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Journal article

HALFPENNY, I.A., MIDDLETON, D., BARNETT, Y.A. and WILLIAMS, F., 2004. Investigatino of killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor gene diversity. Human Immunology, 65, pp. 602-612.

ROSS, O.A., CURRAN, M.D., MIDDLETON, D., MCILHATTON, B.P., HYLAND, P., DUGGAN, O., ANNETT, K., BARNETT, C. and BARNETT, Y., 2003. Genetic damage and ageing T cells. Advances in Cell Aging and Gerontology, 13, pp. 191-215.

ROSS, O.A., CURRAN, M.D., REA, I.M., HYLAND, P., DUGGAN, O., BARNETT, C.R., ANNETT, K., PATTERSON, W., BARNETT, Y.A. and MIDDLETON, D., 2003. HLA haplotypes and TNF polymorphism do not associated with longevity in the Irish. Mechanisms of Ageing and Development, 124, pp. 563-567.

ROSS, O.A., CURRAN, M.D., CRUM, K.A., REA, I.M., BARNETT, Y.A. and MIDDLETON, D., 2003. Increased frequency of the 2437T allele of the heat shock protein 70-Hom gene in an aged Irish population. Experimental Gerontology, 38, pp. 561-565.

ROSS, O.A., CURRAN, M.D., MEENAGH, A., WILLIAMS, F., BARNETT, Y.A., MIDDLETON, D. and REA, I.M., 2003. Study of age-association with cytokine gene polymorphisms in an aged Irish population. Mechanisms of Ageing and Development, 124, pp. 199-206.

ROSS, O.A., MCCORMACK, R., MAXWELL, L.D., DUGUID, R.A., QUINN, D.J., BARNETT, Y.A., REA, I.M., EL-AGNAF, O.M., GIBSON, J.M., WALLACE, A., MIDDLETON, D. and CURRAN, M.D., 2003. mt4216C variant in linkage with the mtDNA TJ cluster may confer a susceptibility to mitochondrial dysfunction resulting in an increased risk of Parkinson's disease in the Irish. Experimental Gerontology, 38, pp. 397-405.

ROSS, O.A., HYLAND, P., CURRAN, M.D., MCILHATTON, B.P., WIKBY, A., JOHANSSON, B., TOMPA, A., PAWELEC, G., BARNETT, C.R., MIDDLETON, D. and BARNETT, Y.A., 2002. Mitochondrial DNA damage in lymphocytes: a role in immunosenescence? Experimental Gerontology (37), pp. 329-340.

ROSS, O.A., AWAYN, N.H., MCWHINNEY, D., MAXWELL, L.D., EL-AGNAF, O.M., BARNETT, Y.A., REA, I.M., MIDDLETON, D., WALLACE, A., GIBSON, J.M. and CURRAN, M.D., 2002. A novel polymorphic triplet repeat in intron fice of the alpha-synuclein gene: no evidence of expansion of allelic association with idiopathic Parkinson's Disease in the Irish. NeuroReport, 13, pp. 1621-1625.

ROSS, O.A., MCCORMACK, R., CURRAN, M.D., DUGUID, R.A., BARNETT, Y.A., REA, I.M. and MIDDLETON, D., 2001. Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism: its role in longevity of the Irish population. Experimental Gerontology (36), pp. 1161-1178.

HYLAND, P., MCKINNEY, M., CURRAN, M., MIDDLETON, D., MCKENNA, P.G. and BARNETT, Y.A., 2000. An investigation of the effect of thymidine kinase deficiency on the spontaneous mutational spectrum at the APRT gene locus in Friend erythroleukaemia cells. Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis, 36, pp. 87-96.

HYLAND, P., MCKINNEY, M.W., KEEGAN, A.L., MCKENNA, P.G., CURRAN, M.D., MIDDLETON, D. and BARNETT, Y.A., 1997. Sequence analysis of spontaneously-arising mutations at the APRT locus in wild-type and thymidine kinase-deficient Friend cells: evidence of strand slippage misalignment mechanism in formation of deletions. Biochemical Society Transactions, 25 (1), 127S.

Chapter in book

MIDDLETON, D. and BROWN, S.D., 2020. Net-working on a neo-natal intensive care unit: the baby as virtual object. In: B. CZARNIAWSKA and T. HERNES, eds., Actor-network theory and organizing. Lund: Studentlitteratur, pp. 321-344. ISBN 9789144138879

BARNETT, Y., KING, C., BRISTOW-CRAIG, H., WARNOCK, C., HYLAND, P., GILLESPIE, E., REA, M., MIDDLETON, D., CURRAN, M., PAWELEC, G. and BARNETT, C., 1999. Age-related increases in DNA damage and mutations in T cells in vivo and in vitro: contributors to alterations in T cell-mediated immune responses. In: G. PAWELEC, ed., EUCAMBIS: immunology and ageing in Europe. IOS Press, pp. 54-66. ISBN 9051994346

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