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UNSPECIFIED 1995. CIM practice & revision kits [Series editor] [Published each year from 1995-2007]. BPP Publications.

ACKRILL, R.W., 1995. The Common Agriculture Policy: its operation and reform. In: N. HEALEY, ed., The economics of the new Europe: from community to union. London: Routledge, pp. 206-222.

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BARNES, P., 1995. Predicting takeover targets: some methodological issues and an empirical study. In: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Chengdu, China, 1995, Chengdu, China.

BARNES, P., 1995. Predicting takeover targets: some methodological issues and an empirical study. In: Department of Finance, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, October 1995, Hong Kong.

BARNES, P. and WARD, M., 1995. The regulation of conflicts of interest in UK building societies. In: 7th International Anti-Corruption Conference, Beijing, China, October 1995, Beijing, China.

BRITTAIN, P., 1995. Marketing fundamentals: CIM practice & revision kit. BPP Publications 1995.

CORRIGAN, P., HAYES, M. and JOYCE, P., 1995. A modernist perspective on changes in the higher education curriculum. In: A. ASSITER, ed., Transferable skills in higher education. London: Kogan Page.

DE LEEUW, S., 1995. Car distribution: can we learn from other types of industry? Solihull: International Car Distribution Programme.

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DOBSON, S., MADDALA, G.S. and MILLER, E., 1995. Microeconomics. McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0077078705

GRINSTEAD, A., HAGEN, R. and VAN DER WERF, E., 1995. "ILECAT EUROPE Project": internationalisation of business - an investigation into the implementation of a linguistic and cultural element in a corporate audit tool (01/07/94 - 30/11/95): report to LINGUA, EU, November 1995. ILECAT Europe.

HAGEN, R., 1995. Managing in a multiculturally diverse world: a paradigm Shift in management education [guest presenter]. In: E.B.C.A.M. (European Business Communication & Management) Round Table, Mercator University, Duisburg , Germany, Duisburg , Germany, 30 June 1995.

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HEALEY, N., 1995. The commercial barter industry in Europe: prospects for growth. IBC Publications.

HEALEY, N., 1995. The economics of the new Europe: from Community to Union. Routledge.

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HEALEY, N. and COOK, M., 1995. Growth and structural change. Macmillan.

HEALEY, N. and HARRISON, B., 1995. European Monetary Union: après le déluge. Irish Banking Review, pp. 34-53.

HEALEY, N. and JACKSON, P., 1995. Principles of the business environment. International Thomson Business Press.

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JEWSON, N., MASON, D., DREWETT, A. and ROSSITER, W., 1995. Formal equal opportunities policies and employment best practice. Moorfoot, Sheffield: Department for Education and Employment, Research Strategy Branch.

JORDAN, S., PRESTON, D., SMITH, A.J. and BUCHANAN, D., 1995. Understanding each others' roles: an audit of hospital communication. UNSPECIFIED.

JOYCE, P., MCNULTY, T. and WOODS, A., 1995. Workforce training: are small firms different? Journal of European Industrial Training, 19 (5), pp. 19-25.

JOYCE, P., WOODS, A. and BLACK, S., 1995. Networks and partnerships: managing change and competition. Small Business and Enterprise Development, 2 (1), pp. 11-18.

KAMOCHE, K., 1995. From human resources to resourcefulness: an agenda for the 21st century. In: International Colloquium of HRM, Sup de Co, Montpellier, France, October, 1995, Montpellier.

KAMOCHE, K., 1995. Knowledge-creation and learning in international HRM. In: 10th World Congress, IIRA, Washington DC, USA, May/June,1995, Washington DC.

KAMOCHE, K., 1995. Rhetoric, ritualism and totemism in HRM. Human Relations, 48 (4), pp. 367-385.

KAMOCHE, K. and MUELLER, F., 1995. HRM and appropriation. In: Strategic HRM Conference, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, November, 1995, Nottingham.

MURPHY, P., 1995. First independent appraisal of a local plan at Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council. New Spectrum: East Midlands RTPI.

OTT, U.F., 1995. Die landwirtschaftlichen Kooperativen in der Europäischen Gemeinschaft: Entscheidungsbildung und Internationalisierungsstrategien aufgrund der Reform der GAP. Schriften zu internationalen Wirtschaftsfragen (IWF), 19 . Berlin: Duncker and Humblot. ISBN 9783428085149

RAYNER, A.J., INGERSENT, K. and ACKRILL, R.W., 1995. Does the CAP fit the GATT? Cereals and the Uruguay round. Oxford Agrarian Studies, 23 (2), pp. 117-131. ISSN 0264-5491

ROSSITER, W., 1995. The customer, discourse and industrial relations change in the 1990s: getting hung Up on the words. In: British Academy of Management Annual Conference 1995, Sheffield University, Sheffield, 11-13 September 1995.

SHACKLEY, M., 1995. Lo revisited; the next 18 months. Tourism Management, 16 (2), pp. 78-81.

SHACKLEY, M., 1995. Managing cultural resources in Mustang. Asian Affairs, 26, pp. 172-182.

SHACKLEY, M., 1995. Retaining cultural identity; tourism and development priorities in the Himalayan kingdom of Lo. In: Urban and rural change in the developing world. University of York, Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies, pp. 43-53.

SLAGBOOM, W. and DE LEEUW, S., 1995. Supply and stocking systems in the Dutch car market. Solihull: International Car Distribution Programme.

SMITH, A.J., 1995. Learning without lectures: the case of the construction industry managers. In: H.E. KLEIN, ed., Teaching and interactive methods: proceedings of the Marketing Education Group Conference. Needham, Boston, MA: WACRA (World Association for Case Method Research & Application), pp. 195-206. ISBN 1877868078

SMITH, A.J. and WHITTAKER, J., 1995. It's all about results: of clichés and football managers. In: British Academy of Management Conference, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, 11-13 September 1995.

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