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Journal article

REYNOLDS, C. and BULL, A., 2021. Uses of oral history in museums: a tool for agonism and dissonance or promoting a linear narrative? Museum and Society, 19 (3), pp. 283-300. ISSN 1479-8360

REYNOLDS, C., 2021. The symbiosis of oral history and agonistic memory: Voices of 68 and the legacy of the past in Northern Ireland. Journal of the British Academy, 9 (s3), pp. 73-94. ISSN 2052-7217

REYNOLDS, C. and PARR, C., 2020. Northern Ireland’s 1968 at 50: agonism and protestant perspectives on civil rights. Contemporary British History. ISSN 1361-9462

BLACK, G. and REYNOLDS, C., 2019. Engaging audiences with difficult pasts: the Voices of ’68 Project at the Ulster Museum, Belfast. Curator: The Museum Journal. ISSN 0011-3069

REYNOLDS, C., 2018. État présent: mai 68 at 50: beyond the doxa. Bulletin of Francophone Postcolonial Studies, 9 (2), pp. 10-16. ISSN 2044-5512

REYNOLDS, C., 2018. Beneath the Troubles, the cobblestones: recovering the "buried" memory of Northern Ireland's 1968. The American Historical Review, 123 (3), pp. 744-748. ISSN 0002-8762

REYNOLDS, C., 2018. From mai–juin '68 to Nuit Debout: shifting perspectives on France's anti-police. Modern and Contemporary France, 26 (2), pp. 145-163. ISSN 0963-9489

REYNOLDS, C. and BLAIR, W., 2018. Museums and 'difficult pasts': Northern Ireland's 1968. Museum International, 70 (3-4), pp. 12-25. ISSN 1350-0775

REYNOLDS, C., 2018. Northern Ireland's 1968 at The Ulster Museum. VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture, 6 (12), pp. 41-54. ISSN 2213-0969

REYNOLDS, C., 2017. Northern Ireland's 1968 in a post-troubles context. Interventions, 19 (5), pp. 631-645. ISSN 1369-801X

REYNOLDS, C., 2017. Presidential elections and Europe: the 2012 game-changer. Modern & Contemporary France, 25 (2), pp. 117-134. ISSN 0963-9489

MCKEEVER, T.M., HEARSON, G., HOUSLEY, G., REYNOLDS, C., KINNEAR, W.J.M., HARRISON, T.W., KELLY, A.-M. and SHAW, D.E., 2016. Using venous blood gas analysis in the assessment of COPD exacerbations: a prospective cohort study. Thorax, 71 (3), pp. 210-215. ISSN 0040-6376

REYNOLDS, C., OSEKA, P. and FÜRST, J., 2011. Breaking the walls of privacy: how rebellion came to the street. Cultural and Social History, 8 (4), pp. 493-512.

REYNOLDS, C., 2011. The collective European memory of 1968 - the case of Northern Ireland. Etudes Irlandaises, 36 (1), pp. 73-90. ISSN 0183-973X

REYNOLDS, C., 2009. May '68 and the one-dimensional state. PhaenEx, 4 (2), pp. 60-77. ISSN 1911-1576

REYNOLDS, C., 2009. Severní Irsko 1968? Literární Noviny (46).

REYNOLDS, C., 2008. Understanding 1968: the case of Brest. Modern and Contemporary France, 16 (2), pp. 209-222. ISSN 0963-9489

REYNOLDS, C., 2007. May 68: a contested history. Sens-Public.

REYNOLDS, C., 2006. Current attitudes among young people to the 'Events' of 1968: a questionnaire. French Studies Bulletin, 27 (98), pp. 8-13. ISSN 0262-2750

Authored book

REYNOLDS, C., 2014. Sous le pavés... The Troubles: Northern Ireland, France and the European collective memory of 1968. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang AG. ISBN 9783631626436

REYNOLDS, C., 2011. Memories of May'68: France's convenient consensus. Cardiff: University of Wales Press. ISBN 9780708324158

Chapter in book

REYNOLDS, C. and MORIN, P.M., 2022. Dealing with contested pasts from Northern Ireland to French Algeria: transformative strategies of agonism in action? In: F. KRAWATZEK and N. FRIESS, eds., Youth and memory in Europe: defining the past, shaping the future. Media and cultural memory / Medien und kulturelle Erinnerung (34). Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter, pp. 277-302. ISBN 9783110738308

REYNOLDS, C., 2021. Recalibrating memories: the divergent afterlife of Northern Ireland's 1968. In: M. MUNRO, W. CLOONAN, B.J. FAULK and C.P. WEBER, eds., Global revolutionary aesthetics and politics after Paris '68. After the Empire: the Francophone world and postcolonial France . London: Lexington Books, pp. 119-137. ISBN 9781793625731

REYNOLDS, C., 2019. Europe's 1968: the transnational perspective. In: C. DUPONT and K. BURNS, eds., Restless youth: growing up in Europe, 1945 to now. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, pp. 46-55.

REYNOLDS, C., 2019. La France dans la rue. In: M. DEMOSSIER, D. LEES, A. MONDON and N. PARISH, eds., The Routledge handbook of French politics and culture. London: Routledge. ISBN 9781315656717

REYNOLDS, C., 2019. Sobre el disputado pasado de Irlanda del Norte: 1968 y la memoria agonística. In: E. BAUTISTA NARANJO and C. DUÉE, eds., Mayo del 68, 50 años después. Madrid: Dykinson. ISBN 9788491489382

REYNOLDS, C. and BLAIR, W., 2018. Reframing Northern Ireland's 1968 in a 'post-conflict' context. In: J. SAVIĆ, ed., Museums of cities and contested urban histories. CAMOC Annual Conference 2017, Mexico City, October 2017: book of proceedings. CAMOC: ICOM International Committee for Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities, pp. 212-222. ISBN 9789290124337

REYNOLDS, C., 2018. Enduring insularity and the memory of Northern Ireland's 1968. In: E. CROOKE and T. MAGUIRE, eds., Heritage after conflict. Northern Ireland. Routledge studies in heritage . Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9780815386360

REYNOLDS, C., 2018. Transnational memories and gender: Northern Ireland's 1968. In: S. COLVIN and K. KARCHER, eds., Women, global protest movements, and political agency: rethinking the legacy of 1968. Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9780815384724

CLIFFORD, R., FÜRST, J., GILDEA, R., MARK, J., OSĘKA, P. and REYNOLDS, C., 2013. Spaces. In: R. GILDEA, J. MARK and A. WARRING, eds., Europe’s 1968. Voices of revolt. Oxford University Press: Oxford, pp. 164-192. ISBN 9780199587513

GILDEA, R., JÓHANNESSON, G., REYNOLDS, C. and VOGLIS, P., 2013. Violence. In: R. GILDEA, J. MARK and A. WARRING, eds., Europe’s 1968. Voices of revolt. Oxford University Press: Oxford, pp. 258-279. ISBN 9780199587513

REYNOLDS, C., 2011. May-June 1968. Reflector and vector of a nation's diversity: the case of Strasbourg, Alsace. In: J. MCCORMACK, M. PRATT and A. ROLLS, eds., Hexagonal variations: diversity, plurality and reinvention in contemporary France. Amsterdam: Rodopi, pp. 261-276. ISBN 9789042032453

Edited book

DRAKE, H. and REYNOLDS, C., 2018. 60 years of France and Europe. Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9781138494459

Journal editorship

REYNOLDS, C. and O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2012. La France et la crise [special issue]. UNSPECIFIED.


HASLUCK, C., HOGARTH, T. and REYNOLDS, C., 2003. East Midlands FRESA targets project. Other. Nottingham: East Midlands Development Agency.

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