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BARGIELA-CHIAPPINI, F. and HARRIS, S., 1996. Interruptive strategies in British and Italian management meetings. Text - Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of Discourse, 16 (3), pp. 269-297.

BARGIELA-CHIAPPINI, F. and HARRIS, S., 1996. Requests and status in business correspondence. Journal of Pragmatics, 28, pp. 635-662.

BELBIN, D., 1996. Asking for it. London: Scholastic.

BELBIN, D., 1996. Dead white male. London: Scholastic.

BELBIN, D., 1996. Deadly inheritance. London: Scholastic.

BELBIN, D., 1996. Le prof piégé. Quebec: Les Éditions Héritages.

BELBIN, D., 1996. Shoot the teacher. Bath: Chivers.

BELBIN, D., 1996. Smokescreen. London: Scholastic.

BELBIN, D., 1996. ...Und schnitt. Berlin: Cora Verlag.

BELBIN, D., 1996. Why you're here. In: J. MOFFAT, ed., 13 murder mysteries. London: Scholastic Children's Books, pp. 35-59.

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BENNETT, M., 1996. The civil wars in Britain and Ireland, 1638-1651. Oxford: Blackwell. ISBN 0631191542

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BOULÉ, J.-P., 1996. Review of Aronson, R. 'After Marxism'. Modern and Contemporary France, 1.

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DUTT, S., 1996. UNESCO's 50th anniversary commemoration. CAPS News (Newsletter of the Centre for Asia-Pacific Studies) (1).

EDLEY, N. and WETHERELL, M., 1996. Masculinity, power and identity. In: A. MAC, ed., Understanding masculinities: social relations and cultural arenas. Buckingham: Open University Press, pp. 97-114.

FEATHERSTONE, M., 1996. Postmodernizm ve Tuketim Kulturu. Instanbul: Ayrinti Yayinlari.

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GOODRIDGE, J., 1996. The John Clare Society Journal. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 0952254131

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GOODRIDGE, J., 1996. Review of 'Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations: new interdisciplinary essays' edited by Stephen Copley and Kathryn Sutherland. British Association for Romantic Studies Bulletin, 11, pp. 15-16.

GUEDES, O., 1996. Ideology and the media. Media, Culture and Technology (5).

GUTIÉRREZ ALMARZA, G., 1996. Student foreign language teachers' knowledge growth. In: J. RICHARDS and D. FREEMAN, eds., Teacher learning in language teaching. New York: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0521551218

GUTIÉRREZ ALMARZA, G. and BELTRÁN, F., 1996. Critical praxis of the English language: its pedagogy as cultural action. Atlantis: Revista de la Asociación Española de Estudios Anglo-Norteamericanos, 18 (12), pp. 176-194. ISSN 0210-6124

GUTIÉRREZ ALMARZA, G. and BELTRÁN, F., 1996. La enseñanza de lenguas extranjeras y la formación de los docentes de lenguas en el siglo XXI dentro de un contexto europeo. Encuentro: Revista de Investigación e Innovación en la Clase de Idiomas. ISSN 1130-7021

HAYES, N., 1996. Consensus and controversy: city politics in Nottingham 1945-1966. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press. ISBN 0853235716

HUGHES, N., 1996. Democracy and imperial rivalry in Equatorial Guinea (1996). Review of African Political Economy, 23 (69), pp. 442-445.

INKSTER, I., 1996. Catching up and taking over: structural change, the technopolis concept and Japanese R&D for Australia. In: M. LOWE and H. MARRIOTT, eds., Science and technology down under. Melbourne: MAI, pp. 39-71. ISBN 07326 09763

INKSTER, I., 1996. Discoveries, inventions and industrial revolutions: on the varying contributions of technologies and institutions from an international historical perspective. History of Technology, 18, pp. 39-58.

INKSTER, I., 1996. Into the twentieth century: patterns in the relations between science, technology and the state during the early industrialisation process. In: M. BARRERE, ed., Sciences et developpement. Paris: Orstrom Editions, pp. 67-96. ISBN 2709912996

INKSTER, I., 1996. Late development revisited: aspects of international technology transfer and Russian industrialisation. In: S.V. USTIANTSEV, ed., Russia and West Europe. Interaction of industrial cultures. Ekaterinburg: Bank of Cultural Information, pp. 7-16. ISBN 5858651062

INKSTER, I., 1996. Technology transfer and industrial transformation: an interpretation of the pattern of economic development, circa 1870-1914. In: R. FOX, ed., Technological change. Methods and themes in the history of technology. London: Harwood Academic Publishers, pp. 177-201. ISBN 3718657929

MONTEITH, S., 1996. On the streets and in the tower blocks: Ravinder Randhawa's "A wicked old woman" (1987) and Livi Michael's "Under a thin moon" (1992). Critical Survey, 8 (1), pp. 26-36. ISSN 0011-1570

MOSES, G., 1996. 'Rustic and rude': hiring fairs and their critics in East Yorkshire c.1850-1875. Rural History, 7, pp. 151-175.

PRATT, M., 1996. French AIDS autobiographies and cultures of self. In: Fifth Conference for the Study of European Ideas, Utrecht, The Netherlands, August, 1996, Utrecht, Netherlands.

PRATT, M., 1996. French AIDS autobiographies and cultures of self. In: Autobiographies, Strategies for Survival, Warwick University, Warwick, October, 1996, Warwick.

PRATT, M., 1996. Homosexuality and AIDS prevention in France. In: EC Inter-governmental Conference, 'Why Europe?: Problems of Culture and Identity ', Keele University, Staffs, September, 1996, Keele, Staffs.

PRATT, M., 1996. Review of: 'Guibert: à l'ami qui ne m'a pas sauvé la vie', by Jean-Pierre Boulé. French Studies.

PRATT, M., 1996. A walk along the side of the motorway. In: Research in French Studies Seminar Series, Keele University March, Keele, Staffs, 1996, Keele, Staffs..

PRATT, M., 1996. A walk along the side of the motorway. In: Centre Régionale d'Information et de Prevéntion du Sida, Paris, France, March, 1996., Paris, France.

SOLANKI, M., 1996. Exercises in trust. London: Aark Arts.

SOLANKI, M., 1996. Poems included in anthology. In: Twelve modern young Indian poets. Midlothian: Lines Review.

SOLANKI, M., 1996. What you leave behind. Leicester: Blackwater Press.

TALBOT, M., 1996. Embracing otherness in SF. In: Speaking Science Fiction Conference, University of Liverpool, 11-13 July, 1996, Liverpool.

TALBOT, M., 1996. Embracing otherness: an examination of Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis series. Kimota: horror, SF and fantasy fiction (5), pp. 45-49.

TALBOT, M., 1996. The acceptable face of feminism in contemporary advertising. In: 11th Sociolinguistics Symposium, University of Wales, Cardiff, 5-7 September, 1996, Cardiff.

TALBOT, M. and GOUGH, V., 1996. 'Guilt over games boys play': coherence as a focus for examining the constitution of heterosexual subjectivity on a problem page. In: C. CALDAS-COULTHARD and M. COULTHARD, eds., Texts and practices: readings in critical discourse analysis. Routledge, pp. 214-230.

TIVERS, J., 1996. Artificial ski landscapes. In: RGS-IBG Annual Conference, 1996.

TIVERS, J., 1996. Landscapes of computer games. In: RGS-IBG Annual Conference, 1996.

TIVERS, J., 1996. Playing with nature. Geographical Magazine, 68 (4), pp. 17-19.

WILLIAMS, P., 1996. Imaged Communities: black British film in the 80s and 90s. Critical Survey, 8 (1), pp. 3-13.

WILLIAMS, P., 1996. No direction home? Futures for post-colonial studies. Wasafiri (23), pp. 3-6.

WILLIAMS, P., 1996. Triumph of the will? - an interview with Eddie George. Critical Survey, 8 (1), pp. 80-83.

WILLIAMS, P. and CHILDS, P., 1996. Post-colonial theory: a critical introduction. Longman/Pearson.

WILLIAMS, P. and YOUSAF, N., 1996. Colonial discourse/postcolonial theory. The Year's Work in Cultural and Critical Theory, 6 (1), pp. 57-72.

WITTEL, A., 1996. Firmenideologie als Herrschaftsinstrument. Schweizerisches Archiv für Volkskunde, 92 (1), pp. 79-105. ISSN 0036-794X

WOODS, G., 1996. Desert island desires. The Geographical Magazine, 68 (1), pp. 36-37.

WRIGHT, P., 1996. Brideshead relocalizada. Cidadania, revista do patrimônio (24), pp. 117-130.

WRIGHT, P., 1996. Do we put the right value on the arts? .

WRIGHT, P., 1996. England as lost idyll. .

WRIGHT, P., 1996. Future wars. .

WRIGHT, P., 1996. Here come the tanks. Granta, 53, pp. 123-139.

WRIGHT, P., 1996. Sunday in the park with the down and outs. .

YOUNGS, G., 1996. From realism to neorealism: theoretical transition as discourse, state-centrism and beyond. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

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