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Journal article

BIAN, Z., CHENG, R., WANG, Y., YANG, Q. and LU, C., 2018. Effect of green light on nitrate reduction and edible quality of hydroponically grown lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) under short-term continuous light from red and blue light-emitting diodes. Environmental and Experimental Botany. ISSN 0098-8472

D’SOUZA, A., PEARMAN, C.M., WANG, Y., NAKAO, S., LOGANTHA, S.J.R., COX, C., BENNETT, H., ZHANG, Y., JOHNSEN, A.B., LINSCHEID, N., POULSEN, P.C., ELLIOTT, J., COULSON, J., MCPHEE, J., ROBERTSON, A., DA COSTA MARTINS, P.A., KITMITTO, A., WISLØFF, U., CARTWRIGHT, E.J., MONFREDI, O., LUNDBY, A., DOBRZYNSKI, H., OCEANDY, D., MORRIS, G.M. and BOYETT, M.R., 2017. Targeting miR-423-5p reverses exercise training–induced HCN4 channel remodeling and sinus bradycardia. Circulation Research, 121 (9), pp. 1058-1068. ISSN 0009-7330

BATMUNKH, M., MACDONALD, T.J., SHEARER, C.J., BAT-ERDENE, M., WANG, Y., BIGGS, M.J., PARKIN, I.P., NANN, T. and SHAPTER, J.G., 2017. Carbon nanotubes in TiO2 nanofiber photoelectrodes for high-performance perovskite solar cells. Advanced Science, 4 (4): 1600504. ISSN 2198-3844

HUANG, R., BENJAMIN, S.L., GURNANI, C., WANG, Y., HECTOR, A.L., LEVASON, W., REID, G. and DE GROOT, C.H., 2016. Nanoscale arrays of antimony telluride single crystals by selective chemical vapor deposition. Scientific Reports, 6, p. 27593. ISSN 2045-2322

BARTLETT, P.N., BENJAMIN, S.L., DE GROOT, C.H., HECTOR, A.L., HUANG, R., JOLLEYS, A., KISSLING, G.P., LEVASON, W., PEARCE, S.J., REID, G. and WANG, Y., 2015. Non-aqueous electrodeposition of functional semiconducting metal chalcogenides: Ge2Sb2Te5 phase change memory. Materials Horizons, 2, pp. 420-426. ISSN 2051-6347

ADEYI, O., CROSS, W.B., FORREST, G., GODFERY, L., HOPE, E.G., MCLEOD, A., SINGH, A., SINGH, K., SOLAN, G.A., WANG, Y. and WRIGHT, L.A., 2013. From discrete monomeric complexes to hydrogen-bonded dimeric assemblies based on sterically encumbered square planar palladium(II) ONN-pincers. Dalton Transcations, 42 (21), pp. 7710-7723. ISSN 1477-9226

RICHARDS, S.E., WANG, Y., CLAUS, S.P., LAWLER, D., KOCHHAR, S., HOLMES, E. and NICHOLSON, J.K., 2013. Metabolic phenotype modulation by caloric restriction in a lifelong dog study. Journal of Proteome Research, 12 (7), pp. 3117-3127. ISSN 1535-3893

ZHANG, M., WANG, Y., ZHAO, D. and PAN, G., 2010. Immobilization of arsenic in soils by stabilized nanoscale zero-valent iron, iron sulfide (FeS), and magnetite (Fe3O4) particles. Chinese Science Bulletin, 55 (4-5), pp. 365-372. ISSN 1001-6538

ZHANG, M., WANG, Y., ZHAO, D.Y. and PAN, G., 2009. Immobilization of arsenic in soils by stabilized nanoscale zero-valent iron, iron sulfide (FeS), and magnetite (Fe3O4) particles. Chinese Science Bulletin, 54 (23), pp. 3637-3644.

WANG, Y., ZHANG, P., PAN, G. and CHEN, H., 2008. Ferric ion mediated photochemical decomposition of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) by 254nm UV light. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 160 (1), pp. 181-186. ISSN 0304-3894

WANG, Y., ZHANG, P.Y., PAN, G. and CHEN, H., 2008. Photochemical degradation of environmentally persistent perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in the presence of Fe(III). Chinese Chemical Letters, 19 (3), pp. 371-374. ISSN 1001-8417

RICHARDS, S.E., WANG, Y. and LAWLER, D., 2008. Self-Modelling Curve Resolution: a new approach to recovering temporal metabolite signal modulation in NMR spectroscopic data: application to a life-long caloric restriction study in dogs,. Analytical Chemistry, 80, pp. 4876-4885.

Conference contribution

SANDERS, K., JØRGENSEN, F., VAN ROSSENBERG, Y., WANG, Y., SHIPTON, H., LI, X., DYSVIK, A., RODRIGUES, R. and WONG, I., 2015. High performance work systems and innovative behavior: do HR strength and national culture matter? In: Academy of Management Conference, Vancouver, Canada, 2015, Vancouver.

WANG, Y., TU, W. and GROUT, V., 2011. A survey of energy-efficient routing protocols in wireless sensor networks. In: Seventh Collaborative Research Symposium on Security, E-Learning, Internet and Internet (SEIN 2011), Furtwangen, Germany, 27-29 October 2011, Furtwangen, Germany.

SU, D., AMIN, N., CHEN, X. and WANG, Y., 2001. Internet/Intranet based integrated design of mechanical transmission systems. In: 8th Drive and Control Conference, London, 13-15 March 2001, London.

Edited book

WU, S., DONG, R., DONG, X., GUO, L., HE, K., JU, X., LEI, M., LI, C., LIU, M., LU, Q., LV, T., NI, P., SUN, H., WANG, H., WANG, Y., XU, X. and ZHAI, X., 2016. Constructed wetlands for water pollution control: an ecological theory and technology. China Forestry Publishing House. ISBN 9787503882739

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