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ABBOTT, F., 2001. Alexanderplatz. [Live performance and web cast]. .

ALLEN, D.P., 2001. The keynote project: the triumphs and trials of running a project. , pp. 22-24.

ALLEN, D.P., 2001. The sharing excellence and keynote projects. In: Conference Report: GLAD 9th National Conference, Manchester, UK.

ALLEN, D.P. and KELLY, C., 2001. Key skills and graduate employability. In: The Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, York, UK, 2001, York, UK.

ALLEN, D.P. and STAINTON, C., 2001. The promise of learning outcomes. In: Improving University Teaching 26th Annual Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2001, Johannesburg, South Africa.

ANDERSEN, E., 2001. Blue 5. .

ANDERSEN, E., 2001. [illustrations in] 'Elle deco'. [Digital or Visual Media]

ANSELL, S., 2001. Will. [Digital or Visual Media]


BANNISTER, A., 2001. One-person exhibition at METAFORA (independent art school) project space. .

BEECROFT, R., 2001. An exhibition of digital constructs. .

BEECROFT, R., CANTOURIS, A. and BAIRD, J., 2001. Exhibition of photographs in Fotogaleria Stolp. .

BROWN, A., 2001. Intimacy with strangers. Dance Theatre Journal, 17 (2), pp. 6-9. ISSN 0264-9160

BUNCE, G. and BRIGGS, A., 2001. Breaking the rectangle: innovative approaches to printed textile and garment integration. In: R. SHAW and J. MCKAY, eds., Digital creativity: crossing the border: the proceedings of CADE 2001: the 4th Computers in Art and Design Education Conference, held at the Glasgow School of Art, 9-12 April 2001. Glasgow: Glasgow School of Art Press, pp. 78-81. ISBN 0901904821

BUNCE, G., BRIGGS-GOODE, A., GOULDING, R. and TOWNSEND, K., 2001. Transforming Shape. .

BUNCE, G. and RUSSELL, A., 2001. CAD Textiles: research into teaching. In: R. SHAW and J. MCKAY, eds., Digital creativity: crossing the border: the proceedings of CADE 2001: the 4th Computers in Art and Design Education Conference, held at the Glasgow School of Art, 9-12 April 2001. Glasgow: Glasgow School of Art Press, pp. 74-77. ISBN 0901904821

BURNETT, K., 2001. Set and costume designs for 'Beauty and the Beast' by Charles Way.

BURNETT, K., 2001. Set design and art workshop leader, Manchester Arts Education Festivals, 1998-2002. Manchester: Contact Theatre.


CANTOURIS, A. and BAIRD, J., 2001. Exhibition of photographs in messiac photography. .

CARLISLE, H., 2001. Need I repeat myself. Digital Creativity, 12 (2), pp. 89-98. ISSN 1462-6268

CORK, C.R., FOSTER, P.W. and OULTON, D.P., 2001. False twisting of a staple yarn in a potential dyeing process. Journal of the Textile Institute, 921 (2), pp. 115-126.

CRABBE, A., 2001. Expert systems and the emergence of teledesign. Design Studies, 22 (6), pp. 543-555. ISSN 0142-694X

CRABBE, A. and THOMPSON, P., 2001. Clinical trial of a patient-operated microwave care system for hydrogel contact lenses. Optometry and Vision Science, 78 (8), pp. 605-609. ISSN 1040-5488

CRABBE, A. and THOMPSON, P., 2001. Effects of microwave irradiation on the parameters of hydrogel contact lenses. Optometry and Vision Science, 78 (8), pp. 610-615. ISSN 1040-5488

CURRY, A., 2001. Make space. .

CURRY, A., 2001. Society of British Theatre Designers. .


DIAS, T., 2001. Knitting seamless 3D shell structures. In: Textile Technology International. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 57-61. ISBN 1859382002

DIAS, T. and FERNANDO, A., 2001. Special yarn delivery systems for processing low modulus yarns. In: Proceedings of the Technical Textiles Conference, Bolton.

DIAS, T. and HEENKENDA, N., 2001. Weft knitted structures for textile composites. In: Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Composite Engineering, Tenerife.

DIAS, T. and LANAROLLE, G., 2001. Automated setting of circular knitting machines. In: Proceedings of the 6th Asian Textile Conference, Hong Kong.


EDWARDS, E., 2001. Textiles and dress of the Rabari of Kachchh. Ars Textrina, 33, pp. 59-74. ISSN 0824-9091

EDWARDS, E., 2001. A disappearing craft: ply-split braiding of the Rabari of Kachchh. In: J. PARRY, R. NORMAN and A. NORMAN, eds., Expanding the girths. Bampton: Sagaman. ISBN 0954242009


FISHER, T., 2001. Morals made material: or 'put that down, it's disgusting!': discourses of materials in consumption. In: Fourth European Academy of Design Conference, Aveiro Portugal, 9-12 April, 2001, Aveiro Portugal.


GOODRUM, A., 2001. Ivy League with a glottal stop: juxtaposition, individuality and the Paul Smith woman. In: Women's Studies Network Annual Conference, Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education, July 2001.

GOODRUM, A., 2001. Land of hip and glory: fashioning the 'classic' national body. In: W.J.F. KEENAN, ed., Dressed to impress: looking the part. Oxford: Berg, pp. 85-104.

GOODRUM, A. and CREWE, L., 2001. Fashioning new forms of consumption: the case of Paul Smith. In: S. BRUZZI and P. CHURCH-GIBSON, eds., Fashion cultures: theories, explanations, analysis. London: Routledge, pp. 25-48.

GUY, K., 2001. A design perspective on shaping possibilities with new technology V-bed knitting machines. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.


HARRISON, C., 2001. Exhibition of furniture, lighting and giftware at the Frankfurt Design Show. .

HARRISON, C., 2001. Represented the UK at the British Design Show in Paris, Sept-Oct. 2001. .

HAWTHORN, M., 2001. Truancies VII at inbetweentime. .

HAWTHORN, M., 2001. Truancies VIII at Victoria Baths. [Digital or Visual Media]

HAWTHORN, M. and COLE, H., 2001. The degenerate art book. London: Arnolfini Live; Arts Council of England. ISBN 0907738672

HEATHFIELD, A., 2001. Coming undone. In: It's an earthquake in my heart: a reading companion. Goat Island.

HIGGINS, D., 2001. Eye to eye. .

HIGGINS, D., 2001. Frame. .

HIGGINS, D., 2001. Happy the world so made. .

HIGGINS, D., 2001. My dark places. .

HOCK, K., 2001. Commencer: to start ... to begin ... Exhibition held at the University of Derby, School of Art and Design, Derby, September, 2001. .

HOCK, K. and HÖFER, C., 2001. Interior: a portrait of my grandmother. Exhibition held at SK Stiftung Kultur Photographische Sammlung, Cologne, Germany, December 2001 - February 2002. .

HOYLAND, J., 2001. Walsall open exhibition: group show, New Art Gallery, Walsall, 5 February-24 March, 2001. .

HUGHES, T. and DEVULDER, T., 2001. Sky Vault design - landmark for the East Midlands [photography & multimedia exhibition]. Sky Vault, Nottingham .


JUDD, B., 2001. Albanian Biennale. Group exhibition held at the UK Section, Tirana, Albania, 2001. .

JUDD, B., 2001. Ben Judd. Exhibition held at Vilma Gold, London, 2001. .

JUDD, B., 2001. Desert rose. Group exhibition held at Victoria House, London, 2001. .

JUDD, B., 2001. Dogleg. Group exhibition held at Guildhall Road, Northampton, 2001. .

JUDD, B., 2001. Insider trading. Group exhibition held at the Mandeville Hotel, London, 2001. .

JUDD, B., 2001. JAM: Tokyo-London. Group exhibition held at the Barbican, London, 2001. .

JUDD, B., 2001. Just history. Group exhibition held at the Tal Esther Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2001. .

JUDD, B., 2001. Me and them. Group exhibition held at the Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2001. .

JUDD, B., 2001. New releases. Group exhibition held at Gallery 4a and Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, 2001. .

JUDD, B., 2001. Unheard of. Group exhibition held at Cuchifrutos, New York, USA, 2001. .


KANDHOLA, M., 2001. Fluid [Catalogue of an exhibition held at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, September, 2001]. Wolverhampton: Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

KANDHOLA, M., 2001. Fluid [Group exhibition]. Wolverhampton Art Gallery, September - November, 2001. .

KANDHOLA, M., 2001. Just another day [Group exhibition]. Ffotogallery, Cardiff, June - July, 2001. .

KANDHOLA, M., 2001. Mesiac fotografie/month of photography [group exhibition]. Galleria Medium Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia, October - November, 2001. .

KANDHOLA, M., 2001. Ritual and religion [Group exhibition]. Robert B. Menschel Photography Gallery, Schine Student Center, Syracuse University, New York, August, 2001 - February, 2002. .

KANDHOLA, M., 2001. Something old something new [Group exhibition]. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, May - June, 2001. .

KANDHOLA, M., 2001. Vollbart, langes haar... das bildnis Jesu Christi in der fotografie (Images of Christ as portrayed in photography spanning 1839 to contemporary day) [International group exhibition showing works from 'The seven words']. Leinwandhaus, Frankfurt, June - Aug. .

KANDHOLA, M., 2001. 'The seven last words of Christ' [photographs]. Contact Sheet, 112, pp. 24-29. ISSN 1064-640X

KANDHOLA, M., 2001. 'The seven words of Christ' [illustrated work]. Vollbart, Langes Haar Das Bildnis Jesu Christi in der Fotografie (93), pp. 155-175.

KANDHOLA, M., 2001. 'The seven words of Christ' [photographs]. In: Different. London: Phaidon. ISBN 714840149

KANDHOLA, M. and WILSON, R., 2001. [discussion on] 'Illustration of life', 'Diver series' and 'Boxing'.

KEEN, S., 2001. Trans.Form. [Direction for 'Transforming shape' exhibition]. [Digital or Visual Media]


LESTER, P., 2001. Advertising. Polaroid International Photography Magazine, 21. ISSN 1086-9255

LESTER, P., 2001. Black and white. Polaroid International Photography Magazine, 22. ISSN 1086-9255

LEWIS, S., 2001. Millennium wall. [Digital photograph]. Art and Science International Exhibition and Global Symposium, Museum of Modern Art, Beijing, China, 31 May - 17 June, 2001. .

LOCK, A., 2001. Nowhere so foreign. Quay Art Gallery, Kingston Upon Hull, May-June 2001. .

LYCOURIS, S., 2001. Bodysight (audio-visual installation in collaboration with digital artist Konstantinos Papakostas). .

LYCOURIS, S., 2001. Homezone. .

LYCOURIS, S., 2001. Interdisciplinary choreographic explorations. In: MTAC2001, Irvine, California, 2-4 November 2001, Irvine,California.

LYCOURIS, S., 2001. Shifting grounds: internet-based live performance work. In: B. SMITH, ed., Creating digital performance resources: a guide to good practice. Oxford: The information press. ISBN 1842170228


MAIER, D., 2001. Blunt. .

MAIER, D., 2001. Danica Maier. .

MAIER, D., 2001. Drive slowly. .

MAIER, D., 2001. Just ripe. .

MAIER, D., 2001. May bride. .

MAIER, D., 2001. Night of 1,000 drawings. .

MAIER, D., 2001. Public exhibition talk / tour of the show at the Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.

MAIER, D., 2001. Works on paper. .

MASSEY, I., 2001. The Collections issue. Association of Illustrators Journal (2001). ISSN 1474-1679

MASSEY, I., 2001. Foreword. In: A.J. BAKER, ed., John McLean : Flowers East. London: Flowers East. ISBN 1902945263

MASSEY, I., 2001. John McLean, introduction to catalogue of paintings. London: Flowers East.

MASSEY, I., 2001. 'Pen and mouse' book review. Association of Illustrators Journal. ISSN 1474-1679

MASSEY, I., 2001. Pushing the language: an interview with Ian Whadcock. Association of Illustrators Journal. ISSN 1474-1679

MASSEY, I., 2001. The pattern on the sofa: Chloe Cheese- an interview with Ian Massey. Association of Illustrators Journal. ISSN 1474-1679

MASSEY, I., 2001. 'A real Boy's Own adventure': an interview with Chris Corr. Association of Illustrators Journal. ISSN 1474-1679

MOTTRAM, J., 2001. Art practice and academic responsibility. In: J. SWIFT, ed., Soundings and reflections Vol IV, Disciplines fields and change in art education: 1999-2001. Birmingham: ARTicle Press, pp. 67-94. ISBN 1873352484

MOTTRAM, J., 2001. 'Notes from looking at the drawings', Pleasures of uncertainty: drawings by Jenny West. .

MOTTRAM, J. and WHALE, G., 2001. New knowledge and new technology: restructuring Fine Art education. Journal of Visual Art Practice, 1 (2), pp. 98-110. ISSN 1470-2029


PEPPER, A., 2001. Building with light: holography, glass and architecture. This Side Up (15), pp. 2-4. ISSN 1389-1707

PROCTOR, G., 2001. Decades of fashion. [Digital or Visual Media]

PROCTOR, G., 2001. Katy's fantasy land. [Digital or Visual Media]

PROCTOR, G., 2001. Lingerie for the lads. [Digital or Visual Media]

PROCTOR, G., 2001. Sexy, quirky and bizarre collectables. [Digital or Visual Media]

PROCTOR, G. and TYRER, J., 2001. The aerodynamics of the bra: ergonomic experimentation of the human body through performance. In: 2D to 3D Symposium, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK, 2001.


REDGATE, J., 2001. Fuzzy power factor control in a variable load circuit. In: International conference on fuzzy logic and technology; EUSFLAT 2001 Leicester, UK, September 2001, Leicester.


SARGENT, P., 2001. Selected works, Discovery Museum, Tyne and Wear. .

SARGENT, P., 2001. Selected works, Glass Museum, Sunderland. .

SMITH, N., 2001. Mesiac Fotografie Month of Photography. .

SMITH, N., 2001. Nottingham Photography. .

SPRAWSON, D., 2001. For the preservation of the world. Dnevnik.

SPRAWSON, D., 2001. Solo exhibition [of paintings]. .


TOWNSEND, K., 2001. Integrated design: from Delaunay to digital. Exchange Online: Research Papers in Art, Media and Design (2).

TOWNSEND, K., 2001. Surface, shape, structure: an investigation into digitally printed garment design. In: CADE2001 Digital Creativity: Crossing the Border, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, 9-12 April 2001. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 396-400. ISBN 0901904821


WELLING, C., 2001. The stuff of dreams. .

WENSLEY, J., 2001. Bradford database. UNSPECIFIED.

WHITE, C.A., 2001. 'Talking with angels' by Neil Duffield [lighting design for the Quicksilver Theatre Company]. London: Quicksilver Theatre Company.

WHITE, C.A., 2001. Technical theatre. Arnold Press.

WOODFIELD, R., 2001. Aesthetics at the end of the Century: Dessoir's Project. In: K. SASAKI and T. OTABE, eds., The great book of aesthetics: the 15th International Congress of Aesthetics, Japan, 2001: proceedings. Tokyo: Organizing Committee of the 15th International Congress of Aesthetics. ISBN 4990170105

WOODFIELD, R., 2001. Art history as cultural history: Warburg's projects. Amsterdam: G+B Arts International. ISBN 9057010232

WOODFIELD, R., 2001. Ernst Gombrich's contributions to Kritische Berichte. In: Colloquium on art history and the German philosophical tradition.

WOODFIELD, R., 2001. Framing formalism: Riegl's work. Amsterdam: G+B Arts International. ISBN 9057013126

WOODFIELD, R., 2001. Gombrich's 1955 lecture to the British Psychological Society: 'Art History and the psychology of perception.'. In: Congreso E.H. Gombrich (Viena 1909- Londrea 2001).

WOODFIELD, R., 2001. Point 12: Framing the Future. CHEAD.

WOODFIELD, R., 2001. Review of Michael Kelly (ed) 'Encyclopedia of aesthetics'. Art Bulletin, 83 (3), pp. 559-563.

WOODFIELD, R., 2001. Review: Ellen Dissanayake 'Art and intimacy: how the arts began'. British Journal of Aesthetics, 41 (3), pp. 343-345.

WOODFIELD, R., 2001. Review: Francis Ames-Lewis 'The intellectual life of the early renaissance artist'. British Journal of Aesthetics, 42 (1), pp. 86-88.

WOODFIELD, R., 2001. Yearbook of the International Association for Aesthetics. International Association for Aesthetics.

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