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ALASQAH, N., 2021. Interpersonal apology strategies and response to apology in Saudi Arabia. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

ALHUZAMI, N. and BAILEY, O., 2021. Women’s culture in Saudi Arabia (1900- 1940): an ethnohistorical study. Journal of Arts and Humanities, 10 (5). ISSN 2167-9053

ALLWOOD, G., 2021. EU external climate policy. In: G.L. MAGNUSDOTTIR and A. KRONSELL, eds., Gender, intersectionality and climate institutions in industrialised states. Routledge Studies in Gender and Environments (6). Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 36-51. ISBN 9780367512057

ANDERSON, C., KEBBELL, J. and KING, S., 2021. Introduction: celebrating the centenary of the Howard League for Penal Reform and the Howard Journal. Howard Journal of Crime and Justice, 60 (S1), pp. 6-18. ISSN 2059-1098

APOLLO, A. and MBAH, M.F., 2021. Challenges and opportunities for climate change education (CCE) in East Africa: a critical review. Climate, 9 (6): 93. ISSN 2225-1154


BALL, A., 2021. Forced migration in the feminist imagination: transcultural movements. London: Routledge. ISBN 9780429325403

BALL, A., 2021. Wingwomen: towards a feminocentric poetics of flight in twenty-first century Palestinian creative consciousness. In: R. GREGORY FOX and A. QABAHA, eds., Post-millennial Palestine: literature, memory, resistance. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, pp. 191-208. ISBN 9781800348271

BHEBHE, A., 2021. How do British teenagers aged 16-18 receive and interpret alcohol messages portrayed in the British soap opera EastEnders? PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

BILTON, D., 2021. Dalit writing in the 21st century: activism and literary aesthetics in contemporary India. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

BLAJ-WARD, L., 2021. Bringing students together synchronously on campus and in Teams: the silver lining to my Covid-19 cloud. Manchester Institute of Education.

BLAJ-WARD, L., 2021. Impactful teaching and learning in the slow lane. Wonkhe Ltd.

BOULÉ, J.-P., 2021. Mourning and reconciliation: anger, politics, and love. In: D.M. PROVENCHER and S. BOUAMER, eds., Abdellah Taïa’s queer migrations: non-places, affect, temporalities. After the empire: the Francophone world and postcolonial France . Washington DC: Lexington Books, pp. 147-170. ISBN 9781793644862

BUTLER, R., 2021. 'Not the lingo of Fleet Street': Davies and periodical culture. In: R. WATERMAN, ed., W.H. Davies: essays on the super-tramp poet. London: Anthem Press, pp. 63-80. ISBN 9781785274565

BUTLER, R., 2021. Revisiting Italy: British women travel writers and the Risorgimento, 1844-61. Routledge research in travel writing . London: Routledge. ISBN 9780367459666


CARTER, N. and KING, S., 2021. ‘I think we ought not to acknowledge them [paupers] as that encourages them to write’: the administrative state, power and the Victorian pauper. Social History, 46 (2), pp. 117-144. ISSN 0307-1022

CARTER, P. and KING, S., 2021. The patient's view as history from below: evidence from the Victorian poor, 1834-71. In: A. HANLEY and J. MEYER, eds., Patient voices in Britain, 1840-1948. Social Histories of Medicine . Manchester: Manchester University Press, pp. 154-182. ISBN 9781526154880

COOPER-SMITHSON, H., 2021. Entangled times, bodies, texts: mathematical form in contemporary Anthropocene poetry. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.


FANTONI, G., 2021. Italy through the red lens: Italian politics and society in communist propaganda films (1946–79). Italian and Italian American studies . Cham: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9783030691967

FANTONI, G., 2021. The Jewish Brigade Group and Italy: a political and historiographical quarrel. Journal of Modern History, 93 (1). ISSN 0022-2801

FUGGLE, S., 2021. From Green Hell to grey heritage: ecologies of colour in the penal colony. Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies. ISSN 1369-801X

FUGGLE, S., 2021. Geopolitics of the colonial prison island: the case of Poulo-Condor (Con Dao). Island Studies Journal. ISSN 1715-2593


JACKSON, S., 2021. Calling without calling: Barghouti, Derrida and ‘the international day of telephones’. Textual Practice. ISSN 0950-236X

JONES, P., KING, S. and THOMPSON, K., 2021. Clothing the New Poor Law workhouse in the nineteenth century. Rural History. ISSN 0956-7933


KING, S., 2021. Women, migration and textile work in West Yorkshire, 1800–1851. Family and Community History, 24 (1), pp. 4-23. ISSN 1463-1180


MOLTHAN-HILL, P., BLAJ-WARD, L., MBAH, M.F. and LEDLEY, T.S., 2021. Climate change education at universities: relevance and strategies for every discipline. In: M. LACKNER, B. SAJJADI and W.-Y. CHEN, eds., Handbook of climate change mitigation and adaptation. New York: Springer, pp. 1-64. ISBN 9781461464310


NAVAZO-OSTÚA, P., ALADRO-VICO, E. and BAILEY, O., 2021. Processes of legitimization in contemporary art: the young British artists phenomenon. Journal for Cultural Research. ISSN 1479-7585


PALMER, S., 2021. Prospects for the study of Mary E. Wilkins Freeman. Resources for American Literary Study, 42 (2), pp. 167-190. ISSN 0048-7384


REYNOLDS, C., 2021. Recalibrating memories: the divergent afterlife of Northern Ireland's 1968. In: M. MUNRO, W. CLOONAN, B.J. FAULK and C.P. WEBER, eds., Global revolutionary aesthetics and politics after Paris '68. After the Empire: the Francophone world and postcolonial France . London: Lexington Books, pp. 119-137. ISBN 9781793625731

REYNOLDS, C., 2021. The symbiosis of oral history and agonistic memory: Voices of 68 and the legacy of the past in Northern Ireland. Journal of the British Academy, 9 (s3), pp. 73-94. ISSN 2052-7217


SIMMONS, A., 2021. The African adoption of the Portuguese crusade during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Historical Journal. ISSN 0018-246X

SIMMONS, A., 2021. Desire, myth, and necessity. Latin attempts at integrating Nubians into the Orbis Christianorum of the Holy Land during the twelfth to fifteenth centuries. In: T.K. NIELSEN and K.V. JENSEN, eds., Legacies of the Crusades. Proceedings of the Ninth Conference of the Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East, Odense, 27 June – 1 July 2016. Volume 1. Turnhout: Brepols, pp. 137-156. ISBN 9782503587882

SIMMONS, A., 2021. Red Sea entanglement: initial Latin European intellectual development regarding Nubia and Ethiopia during the twelfth century. Entangled Religions, 11 (5). ISSN 2363-6696

SMITH, P., 2021. 'Blood and soil': Richard II and the politics of landscape. In: M. DAVIES and A. DUXFIELD, eds., Richard II: Arden early modern drama guide. Arden early modern drama . London: Bloomsbury Arden, pp. 87-109. ISBN 9781350064553


WATERMAN, R., 2021. W.H. Davies: essays on the super-tramp poet. London: Anthem Press. ISBN 9781785274565

WATKINS, H., 2021. UK localism in transition and the politics of community. Studies in social and global Justice . London: Rowman & Littlefield. ISBN 9781786612731

WATKINS, H. and URBINA-MONTANA, M., 2021. Obstinate memory: working class politics and neoliberal forgetting in the UK and Chile. Memory Studies. ISSN 1750-6980 (Forthcoming)

WRIGHT, D., 2021. Corpus approaches to forensic linguistics. In: M. COULTHARD, A. MAY and R. SOUSA-SILVA, eds., The Routledge handbook of forensic linguistics. London: Routledge, pp. 611-627. ISBN 9780367137847

WUSTENBERG, J. and GUTMAN, Y., 2021. Challenging the meaning of the past from below: a typology for comparative research on memory activists. Memory Studies. ISSN 1750-6980 (Forthcoming)

WÜSTENBERG, J., 2021. Protest cycles and contentious moments in memory activism: insights from post-war Germany. In: S. BERGER, S. SCALMER and C. WICKE, eds., Remembering activism: social movements and memory. Remembering the modern world . London: Routledge, pp. 260-279. ISBN 9780367541552

WÜSTENBERG, J., 2021. The multi-level governance of memory as a policy field. In: N. MÖRNER, ed., Constructions and Instrumentalization of the past. A comparative study on memory management in the region. CBEES state of the region reports (2020). Stockholm: Centre for Baltic and East European Studies, CBEES, Södertörn University, pp. 69-79. ISBN 9789185139125

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