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Journal article

ODOEMELAM, C.S., PERCIVAL, B., AHMAD, Z., CHANG, M.-W., SCHOLEY, D., BURTON, E., OKAFOR, P.N. and WILSON, P.B., 2020. Characterization of yellow root cassava and food products: investigation of cyanide and β-carotene concentrations. BMC Research Notes, 13: 333. ISSN 1756-0500

TAMIRU, M., ASHAGRIE, S., ALKHTIB, A., GETACHEW, M., DEMEKE, S., HASSEN, W., WORKU, Z. and BURTON, E., 2020. Performance of broilers and layers supplemented with Moringa stenopetala leaf meal under hot humid tropical conditions. Animal Production Science. ISSN 1836-0939 (Forthcoming)

WEALLEANS, A., BUYSE, J., SCHOLEY, D., VAN CAMPENHOUT, L., BURTON, E., DI BENEDETTO, M., PRITCHARD, S., NUYENS, F. and JANSEN, M., 2020. Lysolecithin, but not lecithin, improves nutrient digestibility and growth rates in young broilers. British Poultry Science. ISSN 0007-1668

ALHANAFI, F., KAYSI, Y., MUNA, M., ALKHTIB, A., WAMATU, J. and BURTON, E., 2019. Spineless cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica) and saltbush (Atriplex halimus L.) as feed supplements for fattening Awassi male lambs: effect on digestibility, water consumption, blood metabolites, and growth performance. Tropical Animal Health and Production. ISSN 0049-4747

ALKHTIB, A., BURTON, E., RISCHKOWSKY, B. and WAMATU, J., 2019. Can ruminant metabolizable energy of barley, chickpea and lentil straw be predicted using chemical composition? Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences, 7 (1), pp. 74-85. ISSN 2320-8694

HALL, H.N., MASEY O’NEILL, H.V., SCHOLEY, D., BURTON, E., DICKINSON, M. and FITCHES, E.C., 2018. Amino acid digestibility of larval meal (Musca domestica) for broiler chickens. Poultry Science. ISSN 0032-5791

SCHOLEY, D., BURTON, E., MORGAN, N.K., SANNI, C., MADSEN, C.K., DIONISIO, G. and BRINCH-PEDERSEN, H., 2017. P and Ca digestibility is increased in broiler diets supplemented with the high-phytase HIGHPHY wheat. Animal. ISSN 1751-7311

SYVRET, M., LEA, H. and BURTON, E., 2013. The effects of three types of dietary supplement on digestive enzyme activity in broilers. British Poultry Abstracts, 9 (1). ISSN 1746-6202

LEA, H., SPRING, P., TAYLOR-PICKARD, J. and BURTON, E., 2013. A natural carbohydrate fraction Actigen™ from Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall: effects on goblet cells, gut morphology and performance of broiler chickens. Journal of Applied Animal Nutrition, 1, e9. ISSN 0032-5791

DILLEY, H. and BURTON, E., 2011. Comparison of digesta collection methods for amino acid digestibility measurements in broilers. British Poultry Abstracts, 7 (1), pp. 67-68. ISSN 1746-6202

SCHOLEY, D., MORGAN, N., WILLIAMS, P. and BURTON, E., 2011. Effects of incorporating a novel bio-ethanol co-product in poultry diets on bird performance. British Poultry Abstracts, 7 (1), pp. 23-24. ISSN 1746-6202

SHORT, F., BURTON, E., BELTON, D., MANN, G. and PERRY, C., 2011. Efficacy of a novel form of dietary silicon supplement in reducing lameness in poultry. British Poultry Abstracts, 7 (1), pp. 1-2. ISSN 1746-6202

LEA, H., KAY, Z. and BURTON, E., 2011. Performance and gut health of poultry in the post-antibiotic era when feeding a novel yeast cell wall technology. British Poultry Abstracts, 7 (1), pp. 1-2. ISSN 1746-6202

SCHOLEY, D.V., WILLIAMS, P. and BURTON, E., 2011. Potential for alcohol co-products from potable and bioethanol sources as protein sources in poultry diets. British Poultry Abstracts, 7 (1), pp. 57-58. ISSN 1746-6202

Conference contribution

ALKHTIB, A., WAMATU, A., MUNA, M.M., BURTON, E., ASAA’AD, Z., DARAJ, M. and ALKHALID, I., 2020. Effect of olive tree pruning by-products on intake, digestibility, growth performance and blood parameters of Shami goats. In: BSAS 2020 Challenge of Change Conference, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 30 March - 1 April 2020.

MUCHEREK-PARRAMORE, I. and BURTON, E., 2012. Seed selection behaviour of budgerigars fed diets including varying amounts of sunflower seed. In: Recent Advances in Animal Welfare Science III, UFAW Animal Welfare Conference, York Merchant Adventurers' Hall, York, 21 June 2012, York.

FRITH, L., LEA, H. and BURTON, E., 2012. The effects of dietary supplementation of mannan oligosaccharides on the intestinal morphology of broilers [oral presentation]. In: World’s Poultry Science Association (UK Branch) Annual Meeting, Nottingham, 24-25 April 2012, Nottingham.

LEA, H., KAY, Z. and BURTON, E., 2011. A study into the effects of including a novel yeast cell wall technology in broiler diets on their gut histology. In: 18th European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition. Cesme, Turkey, 31 October 2011, Cesme, Turkey.

Edited book

BURTON, E., MASEY-O'NEILL, H., GATCLIFFE, J. and SCHOLEY, D., 2016. Sustainable poultry production in Europe. Wallingford: CABI. ISBN 9781780645308

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