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ADAMS, C., 2017. "They go for gender first". Journalism Practice. ISSN 1751-2786

ALLWOOD, G., 2017. La violence à l’égard des femmes fondée sur le genre dans la France contemporaine: bilan de la politique relative aux violences conjugales et aux mariages forcés depuis la Convention d’Istanbul. Modern & Contemporary France. ISSN 0963-9489

AMOS, D. and BRABER, N., 2017. Bradwell's images of coal mining in the East Midlands. Sheffield: Bradwell Books. ISBN 9781910551875

ATHISON, E. and PALMER, S., 2017. Transatlanticism's influence on British literary study. University College of St Mark & St John.


BACHMANN, G., KNECHT, M. and WITTEL, A., 2017. The social productivity of anonymity. Ephemera: Theory & Politics in Organization, 17 (2), pp. 241-258. ISSN 2052-1499

BENNETT, M., 2017. Cromwell at war: the Lord General and his military revolution. London: I.B.Tauris. ISBN 9781784535117

BENNETT, M., 2017. Cromwell's military genius. BBC History (Feb.), pp. 22-27. ISSN 1469-8552

BENNETT, M., 2017. The making of a military genius: the story of the Civil War. BBC History, pp. 30-35. ISSN 1469-8552

BENNETT, M. and CHAPLIN, K., 2017. Rediscovering Notts: The English Civil War. [Digital or Visual Media]

BENNETT, M. and CHAPLIN, K., 2017. Rediscovering Notts: The Vikings. [Digital or Visual Media]

BETTS, L., HARDING, R., PEART, S., SJÖLIN KNIGHT, C., WRIGHT, D. and NEWBOLD, K., 2017. Exploring adolescents’ reports of street harassment: determining commonalities in experiences and negative emotions. In: Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Biennial Meeting 2017, Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas, United States, 6-8 April 2017.

BLAJ-WARD, L., 2017. From language learner to language user in English-medium higher education: Language development brokers outside the language classroom. Journal of Research in International Education, 16 (1), pp. 55-64. ISSN 1475-2409

BLAJ-WARD, L., 2017. Language learning and use in English-medium higher education. Cham: Springer International Publishing. ISBN 9783319632384

BOULÉ, J.-P., 2017. Érotisme, désir et sadisme chez Sartre. Sartre Studies International, 23 (1), pp. 38-59. ISSN 1357-1559

BURCH, S., 2017. A virtual oasis: Trafalgar Square’s Arch of Palmyra. International Journal of Architectural Research: ArchNet-IJAR, 11 (3), pp. 58-77. ISSN 1938-7806


CERVATO, E., 2017. A system that excludes all systems: Giacomo Leopardi's Zibaldone di pensieri. Bern: Peter Lang. ISBN 9781787075610

CLAY, C., DICENZO, M., GREEN, B. and HACKNEY, F., 2017. Women's periodicals and print culture in Britain, 1918-1939: the interwar period. Edinburgh history of women’s periodical culture in Britain . Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. ISBN 9781474412537

CORDLE, D., 2017. Late Cold War literature and culture: the nuclear 1980s. London: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9781137513076

CORDLE, D., 2017. Sciences / humans / humanities: Dexter Masters' The accident and being in the nuclear age. Journal of Literature and Science, 10 (2), pp. 74-87. ISSN 1754-646X

COULTHARD, M., JOHNSON, A. and WRIGHT, D., 2017. An introduction to forensic linguistics: language in evidence. London: Routledge. ISBN 9781138641716

CROSS, S., 2017. The enduring culture and limits of political song. Cogent Arts & Humanities, 4: 1371102. ISSN 2331-1983

CROSS, S. and COOPER, T., 2017. Mad or bad: media representations. In: A. VOSSLER, C. HARVARD, G. PIKE, M.-J. BARKER and B. RAABE, eds., Mad or bad? A critical approach to counselling and forensic psychology. London: Sage. ISBN 9781473963511

CROSS, S. and WRING, D., 2017. The longest running series on television: party political broadcasting in Britain. In: C. HOLTZ-BACHA and M.R. JUST, eds., Routledge handbook of political advertising. Routledge international handbooks . London: Routledge. ISBN 9781138908307


EDLEY, N., 2017. Men and masculinity: the basics. Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9781138790377


FANJUL-FANJUL, M.C., 2017. Reflexiones teorico-metodologicas sobre un enfoque transnacional de la recepcion: el caso de Isabel Allende. In: S. PÉREZ ISASI, R. BALTAZAR, I. ARAÚJO BRANCO, R. BUENO MAIA, A. BELA MORAIS and S. RODRIGUES DE SOUSA, eds., Los límites del Hispanismo: nuevos métodos, nuevas fronteras, nuevos géneros. Hispanic studies: culture and ideas, 74 . Oxford: Peter Lang, pp. 53-66. ISBN 9781787070868


GRIFFIN, R., 2017. Home sweet home? Orange is the new Black and narratives of institutional (be)longing. In: M. MIKULA, ed., Remembering home in a time of mobility: memory, nostalgia and melancholy. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 132-150. ISBN 9781443886444

GUTIÉRREZ ALMARZA, G., DURÁN MARTÍNEZ, R. and BELTRÁN LLAVADOR, F., 2017. Approaching Erasmus students’ intercultural communicative competence through their socialisation patterns. Journal of English Studies, 15, pp. 89-106. ISSN 1576-6357


HARDING, R., BETTS, L., PEART, S., SJÖLIN KNIGHT, C., WRIGHT, D. and NEWBOLD, K., 2017. Street harassment of children and young people of secondary school age: an inter-disciplinary, child-inspired study. In: Social Policy Association Annual Conference 2017, University of Durham, Durham, 10-12 July 2017.

HODGSON, N., 2017. Reputation, authority and masculine identities in the political culture of the first crusaders: the career of Arnulf of Chocques. History, 102 (353), pp. 889-913. ISSN 0018-2648


JACKSON, S., 2017. Derrida on the line. Derrida Today, 10 (2), pp. 142-159. ISSN 1754-8500

JOHNSON, G.J., 2017. Through struggle and indifference: the UK academy's engagement with the open intellectual commons. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

JONES, L., MILLS, S., PATERSON, L.L., TURNER, G. and COFFEY-GLOVER, L., 2017. Identity and naming practices in British marriage and civil partnerships. Gender and Language. ISSN 1747–6321 (Forthcoming)


KERRY, M., 2017. Claiming the suburbs: children and the Children's Film Foundation in post-war British cinema. In: D. FORREST, G. HARPER and J. RAYNER, eds., Filmurbia: screening the suburbs. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 207-221. ISBN 9781137531742


LAPINA, E. and MORTON, N., 2017. The uses of the Bible in crusader sources. Commentaria: sacred texts and their commentaries: Jewish, Christian and Islamic (7). Leiden, Netherlands: Brill. ISBN 9789004284920

LEE, N.J.-Y. and STRINGER, J., 2017. China's Sundance and corporate culture: creating space for young talent at the Tudou Video Festival. In: C. BERRY and L. ROBINSON, eds., Chinese film festvials: sites of translation. Framing film festivals . [New York]: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9781137550163 (Forthcoming)

LEE, N.J.-Y. and STRINGER, J., 2017. Snowpiercer: sound designable voices and the South Korean global film. In: T. WHITTAKER and S. WRIGHT, eds., Locating the voice in film: critical analysis and global practicies. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 263-278. ISBN 9780190261122 (Forthcoming)

LUSSANA, S., 2017. Reassessing Brer Rabbit: friendship, altruism, and community in the folklore of enslaved African-Americans. Slavery & Abolition. ISSN 0144-039X


MACLEOD, N. and WRIGHT, D., 2017. Forensic linguistics. In: S. ADOLPHS and D. KNIGHT, eds., Routledge handbook of English language and digital humanities. London: Routledge. (Forthcoming)

MAO, L., 2017. Li Hongyin: poetry readings in Chinese language teaching. International Forum of Chinese Language Teachers.

MAO, L., 2017. Mu Chenxi: a Swedish woman’s thirty-four years devotion to Chinese language teaching. International Forum of Chinese Language Teachers.

MAO, L., 2017. Sex and corruption: China’s disgraceful internet celebrity. CPI: Analysis.

MAO, L., 2017. An exploratory study of blending Pinyin typing and handwriting in writing assessment. In: 15th BCLTS International Conference on Teaching and Learning Chinese in Higher Education, Southampton University, Southampton, 28-30 June 2017.

MCCAFFREY, E., 2017. Apostles of anti-philosophy: Badiou and Lyotard. French Cultural Studies, 28 (1), pp. 95-110. ISSN 0957-1558

MCCAFFREY, E., 2017. The ecopoetics of reparation: Sebald, Darrieussecq, and Barthes. Journal of Literature and Trauma Studies. ISSN 2162-3627 (Forthcoming)

MISRAHI-BARAK, J. and THIARA, N., 2017. Interview with director Jayan K. Cherian. The Journal of Commonwealth Literature. ISSN 0021-9894

MORTON, N., 2017. Walls of defence for the House of Israel: Ezekiel 13:5 and the Crusading Movement. In: E. LAPINA and N. MORTON, eds., The uses of the Bible in crusader sources. Commentaria: sacred texts and their commentaries: Jewish, Christian and Islamic (7). Leiden, Netherlands: Brill, pp. 403-420. ISBN 9789004284920

MORTON, N., 2017. Why did some military orders become great international institutions while others remained small scale? (1120-1314). In: J. HOCHLEITNER and K. POLEJOWSKI, eds., W służbie zabytków. Malbork: Muzeum Zamkowe w Malborku, pp. 119-128. ISBN 9788360518915

MURRAY, H.L., COGHLAN, J.M., PALMER, S., WRITGH, T.F. and BLUM, H., 2017. Roundtable - Hester Blum (ed.), Turns of event: nineteenth-century American literary studies in motion (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016, £18.91). Pp. 224. ISBN 978 08122 47985. Journal of American Studies, 51 (3), pp. 981-994. ISSN 0021-8758


NIVEN, B., 2017. Das Ende der Schuld? Die öffentliche Erinnerung an die zwei Weltkriege und die Befreiung der Konzentrationslager in Deutschland. In: I. ESCHEBACH, G. HAMMERMANN and T. RAHE, eds., Repatriierung in Europa 1945. Berlin: Metropol, pp. 137-152. ISBN 9783863313210

NIVEN, B., 2017. Generation war and post-didactic memory: the Nazi past in contemporary Germany. In: P. FINNEY, ed., Remembering the second world war. Remembering the modern world . London: Routledge, pp. 30-45. ISBN 9781138808140


O'CONNOR, P., 2017. Anti-matters: mortal ethics in Cormac McCarthy's The road. European Journal of American Studies, 12 (3). ISSN 1991-9336

O'CONNOR, P., 2017. Literature and death: McCarthy, Blanchot, and Suttree's mortal belonging. In: C. EAGLE, ed., Philosophical approaches to Cormac McCarthy: beyond reckoning. Routledge studies in contemporary literature . London: Routledge. ISBN 9781138910652

O'CONNOR, P., 2017. Saving Sheriff Bell: McCarthy, Derrida, and the opening of mercantile ethics in No Country for Old Men. The Cormac McCarthy Journal, 15 (2), pp. 152-176. ISSN 2333-3073

O'CONNOR, P., 2017. Solus sanctus: on The young Pope. Bright Lights Film Journal. ISSN 0147-4049

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2017. Cinema, sex tourism and globalisation in American and European cinema. In: E. MAZIERSKA and L. KRISTENSEN, eds., Contemporary cinema and neoliberal ideology. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 217-232. ISBN 9781138235731

O'SHAUGHNESSY, M., 2017. Review essay: Governing by debt by Maurizio Lazzarato and Signs and machines: capitalism and the production of subjectivity by Maurizio Lazzarato. SubStance, 46 (1). ISSN 0049-2426


PALEARI, G., 2017. Memory, Italianness, and borders in Istria in the literary work of Roberta Dubac. In: M. MIKULA, ed., Remembering home in a time of mobility: memory, nostalgia and melancholy. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 35-52. ISBN 9781443886444

PALMER, S., 2017. Heaven and manufacturing: political dissent in Elizabeth Stuart Phelps's Foothold in Britain. In: B.L. LUECK, S. SALENIUS and N.L. SCHULTZ, eds., Transatlantic conversations: nineteenth-century American women's encounters with Italy and the Atlantic world. Durham, New Hampshire: University of New Hampshire Press, pp. 195-216. ISBN 9781512600261

PALMER, S., 2017. Introduction: Transatlanticism's influence on British literary study. Symbiosis - A Journal of Transatlantic Literary and Cultural Relations, 21 (1), pp. 1-12.


REYNOLDS, C., 2017. Northern Ireland's 1968 in a post-troubles context. Interventions, 19 (5), pp. 631-645. ISSN 1369-801X

REYNOLDS, C., 2017. Presidential elections and Europe: the 2012 game-changer. Modern & Contemporary France, 25 (2), pp. 117-134. ISSN 0963-9489

RIDING, L., 2017. Poet: a lying word. Laura (Riding) Jackson series . Nottingham: Trent Editions. ISBN 9781842331613


SCHMITT, N., COBB, T., HORST, M. and SCHMITT, D., 2017. How much vocabulary is needed to use English? Replication of van Zeeland & Schmitt (2012), Nation (2006) and Cobb (2007). Language Teaching, 50 (2), pp. 212-226. ISSN 0261-4448

SMITH, P.J., 2017. Goodbye wave: Trevor Nunn’s Twelfth Night – a maritime valediction. Shakespeare. ISSN 1745-0918

SMITH, P.J., 2017. 'Something rich and strange': Jarman's defamiliarisation of The Tempest. In: S. HATCHUEL and N. VIENNE-GUERRIN, eds., The Tempest and late romances. Shakespeare on screen . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 147-164. ISBN 9781107113503

SMITH, R., 2017. 28. It’s enough to make you swear: the Oath Project at Nottingham Trent University. In: P.B. CORCORAN, J.P. WEAKLAND and A.E.J. WALS, eds., Envisioning futures for environmental and sustainability education. AE Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers, pp. 367-373. ISBN 9789086863037

SMITH, R., EL-ANIS, I. and FARRANDS, C., 2017. International political economy in the 21st century: contemporary issues and analysis. 2nd ed. Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9781138808409

SYKES, R., KEEBLE, A., CORDLE, D., SCOTT, J., DE CRISTOFARO, D., KING, D., ROWCROFT, A. and SRIVASTAVA, N., 2017. Contemporary Studies Network roundtable: responding to Robert Macfarlane’s ‘Generation Anthropocene’. Open Library of Humanities, 3 (1), pp. 1-47. ISSN 2056-6700


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THACKER, A., 2017. Modernism and the periodical scene in 1915 and today. Pessoa Plural (11), pp. 66-86. ISSN 2212-4179

THIARA, N. and MISRAHI-BARAK, J., 2017. Editorial: Why should we read Dalit literature? The Journal of Commonwealth Literature. ISSN 0021-9894

THOMAS, A., 2017. The Caspian disputes: nationalism and nomadism in early Soviet Central Asia. The Russian Review, 76 (3), pp. 502-525. ISSN 0036-0341

TRYTKO, K. and WITTEL, A., 2017. The exposure of Kataryna: how Polish journalists and bloggers debatch online anonymity. Ephemera: Theory & Politics in Organization, 17 (2), pp. 283-305. ISSN 2052-1499


WATERMAN, R., 2017. Brexit Day on the Balmoral Estate. Kinnerton, Presteigne: Rack Press. ISBN 9780995638822

WATERMAN, R., 2017. Sarajevo roses. Manchester: Carcanet Press. ISBN 9781784104085

WATKINS, H.M., 2017. Beyond sweat equity: community organising beyond the Third Way. Urban Studies, 54 (9), pp. 2139-2154. ISSN 0042-0980

WITTEL, A., 2017. The political economy of digital technologies: outlining an emerging field of research. In: G. KOCH, ed., Digitisation: theories and concepts for empirical cultural research. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 251-275. ISBN 9781138646100

WOODLEY, J., 2017. “Ma is in the park”: memory, identity, and the Bethune Memorial. Journal of American Studies. ISSN 0021-8758

WRIGHT, D., 2017. Using word n-grams to identify authors and idiolects: a corpus approach to a forensic linguistic problem. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics, 22 (2), pp. 212-241. ISSN 1384-6655

WRIGHT, D., BETTS, L., HARDING, R., PEART, S. and SJÖLIN KNIGHT, C., 2017. Investigating children's accounts of street harassment. In: 13th Biennial International Association of Forensic Linguists Conference, The University of Porto, Porto, Portugal, 10-14 July 2017.

WRIGHT, D., BETTS, L., HARDING, R., PEART, S. and SJÖLIN KNIGHT, C., 2017. Understanding street harassment of children: identifying recurrent behaviours in a corpus of young people's accounts of harassment. In: Corpus Linguistics 2017, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, 24-28 July 2017.


YOUSAF, N., 2017. Self-fashioning and Philippe Labro’s ‘Southern memoir’. In: C. RUEDA-RAMOS and S. JIMÉNEZ, eds., Constructing the self: essays on Southern life-writing. Biblioteca Javier Coy d'estudis nord-americans, 147 . València: Universitat de València, pp. 193-214. ISBN 9788491341956


ÇAKIRLAR, C., 2017. Aesthetic inertia, bathetic death: on the profoundly banal art of Jake and Dinos Chapman. In: S. EVREN, ed., Jake & Dinos Chapman: In the Realm of the Senseless. Istanbul, Turkey: ARTER, pp. 78-95. ISBN 9786059606042

ÇAKIRLAR, C., 2017. Transnational pride, global closets and regional formations of screen activism: documentary LGBTQ narratives from Turkey. Critical Arts. ISSN 0256-0046

ÇAKIRLAR, C., 2017. The non-ameliorative art: Erinç Seymen's unsettled scenes of cruel optimism. In: Erinç Seymen: Homo Fragilis [catalogue of an exhibition held at Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul and Berlin, 13 September - 4 November 2017]. Istanbul: Zilberman Gallery, pp. 34-55.

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