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Journal article

CAVE, G., BARNETT, Y., PIERSCIONEK, B. and HANAFY, B., 2020. Treatment of human lens epithelium with high levels of nanoceria leads to reactive oxygen species mediated apoptosis. Molecules, 25 (3): 441. ISSN 1420-3049

HANAFY, B.I., CAVE, G.W.V., BARNETT, Y. and PIERSCIONEK, B.K., 2019. Ethylene glycol coated nanoceria protects against oxidative stress in human lens epithelium. RSC Advances, 9 (29), pp. 16596-16605. ISSN 2046-2069

LU, H., LIU, X., LIU, F., HAO, Z., ZHANG, J., LIN, Z., BARNETT, Y. and PAN, G., 2019. Visible-light photocatalysis accelerates As(III) release and oxidation from arsenic-containing sludge. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 250, pp. 1-9. ISSN 0926-3373

BIAN, Z., YANG, Q., LI, T., CHENG, R., BARNETT, Y. and LU, C., 2018. Study of the beneficial effects of green light on lettuce grown under short-term continuous red and blue light-emitting diodes. Physiologia Plantarum. ISSN 0031-9317

MARTHANDAN, S., FREEBURN, R., STEINBRECHT, S., PAWELEC, G. and BARNETT, Y., 2014. SENIEUR status of the originating cell donor negates certain ‘anti-immunosenescence’ effects of ebselen and N-acetyl cysteine in human T cell clone cultures. Immunology and Ageing, 11. ISSN 1742-4933

MARTHANDAN, S., HYLAND, P., PAWELEC, G. and BARNETT, Y., 2013. An investigation of the effects of the antioxidants, ebselen or N-acetyl cysteine on human peripheral blood mononuclear cells and T cells. Immunology and Ageing, 10. ISSN 1742-4933

MILLS, D.E., SHARPE, G.R., JOHNSON, M.A. and BARNETT, Y., 2011. Breathing mechanics are not changed during constant load cycling exercise following inspiratory muscle training. European Respiratory Journal, 38 (55).

MARTHANDAN, S., MURPHY, M.P., BILLETT, E. and BARNETT, Y., 2011. An investigation of the effects of MitoQ on human peripheral mononuclear cells. Free Radical Research, 45 (3), pp. 351-358. ISSN 1029-2470

GIBSON, K.L., WU, Y., BARNETT, Y., DUGGAN, O., VAUGHAN, R., KNODEATIS, E., NILSSON, B., WIRKBY, A., KIPLING, D. and DUNN-WALTERS, D., 2009. B cell diversity decreases in old age and is correlated with poor health status. Aging Cell, 8, pp. 18-25.

MCCANN, S., MACAULEY, D., BARNETT, Y., BUNTING, B., BRADLEY, A., JEFFERS, L., MORRISON, P. and BJOURSON, A., 2006. Cancer genetics: consultants' perceptions of their roles, confidence and satisfaction with knowledge. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 13, pp. 276-286.

FALCHI, A., SCOTT, N., HAYES, V., BARNETT, Y., GARSTIN, I., LOGAN, P., MORRISON, P. and BJOURSON, A., 2005. Analysis of BRCA2 point mutations and exon deletions/amplifications in breast and breast/ovarian cancer families. Cellular Oncology (58), pp. 100-101.

MCCANN, S., MACAULEY, D. and BARNETT, Y., 2005. Genetic consultations in primary care: GPs responses to three scenarios. Scandanavian Journal of Primary healthcare, 23, pp. 109-114.

HUSSIEN, M.M.I., MCNULTY, H., ARMSTRONG, N., JOHNSTON, P.G., SPENCE, R.A.J. and BARNETT, Y., 2005. Investigation of systemic folate status, impact of alcohol intake and levels of DNA damage in mononuclear cells of breast cancer patients. British Journal of Cancer, 92 (8), pp. 1524-1530. ISSN 0007-0920

LEES, M., BARNETT, C.R. and BARNETT, Y., 2004. DNA damage and cytoxicity in pancreatic b-cells expressing human CYP2E1 following exposure to N-nitroso compounds. Biochemical Pharmacology, 68, pp. 523-530.

DUGGAN, O., HYLAND, P., ANNETT, K., FREEBURN, R., BARNETT, C., PAWELEC, G. and BARNETT, Y., 2004. Effects of a reduced oxygen tension culture system on human T cell clones as a function of in vitro age. Experimental Gerontology, 39, pp. 525-530.

PAWELEC, G., MARIANI, M., MCLEOD, J., BEN-YEHUDA, A., FULOP, T., ARINGER, M. and BARNETT, Y., 2004. Engineering anti-cancer T cells for extended functional longevity. , pp. 178-185.

ANNETT, K., HYLAND, P., DUGGAN, O., BARNETT, C. and BARNETT, Y., 2004. An investigation of DNA excision repair capacity in human CD4+ T cell clones as a function of age in vitro. Experimental Gerontology, 39, pp. 491-498.

ROSS, O.A., CURRAN, M.D., MIDDLETON, D., MCILHATTON, B.P., HYLAND, P., DUGGAN, O., ANNETT, K., BARNETT, C. and BARNETT, Y., 2003. Genetic damage and ageing T cells. Advances in Cell Aging and Gerontology, 13, pp. 191-215.

MCCANN, S., MACAULEY, D. and BARNETT, Y., 2002. General practioners and genes - perceived roles, confidence and satisfaction with knowledge. The European Journal of General Practice, 8, pp. 140-145.

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BARKWAN, S., BARNETT, Y., TOMPKINS, C.N. and FOKUNANG, C.N., 2001. Mutageneic and carcinogenic activity of Khat (Catha edulis Forsk) components. The Sciences, 1, pp. 276-281.

HYLAND, P., DUGGAN, O., TURBITT, J., COULTER, J., WIKBY, A., JOHANSSON, B., TOMPA, A., BARNETT, C. and BARNETT, Y., 2001. Nonagenarians from the Swedish NONA Study have increased plasma antioxidant capacity and similar levels of DNA damage in peripheral blood mononuclear cells compared to younger control subjects. Experimental Gerontology (37), pp. 465-473.

PAWELEC, G., REMARQUE, E., BARNETT, Y., EFFOS, R. and SOLANA, R., 1999. T cells and ageing. Frontiers in Bioscience, 4.

PAWELEC, G., REMARQUE, E., BARNETT, Y. and SOLANA, R., 1998. T cells and ageing. Frontiers in Bioscience, 3, pp. 59-99.

LAMBERT, B., BARNETT, Y., LIVINGSTONE, B., DAVIES, M., LOVELL, D., HUTTNER, E., KIEFER, J., SPEIT, G., CELOTTI, L., HRELIA, P., TATES, A. and NORPPA, H., 1997. Occupational and environmental mutagenesis: Validation of the HPRT in vivo mutation assay for risk assessment in humans (EUCAHM). Mutation Research, 379.

ADIBZADEH, M., MARIANI, E., BARTOLINI, C., BECKMAN, I., LIGTHART, G., REMARQUE, E., SHALL, S., SOLANA, R., TAYLOR, G.M., BARNETT, Y. and PAWELEC, G., 1996. Lifespans of T lymphocytes: a review. Mechanisms in Ageing and Development, 91, pp. 79-94.

Chapter in book

BARNETT, Y., 2005. Aging. In: B. CABALLERO, L. ALLEN and A. PRENTICE, eds., Encyclopedia of human nutrition. Elsevier, pp. 40-48. ISBN 121501108

BARNETT, Y., KING, C., BRISTOW-CRAIG, H., WARNOCK, C., HYLAND, P., GILLESPIE, E., REA, M., MIDDLETON, D., CURRAN, M., PAWELEC, G. and BARNETT, C., 1999. Age-related increases in DNA damage and mutations in T cells in vivo and in vitro: contributors to alterations in T cell-mediated immune responses. In: G. PAWELEC, ed., EUCAMBIS: immunology and ageing in Europe. IOS Press, pp. 54-66. ISBN 9051994346

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