. In: Y.K. DWIVEDI, M. MÄNTYMÄKI, M.N. RAVISHANKAR, M. JANSSEN, M. CLEMENT, E.L. SLADE, N.P. RANA, S. AL-SHARHAN and A.C. SIMINTIRAS, eds., Social media: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Proceedings of the 15th IFIP WG 6.11 Conference on e-Business, e-Services, and e-Society, I3E 2016, Swansea, 13-15 September 2016. Lecture notes in computer science, 9844 . Cham: Springer, pp. 31-41. ISBN 9783319452333

ABUBAKRE, M., 2016. Managing IT offshoring projects: an IT governance approach. In: Proceedings of the 13th European, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems (EMCIS), Kracow University of Economics, Krakow, Poland, 23-24 June 2016. EMCIS. ISBN 9789606897092

ABUBAKRE, M., COOMBS, C. and RAVISHANKAR, M.N., 2014. The influence of organizational culture on the outcome of an IS implementation. In: Proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Information Systems - Building a Better World through Information Systems (ICIS 2014), Auckland, New Zealand, 14-17 December 2014. Association for Information Systems. ISBN 9780615157887

ABUBAKRE, M. and DAVID-WEST, O., 2014. Trust in electronic banking. In: 7th IADIS International Conference on Information Systems 2014, Madrid, Spain, 28 February - 2 March 2014, Madrid, Spain.

ABUBAKRE, M., RAVISHANKAR, M.N. and COOMBS, C., 2013. Achieving IT diffusion within the fragments: an IT culture perspective. In: 21st European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2013), Utrecht, Netherlands, 5-8 June 2013.

ABUBAKRE, M., CRISPIN, C. and JAYAWARDHENA, C., 2011. Information system diffusion in organizations - a control mechanism perspective. In: A. GHONEIM, M. THEMISTOCLEOUS, D. KOUFOPOULOS and M. KAMAL, eds., Proceedings of the European, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems 2011 (EMCIS 2011), Athens, Greece, 30-31 May 2011. EMCIS. ISBN 9781902316857

ABUBAKRE, M., CRISPIN, C. and JAYAWARDHENA, C., 2011. The diffusion of management information systems in organizations - an organizational sub-culture perspective. In: Proceedings of the 19th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2011), Aalto University School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland, 9-11 June 2011., Helsinki, Finland.

ABUBAKRE, M., COOMBS, C., JAYAWARDHENA, C. and HUNT, A., 2010. Learning the lessons from the developed world: e-banking security in Nigeria. In: Proceedings of UK Academy for Information Systems (UKAIS) 15th Annual Conference, Oriel College, University of Oxford, Oxford, 23-24 March 2010., Oxford.

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