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ACKRILL, R., 2017. EU agrees to start phase two of Brexit talks: experts react. The Conversation.

ACKRILL, R., 2017. Fact check: will the Brexit divorce bill cost the UK €60 billion? The Conversation.

AL-HABAIBEH, A., 2017. Apple's goodbye to the MP3 player reminds us why the iPod became an instant classic. The Conversation.

AL-HABAIBEH, A., 2017. New technology brings Star Wars-style desert moisture farming a step closer. The Conversation.

AL-HABAIBEH, A., 2017. The Star Wars 'vaporator farms' that can pull water from desert air. Daily Mail. ISSN 0307-7578

AL-HABAIBEH, A. and SHIN, H.D., 2017. Cycling to watch TV ... and other clever ways to beat obesity from the comfort of your own home. The Conversation.

ALLISON, S., 2017. Ten reasons why we should all love cyclists. The Metro. ISSN 1469-6215

ALLISON, S., 2017. Ten reasons why we should all love cyclists. The Epoch Times. ISSN 1749-5997

ALLISON, S., 2017. Ten reasons why we should all love cyclists. EconoTimes.

ALLISON, S., 2017. Ten reasons why we should all love cyclists – a view from the UK. LocalHealthGuide.


BENNETT, M., 2017. Cromwell's military genius. BBC History (Feb.), pp. 22-27. ISSN 1469-8552

BENNETT, M., 2017. The making of a military genius: the story of the Civil War. BBC History, pp. 30-35. ISSN 1469-8552

BLACKLEY, N., 2017. China’s Singles Day retail phenomenon will blow Black Friday out the water. The Conversation.

BLACKLEY, N., 2017. M&S figures flatter the high street. The Conversation.

BLACKLEY, N., 2017. Money can't buy me love: what Valentine's Day means for retailers. The Conversation.

BLACKLEY, N., 2017. Who needs experts? UK retail giants take a calculated risk with new bosses. The Conversation.

BROWN, D., 2017. Six cosmic catastrophes that could wipe out life on Earth. The Conversation.


COLE, C., 2017. China bans foreign waste - but what will happen to the world's recycling? The Conversation.

COLE, C., 2017. How illegal waste became big business. The Independent. ISSN 1741-9743

COLE, C., 2017. Quid du recyclage international du plastique maintenant que la Chine ne veut plus s’en charger? The Conversation.

COLE, C., 2017. Waste crime: the multi-million pound swindle. The Conversation.

COLE, C. and GNANAPRAGASAM, A., 2017. Community repair: a pop-up alternative to the throwaway society. The Conversation.

COLE, C. and GNANAPRAGASAM, A., 2017. Having more, owning less: how to fight throwaway culture. The Conversation.


DANIELE, L., 2017. Penal populism and the BDS movement after Security Council Res. 2334. Open Democracy. ISSN 1476-5888

DAVIES, S., 2017. Letting pupils 'tinker' is the way to teach electronics. Times Education Supplement. ISSN 0040-7887


ECKERSLEY, P., 2017. Brexit costs could lead to more government outsourcing. The Conversation.


GENTLE, L.K., 2017. Animal navigation. New Humanist, 132 (1), p. 15. ISSN 0306-512X

GENTLE, L.K., 2017. Five comic book superpowers that really exist in animals. The Conversation.

GENTLE, L.K., 2017. Good listeners. New Humanist, 134 (1), p. 15. ISSN 0306-512X

GIAMPORCARO, S. and DHLAMINI, X., 2017. How mindful investing can guarantee a better education. Business Day.

GRIFFITHS, M., 2017. Addictive personality. Healthy Food Guide, p. 81. ISSN 2045-8223


HART, J. and HENN, M., 2017. Young voters are pulling their weight – politicians can no longer ignore them. The Conversation.

HENN, M. and HART, J., 2017. Re-generated youth citizenship: youth civic and electoral mobilisation at the 2017 General Election. So… The School of Social Sciences Magazine (winter), pp. 10-11.

HUNT, K.J., 2017. Blade Runner 2049 – and why eyes are so important in this vision of the future. The Conversation.


JACOBS, A. and ROSSI, N., 2017. Educating conflict management and practicing peacebuilding: the case of Lebanon. E-International Relations.


KIRK, E.A., 2017. The Ross Sea MPA: a herald of better conservation efforts? The Environment.

KIRK, E.A., 2017. UN Ocean Conference: can the law protect our ocean ecosystems? The Ecologist.


LATHAM, S., 2017. Why it pays to think outside the box when looking for a job. Estates Gazette. ISSN 0014-1240

LU, C., 2017. Scientists have mapped the DNA of tea – and it could stave off a pending crisis. The Conversation.


MACHIN, R., 2017. A welfare adviser’s view on Universal Credit: a flawed system that emphasises process over people. The Conversation.

MONETA, A., 2017. How virtual reality is changing the way we experience stage shows. The Conversation.


O'CONNOR, P., 2017. Solus sanctus: on The young Pope. Bright Lights Film Journal. ISSN 0147-4049


PEPPER, A., 2017. Five surprising ways holograms are revolutionising the world. The Conversation.

PICH, C., 2017. Can Theresa May save her brand? A marketing expert has some advice. The Conversation.

PILCHER, J., 2017. Before you name your baby, consider this…. The Conversation. ISSN 2044-5032


ROBSON, J., 2017. EU wildlife laws should be celebrated – and retained – not treated as red tape. The Conversation.

ROBSON, J., 2017. Is the era of advocacy dead? Lawyer 2B.

ROLPH, C.D., 2017. GCSE results 2017: A new grading system and a whole lot of confusion. The Conversation.

ROLPH, C.D., 2017. Latest school league tables show where you live affects your child’s education. The Conversation.


WATKINS, M., 2017. End of the road for traditional vehicles? Here are the facts. The Independent.


Ó NÉILL, C., 2017. Blood transfusion refusals – why new guidelines aren’t up to scratch. The Conversation.

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