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Journal article

BEBBINGTON, J., KIRK, E. and LARRINAGA, C., 2012. The production of normativity: A comparison of reporting regimes in Spain and the UK. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 37 (2), pp. 78-94. ISSN 0361-3682

KIRK, E., 2012. Marine Governance, Adaptation, and Legitimacy. Yearbook of International Environmental Law, 22 (1), pp. 110-139. ISSN 0965-1721

LIU, N., KIRK, E. and PATERSON, A., 2012. People's Republic of China: water and soil conservation law. IUCN Academy of Environmental Law (1), pp. 69-74. ISSN 1929-6088

KIRK, E. and BLACKSTOCK, K.L., 2011. Enhanced Decision Making: Balancing Public Participation against 'Better Regulation' in British Environmental Permitting Regimes. Journal of Environmental Law, 23 (1), pp. 97-116. ISSN 0952-8873

KIRK, E. and REEVES, A.D., 2011. Regulatory Agencies and Regulatory Change: Breaking Out of the Routine. Environmental Law Review, 13 (3), pp. 155-168. ISSN 1461-4529

FERRIS, G. and KIRK, E., 2008. Fundamental legal conceptions by Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld. Nottingham Law Journal, 17 (1), pp. 39-43. ISSN 0965-0660

KIRK, E., 2008. I. CASE CONCERNING TERRITORIAL AND MARITIME DISPUTE BETWEEN NICARAGUA AND HONDURAS IN THE CARIBBEAN SEA ( Nicaragua v Honduras), JUDGMENT OF 8 OCTOBER 2007. International and Comparative Law Quarterly, 57 (03), pp. 701-709. ISSN 0020-5893

KIRK, E., 2008. Noncompliance and the Development of Regimes Addressing Marine Pollution from Land-Based Activities. Ocean Development & International Law, 39 (3), pp. 235-256. ISSN 0090-8320

KIRK, E., REEVES, A. and BLACKSTOCK, K., 2007. Path dependency and the implementation of environmental regulation. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 25 (2), pp. 250-268. ISSN 0263-774X

REEVES, A.D., KIRK, E. and BLACKSTOCK, K.L., 2007. The limitations of regulatory science in the effective control of diffuse pollution. Law, Science and Policy: an International Journal, 3 (2).

KIRK, E. and SILFVERBERG, H., 2006. Harmonisation in the Baltic Sea Region. The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law, 21 (2), pp. 235-258. ISSN 0927-3522

BLACKSTOCK, K.L., KIRK, E. and REEVES, A.D., 2005. Sociology, science and sustainability: developing relationships in Scotland. Sociological Research Online, 10 (2). ISSN 1360-7804

KIRK, E., 2004. Controlling the clergy of the Church of England: 19th century to the present day. Nottingham Law Journal, 13 (2), pp. 20-37. ISSN 0965-0660

SHERLOCK, K.L., KIRK, E. and REEVES, A., 2004. Just the usual suspects? Partnerships and environmental regulation. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 22 (5), pp. 651-666. ISSN 0263-774X

KIRK, E., REEVES, A. and SHERLOCK, K.L., 2004. SUDS law: Non-State actors and the haphazard route to implementation of international obligations. Non-State Actors and International Law, 4 (2), pp. 87-109. ISSN 1567-7125

KIRK, E., 1999. Maritime Zones and the Ecosystem Approach: A Mismatch? Review of European Community and International Environmental Law, 8 (1), pp. 67-72. ISSN 0962-8797

Authored book

BEBBINGTON, J., GRAY, R., HIBBITT, C. and KIRK, E., 2001. Full cost accounting: an agenda for action. ACCA research report (73). Glasgow: Certified Accountants Educational Trust. ISBN 1859083528

Chapter in book

KIRK, E., 2016. The role of non-state actors in treaty regimes for the protection of marine biodiversity. In: M. BOWMAN, P. DAVIES and E. GOODWIN, eds., Research handbook on biodiversity and law. Research handbooks in environmental law . Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar, pp. 95-122. ISBN 9781781004784

ARTHURTON, R., BARKER, S., RAST, W., HUBER, M., ALDER, J., CHILTON, J., GADDIS, E., PIETERSEN, K., ZOCKLER, C., AL-DROUBI, A., DYHR-NIELSEN, M., FINLAYSON, M., FORTNAM, M., KIRK, E., HEILEMAN, S., RIEU-CLARKE, A., SCHAFER, M., SNOUSSI, M., TANG, L.D., THARME, R., VADAS, R., WAGNER, G. and ASHTON, P., 2007. Water. In: Global environment outlook 4: environment for development (GEO-4). United Nations Environment Programme. ISBN 9789280728729

KIRK, E. and REEVES, A.D., 2003. Disciplinary interactions: ontological commitments and environmental standard setting. In: Law and geography. Current legal issues . Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 557-573. ISBN 9780199260744

KIRK, E. and TOOZE, J.A., 1998. Women and water law: from theory to practice. In: C. MCGLYNN, ed., Legal feminisms: theory and practice. Dartmouth books, pp. 135-149. ISBN 1855219271

KIRK, E., 1997. Marine issues. In: C.T. REID, ed., Environmental Law in Scotland. Edinburgh: W Green, pp. 207-221. ISBN 9780414011823

Edited book

BARKER, C.R., KIRK, E. and SAH, M., 1998. Gender perceptions and the law. Aldershot: Ashgate. ISBN 0855219271

Newspaper or popular journal contribution

KIRK, E., 2016. Whose job is it to protect the Arctic? The Conversation.

Research report for external body

IVEY, M., SANDERS, E.B., LI, Y., KIRK, E., RICKETTS, I., STEVENSON, L. and O'CONNOR, M., 2007. Giving voice to equitable collaboration in participatory design. İzmir, Turkey: İzmir University of Economics.

VINOGRADOV, S., KIRK, E. and EMESEH, E., 2006. Implementation of the GPA at regional level: the role of regional seas conventions and their protocols. UNEP/GPA.

BLACKSTOCK, K., KIRK, E., CHANG, Y. and DAVIDSON, G., 2006. Public participation and consultation in SEPA regulatory regimes. Aberdeen: Macaulay Institute.

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