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Journal article

NAGARAJAN, D., PEARSON, J., BRENTVILLE, V., METHERINGHAM, R., POCKLEY, A.G., DURRANT, L. and MCARDLE, S.E., 2021. ImmunoBody®‐HAGE derived vaccine induces immunity to HAGE and delays the growth and metastasis of HAGE‐expressing tumours in vivo. Immunology and Cell Biology. ISSN 0818-9641

HOOD, S.P., COSMA, G., FOULDS, G.A., JOHNSON, C., REEDER, S., MCARDLE, S.E., KHAN, M.A. and POCKLEY, A.G., 2020. Identifying prostate cancer and its clinical risk in asymptomatic men using machine learning of high dimensional peripheral blood flow cytometric natural killer cell subset phenotyping data. eLife, 9: e50936.

COSMA, G., MCARDLE, S.E., REEDER, S., FOULDS, G.A., HOOD, S., KHAN, M. and POCKLEY, A.G., 2017. Identifying the presence of prostate cancer in individuals with PSA levels <20 ng ml−1 using computational data extraction analysis of high dimensional peripheral blood flow cytometric phenotyping data. Frontiers in Immunology, 8, p. 1771. ISSN 1664-3224

ABDEL-FATAH, T.M.A., MCARDLE, S.E., AGARWAL, D., MOSELEY, P.M., GREEN, A.R., BALL, G.R., POCKLEY, A.G., ELLIS, I.O., REES, R.C. and CHAN, S.Y.T., 2016. HAGE in triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a novel prognostic, predictive and actionable biomarker: a transcriptomic and protein expression analysis. Clinical Cancer Research, 22 (4), pp. 905-914. ISSN 1078-0432

ALI, S.A., REZVAN, H., MCARDLE, S.E., KHODADADI, A., ASTEAL, F.A. and REES, R.C., 2009. CTL responses to Leishmania mexicana gp63-cDNA vaccine in a murine model. Parasite Immunology, 31 (7), pp. 373-383.

MCARDLE, S.E. and REES, R.C., 2009. Tumor immunlogy: new perspectives [review]. Cancer Research, 15 (18), pp. 7157-7159.

RILEY, C.L., MATHIEU, M.G., CLARK, R.E., MCARDLE, S.E. and REES, R.C., 2009. Tumour antigen-targeted immunotherapy for chronic myeloid leukaemia: is it still viable? Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy, 58 (9), pp. 1489-1499.

MCARDLE, S.E., 2008. Cancer vaccines: uses of HLA transgenic mice compared to genetically modified mice. Frontiers in Bioscience, 14 (12), pp. 4640-4651.

WALTON, T.J., LI, G., SETH, R., MCARDLE, S.E., BISHOP, M.C. and REES, R.C., 2008. DNA demethylation and histone deacetylation inhibition co-operate to re-express estrogen receptor beta and induce apoptosis in prostate cancer cell-lines. DNA demethylation and histone deacetylation inhibition act synergistically to re-express oestrogen receptor beta and induce apoptosis in prostate cancer cell-lines [working title], 68 (2), pp. 210-222.

MILES, A.K., ROGERS, A., PARKINSON, R., REES, R.C. and MCARDLE, S.E., 2008. Overview of prostate biomarkers as potential targets for immunotherapy [review]. Current Cancer Therapy Reviews, 4 (2), pp. 86-95.

ASSUDANI, D.P., LI, G., LINE, A., FUMING, C., MILES, A.K., REES, R.C. and MCARDLE, S.E., 2008. SEREX analysis of prostate cancer cDNA libraries: identification of metastasis associated antigen (MTA1) [in press]. Open Biochemistry Journal.

ROGERS, A., MILES, A., MCARDLE, S.E., MCCULLOCH, T., POWE, D., BISHOP, M. and REES, R., 2006. Identification and characterisation of T21: A novel cancer testis antigen over expressed in prostate cancer. European Urology Supplements, 5 (14), p. 799. ISSN 1569-9056

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AHMAD, M., REES, R.C., MCARDLE, S.E., LI, G., MIAN, S., ENTWISLE, C., LOUDON, P. and ALI, S.A., 2005. Regulation of CTL responses to MHC-restricted class I peptide of the gp70 tumour antigen by splenic parenchymal CD4(+) T cells in mice failing immunotherapy with DISC-mGM-CSF. International Journal of Cancer, 115 (6), pp. 951-959. ISSN 0020-7136

MCARDLE, S.E., ALI, S.A., LI, G., MIAN, S. and REES, R.C., 2003. Phenotypic and functional differences of dendritic cells generated under different in vitro conditions. Methods in Molecular Medicine, 81, pp. 359-375.

MIAN, S., BALL, G., HORNBUCKLE, J., HOLDING, F., CARMICHAEL, J., ELLIS, I., ALI, S., LI, G., MCARDLE, S.E., CREASER, C. and REES, R., 2003. A prototype methodology combining surface-enhanced laser desorption/ionization protein chip technology and artificial neural network algorithms to predict the chemoresponsiveness of breast cancer cell lines exposed to Paclitaxel and Doxorubicin under in v. Proteomics, 3 (9), pp. 1725-1737.

REES, R.C., MCARDLE, S.E., MIAN, S., LI, G., AHMAD, M., PARKINSON, R. and ALI, S.A., 2002. Disabled infectious single cycle-herpes simplex virus (DISC-HSV) as a vector for immunogene therapy of cancer. Current Opinion in Molecular Therapeutics, 4 (1), pp. 49-53. ISSN 1464-8431

MCARDLE, S.E., REES, R.C., MULCAHY, K.A., SABA, J., MCINTYRE, C.A. and MURRAY, A.K., 2000. p53 conformational mutants are killed preferentially by cytotoxic T lymphocytes generated in vitro using dendritic cells pulsed with new wild-type p53 peptide. Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy, 49 (8).

MURRAY, A.K., MCARDLE, S.E., SABA, J., MULCAHY, K.A., MCINTYRE, C.A. and REES, R.C., 1998. Generation of cytotoxic T lymphocytes in vitro using wild-type p53 peptide-pulsed dendritic cells. Journal of Leukocyte Biology, p. 97. ISSN 0741-5400

Chapter in book

ASSUDANI, D.P., MCARDLE, S.E., AHMAD, M., LI, G., REES, R.C. and ALI, S.A., 2008. Vaccination strategies for malignant diseases. In: Treatment of cancer. Hodder Arnold, p. 167.

MUELLER, L., MCARDLE, S.E., DERHOVANESSIAN, E., FLAD, T., KNIGHTS, A.J., REES, R.C. and PAWELEC, G., 2005. Current strategies for the identification of immunogenic epitopes of tumor antigens. In: M.L. DISIS, ed., Immunotherapy of Cancer. Humana Press.

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