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Journal article

SHACKLEY, M., 2005. 'Service delivery' at sacred sites: potential contribution of management science. European Journal of Science and Theology, 1 (4), pp. 33-40.

SHACKLEY, M., 2004. Managing the cedars of Lebanon: botanical gardens or living forests? Current Issues in Tourism, 7, pp. 417-425. ISSN 1368-3500

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Authored book

SHACKLEY, M., 2006. Atlas of travel and tourism development. Oxford: Elsevier.

SHACKLEY, M. and REITZ, E., 2005. Environmental archaeology. New York: Springer.

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Chapter in book

SHACKLEY, M., 2007. Frankincense in the modern world; culture, cosmetics and church. In: D. PEACOCK and D. WILLIAMS, eds., New light on the Roman incense trade. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

SHACKLEY, M., 2006. Empty bottles at sacred sites: religious retailing at Ireland's national shrine. In: D. TIMOTHY and T. BOYD, eds., Tourism, religion and spiritual journeys. London: Routledge, pp. 94-104.

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SHACKLEY, M., 1976. The Davenbury project; an experiment in site sediment recording. In: M. SHACKLEY and D.A. DAVIDSON, eds., Geoarchaeology; earth science and the past. London: Duckworth, pp. 9-231.

Conference contribution

SHACKLEY, M., 1985. Palaeolithic archaeology in the Mongolian People's Republic; a report on the state of the art. In: Proceeedings of the Prehistoric Society.

SHACKLEY, M., 1982. The excavation of a Bronze Age round barrow at Canford Heath, Poole, Dorset. In: Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society.

SHACKLEY, M., 1977. New evidence for the chronology of the 7.5m beach in southern England. In: 10th INQUA proceedings, August, 1977.

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SHACKLEY, M., 1970. Preliminary note on handaxes found in gravel deposits at Warsash, Hampshire. In: Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society.

Edited book

SHACKLEY, M., 2004. Visitor management; case studies from world heritage sites. University of Yunnan Press.

SHACKLEY, M., 1999. Visitor management; case studies from world heritage sites. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann.

SHACKLEY, M. and DAVIDSON, D.A., 1976. Geoarchaeology; earth science and the past. London: Duckworth.

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