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Journal article

WANG, J., KOBLYAKOVA, A., TIWARI, P. and CROUCHER, J.S., 2018. Is the Australian housing market in a bubble? International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis. ISSN 1753-8270

ZHOU, Y., XIANG, Y., CHEN, Z., HE, J. and WANG, J., 2018. A scalar projection and angle based evolutionary algorithm for many-objective optimization problems. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. ISSN 2168-2267

WANG, J., BELATRECHE, A., MAGUIRE, L.P. and MCGINNITY, T.M., 2017. SpikeTemp: an enhanced rank-order-based learning approach for spiking neural networks with adaptive structure. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 28 (1), pp. 30-43. ISSN 2162-237X

WANG, K., VENETSANOS, D.T., WANG, J., AUGOUSTI, A.T. and PIERSCIONEK, B.K., 2017. The importance of parameter choice in modelling dynamics of the eye lens. Scientific Reports, 7 (1), p. 16688. ISSN 2045-2322

BIAN, Z., CHENG, R., YANG, Q., WANG, J. and LU, C., 2016. Continuous light from red, blue, and greenlight-emitting diodes reduces nitrate content and enhances phytochemical concentrations andantioxidant capacity in lettuce. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science, 141 (2), pp. 186-195. ISSN 0003-1062

WANG, K., VENETSANOS, D., WANG, J. and PIERSCIONEK, B.K., 2016. Gradient moduli lens models: how material properties and application of forces can affect deformation and distributions of stress. Scientific Reports, 6 (1), p. 31171. ISSN 2045-2322

WANG, J., HAYWARD, J.J., GUMBAU-BRISA, R., WALLIS, J.D., STOECKLI-EVANS, H. and PILKINGTON, M., 2015. Probing the reactivity of a 2,2′-bipyridyl-3,3′-bis-imine ligand by X-ray crystallography. CrystEngComm, 17 (5), pp. 1159-1167. ISSN 1466-8033

JIAO, L., YU, C., WANG, J., BRIGGS, E.A., BESLEY, N.A., ROBINSON, D., RUEDAS-RAMA, M.J., ORTE, A., CROVETTO, L., TALAVERA, E.M., ALVAREZ-PEZ, J.M., VAN DER AUWERAER, M. and BOENS, N., 2015. Unusual spectroscopic and photophysical properties of meso-tert-butylBODIPY in comparison to related alkylated BODIPY dyes. RSC Advances, 5 (109), pp. 89375-89388. ISSN 2046-2069

ZHANG, J., AHAMMAD, M.F., TARBA, S., COOPER, C.L., GLAISTER, K.W. and WANG, J., 2015. The effect of leadership style on talent retention during Merger and Acquisition integration: evidence from China. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 27 (7), pp. 1021-1050. ISSN 0958-5192

WU, D., WU, Z., WANG, J. and ZHAO, Z., 2014. Inequality, human capital, and innovation: China’s remaining big problems. International Journal of Economics and Business Modelling, 5 (1), pp. 233-237. ISSN 0976-531X

WANG, J., BELATRECHE, A., MAGUIRE, L. and MCGINNITY, T.M., 2014. An online supervised learning method for spiking neural networks with adaptive structure. Neurocomputing, 144, pp. 526-536. ISSN 0925-2312

WANG, J., WANG, J., NI, H. and HE, S., 2013. How government venture capital guiding funds work in financing high-tech start-ups in China: a ‘strategic exchange’ perspective. Strategic Change: Briefings in Entrepreneurial Finance, 22 (78), pp. 417-429. ISSN 1086-1718

WANG, J. and AHAMMAD, M., 2012. The acquisition and use of information to make investment decisions: a study of financial analysts in China. International Journal of Management, 29. ISSN 2278-5353

WANG, J. and AHAMMAD, M.F., 2012. Private information acquisition and stock evaluation by Chinese financial analysts. International Journal of Management, 29 (1), pp. 117-132. ISSN 0813-0183‎

WANG, J. and NGOASONG, M.Z., 2012. The internationalization process of Chinese SMEs: does globalizing wholesale markets play a role? Strategic Change, 21 (41002), pp. 143-157. ISSN 1086-1718

WANG, J., LEE-DAVIES, L., KAKABADSE, N. and XIE, Z., 2011. Leader characteristics and styles in the SMEs of the People's Republic of China during the global financial crisis. Strategic Change, 20 (1), pp. 19-32.

XIAO, C., YAN, H., WANG, J., WEI, W., NING, J. and PAN, G., 2011. Microcystin-LR biodegradation by Sphingopyxis sp. USTB-05. Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering in China, 5 (4), pp. 526-532. ISSN 1673-7415

WANG, J., HASLAM, J. and MARSTON, C.L., 2011. The appraisal of ordinary shares by Chinese financial analysts. Asian Review of Accounting, 19 (1), pp. 5-30.

WANG, J., HASLAM, J. and MARSTON, C., 2011. The appraisal of ordinary shares by Chinese financial analysts. Asian Review of Accounting, 19 (1), pp. 5-30. ISSN 1321-7348

WANG, J., ONIONS, S., PILKINGTON, M., STOECKLI-EVANS, H., HALFPENNY, J.C. and WALLIS, J.D., 2007. Metal catalyzed rearrangement of a 2,2'-bipyridine Schiff-base ligand to a quaterpyridine-type complex. Chemical Communications (35), pp. 3628-3630.

WANG, J., ONIONS, S., PILKINGTON, M., STOECKLI-EVANS, H., HALFPENNY, J.C. and WALLIS, J.D., 2007. Metal catalyzed rearrangement of a 2,2'-bipyridine Schiff-base ligand to a quaterpyridine-type complex. Chemical Communications (35), pp. 3628-3630.

WANG, J., 2005. The wave of regional trade agreements in East Asia: China's strategy. Kasarinlan: Philippine Journal of Third World Studies, 20 (2), pp. 56-75. ISSN 0116–0923

WANG, J., 2003. Huge current account deficits in the United States and its sustainability. Issues in International Trade (11), pp. 47-51.

SU, D., CHEN, B., QIN, D., CHEN, X., PENG, Z. and WANG, J., 2002. Theoretical and experimental investigation of cylindrical involute worm gear drive's elastic mesh, manufacturing simulation and related techniques. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 38.

WANG, J., 2001. On the prudential regulation of banks - theories, institutions and trends. Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE, 2 (4), pp. 457-461. ISSN 1009-3095

WANG, J., 2001. The trend of B2B e-business in Asia and its inspirations for China. Asia-Pacific Economy (4), pp. 16-18.

Chapter in book

WANG, J., 2010. Social networks, innovation and development of industrial clusters in China. In: S. YAO, B. WU, S. MORGAN and D. SUTHERLAND, eds., Sustainable reform and development in post-Olympic China. Routledge, pp. 97-197. ISBN 9780415559560

WANG, J., 2010. The innovation of SMEs and development of industrial clusters in China. In: X. FU and L. SOETE, eds., The rise of technical power in the south. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 186-202. ISBN 9780230238404

WANG, J., 2008. From a family workshop to a listed company: Langsha Group. In: R. ALAS, ed., Organisational change in Chinese organisations. Oxford: Chandos.

WANG, J., 2008. Globalisation, institutions and the development of textile and clothing clusters in China: the case of Zhejiang province. In: S. HARDY, L.B. LARSON and F. FREELAND, eds., Regions: the dilemmas of integration and competition. Seaford: Regional Studies Association, p. 219.

WANG, J., 2008. The commercialisation of Chinese universities and its effects on research capacity. In: H. VESSURI and U. TEICHLER, eds., Universities as centres of research and knowledge creation. Rotterdam: Sense, pp. 147-159.

WANG, J., 2007. The dynamics of industrial clusters in China: the case of the Ningbo clothing cluster. In: R. SANDERS and Y. CHEN, eds., China's globalising economy - achieving harmony, sustaining growth. London: Routledge, pp. 170-184.

WANG, J., 2002. The credit risk management of commercial banks based on internal rating system. In: T. SUGIURA, K. MURAKAMI and T. MICHIHARU, eds., Proceedings of JICAST 2002. Hamamatsu: Shizuoka University.

WANG, J., 2001. A comparison of financial supervisory systems in the world. In: D. XU, ed., Private banks in China. Beijing: Peking University Press.

Conference contribution

PAINTER-MORLAND, M.J., PICKARD, S. and WANG, J., 2012. From corporate responsibility to sustainable business: preliminary insights from EABIS/ EFMD Global CEO & Deans Surveys. In: Annual EABIS Colloquium, Lausanne, Switzerland, July 2012.

ABDO, H., WANG, J. and GOUVEIA, R., 2011. Investigating the development of Business Angel Networks in Portugal: a comparative study. In: Eurasia Business and Economics (EBES) Conference, Istanbul, 1-3 June 2011, Istanbul.

SIMBA, A., WANG, J. and NESHAMBA, F., 2011. The impact of knowledge networks and clusters on the innovative capabilities of bio-entrepreneurs. In: 34th ISBE Conference: Sustainable Futures: Enterprising Landscapes and Communities (ISBE 2011), The Octagon, Sheffield, 9-10 November 2011, Sheffield.

LIU, G., PENG, W., SU, D., CHEN, B. and WANG, J., 2004. Mesh analysis and experimental investigation of an involute cylindrical worm - helical gear drive. In: 6th International Conference on Fronters of Design and Manufacturing, Xi'an, China, 21-23 June 2004, Xi'an, China.

SU, D., CHEN, B., QIN, D., CHEN, X., PENG, Z. and WANG, J., 2002. Theoretical and experimental investigation into worm gear drives using elastic meshing theory, virtual manufacture and related advanced techniques. In: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Frontiers of Design and Manufacturing, Dalian, China.

Newspaper or popular journal contribution

HOMMEL, U., PAINTER-MORLAND, M.J. and WANG, J., 2012. Gradualism prevails and perception outbids substance. Global Focus: the EFMD Business Magazine, 6 (20), pp. 30-33. ISSN 1784-2344


WANG, J., 2011. Ian Chaston, 'Entrepreneurial management in small firms' [book review]. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 12 (2), pp. 151-152.

Website content

WANG, J., 2009. The expansion of textile and clothing firms of China to Asian least developed countries: the case of Cambodia. ARTNeT.

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