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Journal article

IKHILE, D., OMODARA, D., SEYMOUR-SMITH, S., MUSOKE, D. and GIBSON, L., 2022. “Some they need male, some they need female”: a gendered approach for breast cancer detection in Uganda. Frontiers in Global Women's Health, 3: 746498. ISSN 2673-5059

MUSOKE, D., NYASHANU, M., BUGEMBE, H., LUBEGA, G.B., O’DONOVAN, J., HALAGE, A.A. and GIBSON, L., 2022. Contested notions of challenges affecting community health workers in low- and middle-income countries informed by the Silences Framework. Human Resources for Health, 20: 4. ISSN 1478-4491

HASSEN, H.Y., BOWYER, M., GIBSON, L., ABRAMS, S. and BASTIAENS, H., 2022. Level of cardiovascular disease knowledge, risk perception and intention towards healthy lifestyle and socioeconomic disparities among adults in vulnerable communities of Belgium and England. BMC Public Health, 22 (1): 197.

MUSOKE, D., ATUSINGWIZE, E., NDEJJO, R., SSEMUGABO, C., SIEBERT, P. and GIBSON, L., 2021. Enhancing performance and sustainability of community health worker programs in Uganda: lessons and experiences from stakeholders. Global Health Science and Practice, 9 (4), pp. 855-868. ISSN 2169-575X

GIBSON, L., MOFFATT, C.J., NARAHARI, S.R., KABIRI, L., IKHILE, D., NCHAFACK, A., DRING, E., KOUSTHUBHA, S.N. and GORRY, J., 2021. Global knowledge gaps in equitable delivery of chronic edema care: a political economy case study analysis. Lymphatic Research and Biology, 19 (5), pp. 447-459. ISSN 1539-6851

JIDONG, D.E., BAILEY, D., SODI, T., GIBSON, L., SAWADOGO, N., IKHILE, D., MUSOKE, D., MADHOMBIRO, M. and MBAH, M., 2021. Nigerian cultural beliefs about mental health conditions and traditional healing: a qualitative study. Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice. ISSN 1755-6228

OMODARA, D.A., GIBSON, L. and BOWPITT, G., 2021. Exploring the impact of cultural beliefs in the self-management of type 2 diabetes among Black sub-Saharan Africans in the UK – a qualitative study informed by the PEN-3 cultural model. Ethnicity and Health. ISSN 1355-7858

MUSOKE, D., ATUSINGWIZE, E., IKHILE, D., NALINYA, S., SSEMUGABO, C., LUBEGA, G.B., OMODARA, D., NDEJJO, R. and GIBSON, L., 2021. Community health workers’ involvement in the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases in Wakiso District, Uganda. Globalization and Health, 17: 7. ISSN 1744-8603

MUSOKE, D., NAMATA, C., LUBEGA, G.B., KITUTU, F.E., MUGISHA, L., AMIR, S., BRANDISH, C., GONZA, J., IKHILE, D., NIYONGABO, F., NG, B.Y., O’DRISCOLL, J., RUSSELL-HOBBS, K., WINTER, J. and GIBSON, L., 2021. Access, use and disposal of antimicrobials among humans and animals in Wakiso district, Uganda: a qualitative study. Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice, 14: 69.

BAGONZA, A., WAMANI, H., PETERSON, S., MÅRTENSSON, A., MUTTO, M., MUSOKE, D., KITUTU, F.E., MUKANGA, D., GIBSON, L. and AWOR, P., 2020. Peer supervision experiences of drug sellers in a rural district in East-Central Uganda: a qualitative study. Malaria Journal, 19 (1): 270. ISSN 1475-2875

MUSOKE, D., ERIC KITUTU, F., MUGISHA, L., AMIR, S., BRANDISH, C., IKHILE, D., KAJUMBULA, H., MUSOKE KIZITO, I., LUBEGA, G.B., NIYONGABO, F., NG, B.Y., O’DRISCOLL, J., RUSSELL-HOBBS, K., WINTER, J. and GIBSON, L., 2020. A one health approach to strengthening antimicrobial stewardship in Wakiso District, Uganda. Antibiotics, 9 (11): 764.

MUSOKE, D., NDEJJO, R., ATUSINGWIZE, E., SSEMUGABO, C., OTTOSSON, A., GIBSON, L. and WAISWA, P., 2020. Panacea or pitfall? The introduction of community health extension workers in Uganda. BMJ Global Health, 5 (8): e002445.

NYASHANU, M., SIMBANEGAVI, P. and GIBSON, L., 2020. Global Public Health exploring the impact of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown on informal settlements in Tshwane Gauteng Province, South Africa. Global Public Health, 15 (10), pp. 1443-1453. ISSN 1744-1692

NAHAR, P., VAN MARWIJK, H., GIBSON, L., MUSINGUZI, G., ANTHIERENS, S., FORD, E., BREMNER, S.A., BOWYER, M., LE RESTE, J.Y., SODI, T. and BASTIAENS, H., 2020. A protocol paper: community engagement interventions for cardiovascular disease prevention in socially disadvantaged populations in the UK: an implementation research study. Global Health Research and Policy, 5: 12. ISSN 2397-0642

GIBSON, L., MUSOKE, D., MUKAMA, T., SSEMUGABO, C., ATUSINGWIZE, E. and NDEJJO, R., 2019. Strengthening the community health worker programme for health improvement through enhancing training, supervision and motivation in Wakiso district, Uganda. BMC Research Notes, 12: 812.

MUSOKE, D., NDEJJO, R., ATUSINGWIZE, E., MUKAMA, T., SSEMUGABO, C. and GIBSON, L., 2019. Performance of community health workers and associated factors in a rural community in Wakiso district, Uganda. African Health Sciences, 19 (3), pp. 2784-2797. ISSN 1680-6905

ILABOYA, D., GIBSON, L. and MUSOKE, D., 2018. Perceived barriers to early detection of breast cancer in Wakiso District, Uganda using a socioecological approach. Globalization and Health, 14: 9. ISSN 1744-8603

MUSOKE, D., GIBSON, L., MUKAMA, T., KHALIL, Y. and SSEMPEBWA, J.C., 2016. Nottingham Trent University and Makerere University School of Public Health partnership: experiences of co-learning and supporting the healthcare system in Uganda. Globalization and Health, 12: 11. ISSN 1744-8603

Chapter in book

GIBSON, L., IKHILE, D., NYASHANU, M. and MUSOKE, D., 2022. Investing in health promotion research among community health workers in semi-rural Uganda using a partnership approach. In: L. POTVIN and D. JOURDAN, eds., Global handbook of health promotion research. Vol. 1: Mapping health promotion research. Cham: Springer International Publishing, pp. 181-197. ISBN 9783030972110

IKHILE, D., GIBSON, L. and WAHIDIN, A., 2020. 'I cannot know that now I have cancer!': A structural violence perspective on breast cancer detection in Uganda. In: T. VAITTINEN and C.C. CONFORTINI, eds., Gender, global health, and violence: feminist perspectives on peace and disease. London: Rowman and Littlefield International, pp. 70-88. ISBN 9781786611161

IKHILE, D., GIBSON, L. and MUSOKE, D., 2017. Perceived barriers to early detection of breast cancer among community health workers in Uganda using a socioecological framework. In: Abstracts from the 1st International Symposium on Community Health Workers: Kampala, Uganda, 21–23 February 2017. BMC proceedings, 11 (11). Springer Science and Business Media LLC.

Conference contribution

GIBSON, L., MUSOKE, D., WINTER, J., IKHILE, D., LUBEGA, G., BUGEMBE, H. and NAKIRIJA, M., 2020. Access to healthcare: community health promotion and education in Uganda. In: UN75 at NTU Conference, Virtual, 24-26 November 2020.

Research report for external body

PANDYA-WOOD, J., SANDHU, J. and GIBSON, L., 2015. Increasing the uptake of bowel cancer screening in BME communities in Nottingham city: a qualitative study. Nottingham: Nottingham City NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.

SANDHU, J., GIBSON, L. and PANDYA-WOOD, J., 2015. Increasing the uptake of bowel cancer screening in BME communities in Nottingham city: evidence from the literature. Nottingham: Nottingham City NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.

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