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Journal article

KAMAT, M.A., BACCOLA, A., COOPER, D.N. and CHUZHANOVA, N., 2016. A role for non-B DNA forming sequences in mediating microlesions causing human inherited disease. Human Mutation, 37 (1), pp. 65-73. ISSN 1059-7794

MAYES, M.B., MORGAN, T., WINSTON, J., BUXTON, D.S., KAMAT, M.A., SMITH, D., WILLIAMS, M., MARTIN, R.L., KLEINJAN, D.A., COOPER, D.N., UPADHYAYA, M. and CHUZHANOVA, N., 2015. Remotely acting SMCHD1 gene regulatory elements: in silico prediction and identification of potential regulatory variants in patients with FSHD. Human Genomics, 9. ISSN 1479-7364

HAMBY, S.E., REVIRIEGO, P., COOPER, D.N., UPADHYAYA, M. and CHUZHANOVA, N., 2013. Screening in silico-predicted remotely acting NF1 regulatory elements for mutations in patients with neurofibromatosis type 1. Human Genomics, 7 (18).

ZICKLER, A.M., HAMPP, S., MESSIAEN, L., BENGESSER, K., MUSSOTTER, T., ROEHL, A.C., WIMMER, K., MAUTNER, V., KLUWE, L., UPADHYAYA, M., PASMANT, E., CHUZHANOVA, N., KESTLER, H.A., HÖGEL, J., LEGIUS, E., CLAES, K., COOPER, D.N. and KEHRER-SAWATZKI, H., 2012. Characterization of the nonallelic homologous recombination hotspot PRS3 associated with type-3 NF1 deletions. Human Mutation, 33, pp. 372-383.

ALKINDY, A., CHUZHANOVA, N., KINI, U., COOPER, D.N. and UPADHYAYA, M., 2012. Genotype-phenotype correlations in neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1): an increased risk of tumour complications in patients with NF1 splice site mutations? Genomic Medicine, 6 (12).

VOGT, J., MUSSOTTER, T., BENGESSER, K., CLAES, K., HÖGEL, J., CHUZHANOVA, N., FU, C., VAN DEN ENDE, J., MAUTNER, V.F., COOPER, D.N., MESSIAEN, L. and KEHRER-SAWATZKI, H., 2012. Identification of recurrent type-2 NF1 microdeletions reveals a mitotic nonallelic homologous recombination hotspot underlying a human genomic disorder. Human Mutation, 33 (11), pp. 1599-1609.

BACOLLA, A., WANG, G., JAIN, A., CHUZHANOVA, N.A., COOPER, D.N., BOHR, V.A. and VASQUEZ, K.M., 2011. Non-B DNA-forming sequences and WRN deficiency independently increase the frequency of base substitutions in human cells. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 286, pp. 10017-10026.

HAMBY, S.E., THOMAS, N.S.T., COOPER, D.N. and CHUZHANOVA, N., 2011. A meta-analysis of single base-pair substitutions in translational termination codons ('nonstop' mutations) that cause human inherited disease. Human Genomics, 5, pp. 241-264.

MILLAR, D.S., HORAN, M., CHUZHANOVA, N.A. and COOPER, D.N., 2010. Characterization of a functional intronic polymorphism in the human growth hormone (GH1) gene. Human Genomics, 4, pp. 289-301.

QUEMENER, S., CHEN, J.M., CHUZHANOVA, N., BÉNECH, C., CASALS, T., MACEK, M., BIENVENU, T., MCDEVITT, T., FARRELL, P.M., LOUMI, O., MESSAOUD, T., CUPPENS, H., CUTTING, G.R., STENSON, P.D., GITEAU, K., AUDRÉZET, M.P., COOPER, D.N. and FÉREC, C., 2010. Complete ascertainment of intragenic copy number mutations (CNMs) in the CFTR gene and its implications for CNM formation at other autosomal loci. Human Mutation, 31, pp. 421-428.

COOPER, D.N., CHEN, J.M., BALL, E.V., HOWELLS, K., MORT, M., PHILLIPS, A.D., CHUZHANOVA, N., KEHRER-SAWATZKI, H. and STEPHENS, M., 2010. Genes, mutations and human inherited disease at the dawn of the 100K mutome era. Human Mutation, 31, pp. 631-655.

ROEHL, A.C., VOGT, J., MUSSOTTER, T., ZICKER, A.N., SPÖRI, H., HÖGEL, J., CHUZHANOVA, N.A., WIMMER, K., KLUWE, L., MAUTNER, V., COOPER, D.N. and KEHRER-SAWATZKI, H., 2010. Intrachromosomal mitotic non-allelic homologous recombination is the major molecular mechanism underlying type-2 NF1 deletions. Human Mutation, 31, pp. 1163-1173.

COOPER, D.N., MORT, M., STENSON, P.D., BALL, E.V. and CHUZHANOVA, N.A., 2010. Methylation-mediated deamination of 5-methylcytosine appears to give rise to mutations causing human inherited disease in CpNpG trinucleotides as well as in CpG dinucleotides. Human Genomics, 4, pp. 406-410.

MILLAR, D.S., TYSOE, C., LAZAROU, L.P., PILZ, D.T., MOHAMMED, S., ANDERSON, K., CHUZHANOVA, N., COOPER, D.N. and BUTLER, R., 2010. An isolated case of lissencephaly caused by the insertion of a mitochondrial genome-derived DNA sequence into the 5' untranslated region of the PAFAH1B1 (LIS1) gene. Human Genomics, 4 (6), pp. 384-393.

BENGESSER, K., COOPER, D.N., STEINMANN, K., KLUWE, L., CHUZHANOVA, N.A., WIMMER, K., TINSCHERT, S., MAUTNER, V. and KEHRER-SAWATZKI, H., 2010. A novel third type of recurrent NF1 microdeletion mediated by non-allelic homologous recombination between LRRC37B-containing low-copy repeats in 17q11.2. Human Mutation, 31, pp. 742-751.

THOMAS, A.D., ROBERTS, A.G., CHUZHANOVA, N., COOPER, D.N., FEIGHERY, C., CONNAUGHTON, J., MORGAN, B.P. and ORREN, A., 2009. Complement component C7 deficiency in four Irish families: the characterisation of a large genomic deletion within the C7 gene. Molecular Immunology, 46 (14).

KOLB, J., CHUZHANOVA, N.A., HÖGEL, J., COOPER, D.N., BACOLLA, A. and KEHRER-SAWATZKI, H., 2009. Cruciform-forming inverted repeats mediated many microinversions that distinguish the human and chimpanzee genomes. Chromosome Research, 17, pp. 469-483.

CHUZHANOVA, N., CHEN, J.M., BACOLLA, A., PATRINOS, G.P., FEREC, C., WELLS, R.D. and COOPER, D.N., 2009. Gene conversion causing human inherited disease: evidence for involvement of non-B-DNA-forming sequences and recombination-promoting motifs in DNA breakage and repair. Human Mutation, 30 (8), pp. 1189-1198. ISSN 1059-7794

PERSICHETTI, E., CHUZHANOVA, N.A., DARDIS, A., TAPPINO, B., POHL, S., THOMAS, N.S.T., ROSANO, C., BALDUCCI, C., PACIOTTI, S., DOMINISSINI, S., MONTALVO, A.L., SIBILIO, M., PARINI, R., RIGOLDI, M., DI, R., PARENTI, G., ORLACCHIO, A., BEMBI, B. and COOPER, D.N., 2009. Identification and molecular characterization of six novel mutations in the UDP-N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphotransferase gamma subunit (GNPTG) gene in patients with mucolipidosis III gamma. Human Mutation, 30, pp. 978-984.

TAPPINO, B., CHUZHANOVA, N.A., REGIS, S., DARDIS, A., CORSOLINI, F., STROPPIANO, M., TONOLI, E., ROSANO, C., MUCHA, J., BLANCO, M., BECCARI, T., SZLAGO, M., DI, R., COOPER, D.N. and FILOCAMO, M., 2009. Molecular Characterization of 22 Novel UDP-N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphate transferase á- and â-subunit (GNPTAB) Gene Mutations Causing Mucolipidosis Types IIá/â and IIIá/â in 46 Patients. Human Mutation, 30.

WOLF, A., MILLAR, D.S., CALIEBE, A., HORAN, M., NEWSWAY, V., KUMPF, D., STEINMANN, K., CHEE, I.S., LEE, Y.H., MUTIRANGURA, A., PEPE, G., RICKARDS, O., SCHMIDTKE, J., SCHEMPP, W., CHUZHANOVA, N., KEHRER-SAWATZKI, H., KRAWCZAK, M. and COOPER, D.N., 2009. A gene conversion hotspot in the human growth hormone (GH1) gene promoter. Human Mutation, 30 (2), pp. 239-247.

ROSSER, L.G., MCKEE, S., MILLER, D.S., ARCHER, H., HUGHES, J., BUTLER, R., CHUZHANOVA, N., COOPER, D.N. and LAZAROU, L.P., 2008. Two sisters with Rett syndrome and non-identical paternally-derived microdeletions in the MECP2 genenon-identical paternally-derived microdeletions in the MECP2 gene. Genomic Medicine, 2, pp. 77-81.

MORT, M., IVANOV, D., COOPER, D.N. and CHUZHANOVA, N.A., 2008. A meta-analysis of nonsense mutations causing human genetic disease. Human Mutation, 29 (8), pp. 1037-1047. ISSN 1059-7794

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XIE, F., WANG, H.L., COOPER, D.N., CHUZHANOVA, N., WANG, X.F., FANG, Y., CAI, X.H. and WANG, Z.Y., 2006. A novel Alu-mediated 61-kb deletion of the von Willebrand factor (VWF) gene whose breakpoints co-locate with putative matrix attachment regions. Blood Cells Molecules and Diseases, 36, pp. 385-391.

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Chapter in book

UPADHYAYA, M., CHUZHANOVA, N. and COOPER, D.N., 2012. The somatic mutational spectrum of the NF1 gene. In: M. UPADHYAYA and D.N. COOPER, eds., Neurofibromatosis type 1. Heidelberg: Springer, pp. 211-233. ISBN 978364232863

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Conference contribution

CHUZHANOVA, N.A. and COOPER, D.N., 2002. Mechanisms of mutagenesis and the role of local DNA sequence complexity. In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure (BGRS'2000), Novosibirsk, Russia.

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