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ADAMIDIS, V., 2018. The theory and practice of torture in ancient Athenian courts. SCHOLE, 12 (2). ISSN 1995-4328


BARRETT, D., 2018. The effective design, implementation and enforcement of socio-economic equality duties: lessons from the pupil premium. Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, 40 (1), pp. 57-77. ISSN 0964-9069

BARRETT, D., 2018. The regulatory space of equality and human rights law in Britain: the role of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Legal Studies. ISSN 0261-3875 (Forthcoming)

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BERRY, E., 2018. A weak vessel? Why the insolvency regime for partnerships and LLPs is failing to protect the salvage or diminish the number of wrecks. Nottingham Business and Insolvency Law eJournal. ISSN 2053-1648 (Forthcoming)

BRABER, N., SMITH, H.M.J., ROBSON, J., WRIGHT, D. and HARDY, A., 2018. Accent detection in earwitness identification. In: Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics (GSFL2018), University of York, York, 2-5 August 2018.

BRABER, N., SMITH, H.M.J., ROBSON, J., WRIGHT, D. and KELLY, S., 2018. “Not deep just average”: improving the useability of lay-listener voice descriptions. In: Germanic Society for Forensic Linguistics (GSFL2018), University of York, York, 2-5 August 2018.


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DENONCOURT, J., 2018. Corporate intellectual property assets and sustainability in global value chains. In: International Symposium: Law And Sustainability In Global Value Chains: Due Diligence And Contracts In Focus, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark, 25-26 April 2018.

DENONCOURT, J., 2018. The English dual registration system for taking security over patents and the pathway to reform. In: J.L.L. GANT, ed., The rise of preventive restructuring schemes: challenges and opportunities. Nottingham: INSOL Europe.

DENONCOURT, J., 2018. Intellectual property, finance and corporate governance. Routledge research in intellectual property . Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9781138186255


GARCIA OLIVIA, J. and HALL, H., 2018. Exorcism and the law: is the ghost of the Reformation haunting contemporary debates about safeguarding versus autonomy? Law and Justice. (Forthcoming)

GARCÍA OLIVA, J. and HALL, H., 2018. Responding to non-liberal minorities within a liberal state: the challenge posed by children and vulnerable adults. Public Law, 2018 (April), pp. 258-276. ISSN 0033-3565


HENDERSON, P., 2018. Introducing logic for law students [Book review]. Nottingham Law Journal, 27. ISSN 0965-0660

HWAIDI, M., 2018. Four uncertainties around the fraud exception in documentary letters of credit under English law. The Journal of International Maritime Law. ISSN 1478-8586 (Forthcoming)


IRETON, E., 2018. How public is a public inquiry? Public Law (April), pp. 277-298. ISSN 0033-3565


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KIRK, E.A., 2018. UNDP and ocean governance. In: D. ATTARD, M. FITZMAURICE and A. NTOVAS, eds., The IMLI treatise on global ocean governance. Volume II: UN specialized agencies and global ocean governance. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780198823964 (Forthcoming)

KIRK, E.A. and MILLER, R.G., 2018. Offshore oil & gas installations in the Arctic: responding to uncertainty through science and law. Arctic Yearbook, pp. 256-274. ISSN 2298-2418

KIRK, E.A. and POPPATTANACHAI, N., 2018. Marine plastics: fragmentation, effectiveness and legitimacy in international lawmaking. Review of European, Comparative & International Environmental Law (RECIEL), 27 (3), pp. 222-233. ISSN 2050-0386


MAHARG, P., NAIR, A. and EASTON, C., 2018. 'The most audacious and specific plan for knowledge, freedom and a better world': developing radical pathways to free, open journals. European Journal of Law and Technology, 9 (1). ISSN 2042-115X

MOFFATT, P., 2018. The standardisation of conflicts of laws rules for intermediated securities within the EU: Holy Grail or red herring? Nederlands Internationaal Privaatrecht, pp. 50-71. ISSN 0167-7594


NSUBUGA, H.J., 2018. The rights of employees on corporate insolvency: a UK and US perspective. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.


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PEGG, S., 2018. A matter of privacy or abuse? Revenge porn in the law. Criminal Law Review (7), pp. 512-530. ISSN 0011-135X

POPATTANACHAI, N., 2018. Regional cooperation addressing marine pollution from land-based activities: an interpretation of Article 207 of the Law of the Sea Convention focusing on monitoring, assessment, and surveillance of the pollution. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.


SAENEEWONG NA AYUDHAYA, N., 2018. Towards regional cooperation in the establishment of marine protected areas. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

SMITH, H.M.J., BAGULEY, T.S., ROBSON, J., DUNN, A.K. and STACEY, P.C., 2018. Forensic voice discrimination: The effect of speech type and background noise on performance. Applied Cognitive Psychology. ISSN 0888-4080

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TINGLE, J., Ó NÉILL, C. and SHIMWELL, M., 2018. Global patient safety: law, policy and practice. Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9781138052789


WALTERS, A., 2018. The impact of Brexit on judicial cooperation in cross-border insolvency and restructuring in the European Union. Orizzonti del Diritto Commerciale, 2018 (2). ISSN 2282-667X

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WILSON, G., 2018. Novel beings & corporate regulation: space, time and ethics in a neoliberal frame. In: Conference Regulating the Tyrell Corporation: Company Law and the Emergence of Novel Beings, Wellcome Collection, London, 26 October 2018.

WILSON, G., 2018. The great transformation? Salomon, economic space and corporate rationality. In: Symposium: Regulating the Corporation and New Morally Significant Technologies, Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne, 12 June 2018.

WILSON, G. and WILSON, S., 2018. "The breaking of so great a thing should make a greater crack": reflections on the enduring significance of the Salomon litigation. In: Centre of Business and Insolvency Law Research Seminar, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, 14 February 2018.


ZHAO, J., 2018. Regulation of corporate social responsibility through the lens of board accountability and the case of China. In: J.J. DU PLESSIS, U. VAROTTIL and J. VELDMAN, eds., Globalisation of corporate social responsibility and its impact on corporate governance. Cham: Springer, pp. 121-153. ISBN 9783319691275

ZHAO, J. and WEN, S., 2018. The eligibility of claimants to commence derivative litigation on behalf of China's joint stock limited companies. Hong Kong Law Journal, 48 (2), pp. 687-738. ISSN 0378-0600


Ó NÉILL, C., 2018. Conclusion: Global patient safety - power of the dream. In: J. TINGLE, C. Ó NÉILL and M. SHIMWELL, eds., Global patient safety: law, policy and practice. Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9781138052789

Ó NÉILL, C., 2018. Consent in English law post-Montgomery. In: Hungarian Patient Safety, Patient Law and International Best Practice Experiences from the NHS, Semmelweis University Health Servives Management Training Centre, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary, 4 May 2018.

Ó NÉILL, C., 2018. Global Patient Safety into the future. In: National (Ministry of Health) Patient Safety Symposium: Patient Safety: An Essential Pillar of UHC, Crowne Plaza, Kampala, Kenya, 10 September 2018.

Ó NÉILL, C., 2018. Global Patient Safety: is medical paternalism dead? In: Ministry of Health Uganda Patient Safety Symposium, Infectious Disease Centre, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, 6 September 2018.

Ó NÉILL, C., 2018. Religion, medicine and the law. Biomedical law and ethics library . Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9780815359470

Ó NÉILL, C., 2018. Religious and cultural beliefs: the potential for patient safety to be compromised. In: J. TINGLE, C. Ó NÉILL and M. SHIMWELL, eds., Global patient safety: law, policy and practice. Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9781138052789

Ó NÉILL, C., 2018. Religious and cultural beliefs: the potential for patient safety to be compromised in the United Kingdom? In: International Scientific Conference on Medicine, Academic Centre for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia, 23 February 2018.

Ó NÉILL, C., 2018. Review of Medical law and ethics by Johnathan Herring. Law & Justice, 180, pp. 95-99. ISSN 0269-817X

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