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WOODDELL, L.J., KABURU, S.S.K. and DETTMER, A.M., 2021. Behavioral and hormonal changes following social instability in young rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta). Journal of Comparative Psychology, 135 (4), pp. 568-580. ISSN 0735-7036

BROWN, S.K., KABURU, S.S.K. and BESENYEI, L., 2021. The influences of micro- and macro-habitat variables on tent-roosting in Dermanura watsoni on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. Acta Chiropterologica, 23 (1), pp. 207-213. ISSN 1508-1109

BALASUBRAMANIAM, K.N., BLISS-MOREAU, E., BEISNER, B.A., MARTY, P.R., KABURU, S.S.K. and MCCOWAN, B., 2021. Addressing the challenges of research on human-wildlife interactions using the concept of Coupled Natural & Human Systems. Biological Conservation, 257: 109095. ISSN 0006-3207

VAGLIO, S., KABURU, S.S.K., PEARCE, R., BRYANT, L., MCAULEY, A., LOTT, A., SHEPPARD, D.J., SMITH, S., TOMPKINS, B.E., ELWELL, E.J., FONTANI, S., YOUNG, C.H., MARLIANI, G. and ACCORSI, P.A., 2021. Effects of scent enrichment on behavioral and physiological indicators of stress in zoo primates. American Journal of Primatology, 83 (5): e23247. ISSN 0275-2565

FESTANTE, F., RAYSON, H., PAUKNER, A., KABURU, S.S.K., TOSCHI, G., FOX, N. and FERRARI, P.F., 2021. Oxytocin promotes prosocial behavior and related neural responses in infant macaques at-risk for compromised social development. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 48: 100950. ISSN 1878-9293

SIMPSON, E.A., MAYLOTT, S.E., LAZO, R.J., LEONARD, K.A., KABURU, S.S.K., SUOMI, S.J., PAUKNER, A. and FERRARI, P.F., 2019. Social touch alters newborn monkey behavior. Infant Behavior & Development, 57: 101368. ISSN 0163-6383

SIMPSON, E.A., SCLAFANI, V., PAUKNER, A., KABURU, S.S.K., SUOMI, S.J. and FERRARI, P.F., 2019. Handling newborn monkeys alters later exploratory, cognitive, and social behaviors. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 35, pp. 12-19. ISSN 1878-9293

SIMPSON, E.A., PAUKNER, A., SCLAFANI, V., KABURU, S.S.K., SUOMI, S.J. and FERRARI, P.F., 2017. Acute oxytocin improves memory and gaze following in male but not female nursery-reared infant macaques. Psychopharmacology, 234 (3), pp. 497-506. ISSN 0033-3158

KABURU, S.S.K., PAUKNER, A., SIMPSON, E.A., SUOMI, S.J. and FERRARI, P.F., 2016. Neonatal imitation predicts infant rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) social and anxiety-related behaviours at one year. Scientific Reports, 6 (1): 34997. ISSN 2045-2322

DETTMER, A.M., KABURU, S.S.K., SIMPSON, E.A., PAUKNER, A., SCLAFANI, V., BYERS, K.L., MURPHY, A.M., MILLER, M., MARQUEZ, N., MILLER, G.M., SUOMI, S.J. and FERRARI, P.F., 2016. Neonatal face-to-face interactions promote later social behaviour in infant rhesus monkeys. Nature Communications, 7 (1): 11940. ISSN 2041-1723

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