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Journal article

SLADE, K., SMITH, H., POTTER, A. and BAGULEY, T., 2022. Re-examining the dual harm profile: an assessment using US prison population-level data. Psychology, Crime and Law. ISSN 1068-316X (Forthcoming)

BRABER, N., SMITH, H., WRIGHT, D., HARDY, A. and ROBSON, J., 2022. Assessing the specificity and accuracy of accent judgments by lay listeners. Language and Speech. ISSN 0023-8309

HUFFMAN, S., CRUNDALL, D., SMITH, H. and MACKENZIE, A., 2022. Situation awareness in sports: a scoping review. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 59: 102132. ISSN 1469-0292

ROCKEY, J., SMITH, H. and FLOWE, H., 2021. Dirty looks: politicians' facial appearance and unethical behaviour. Leadership Quarterly: 101561. ISSN 1048-9843

LAVAN, N., SMITH, H. and MCGETTIGAN, C., 2021. Unimodal and cross-modal identity judgements using an audiovisual sorting task: Evidence for independent processing of faces and voices. Memory and Cognition. ISSN 0090-502X

COLLOFF, M., SEALE-CARLISLE, T., KAROĞLU, N., ROCKEY, J., SMITH, H., SMITH, L., MALTBY, J., YAREMENKO, S. and FLOWE, H., 2021. Perpetrator pose reinstatement during a lineup test increases discrimination accuracy. Scientific Reports, 11: 13830. ISSN 2045-2322

TEMPLEMAN, I., SMITH, H., CHOWDHURY, E., CHEN, Y.C., CARROLL, H., JOHNSON-BONSON, D., HENGIST, A., SMITH, R., CREIGHTON, J., CLAYTON, D., VARLEY, I., KARAGOUNIS, L.G., WILHELMSEN, A., TSINTZAS, K., REEVES, S., WALHIN, J.P., GONZALEZ, J.T., THOMPSON, D. and BETTS, J.A., 2021. A randomized controlled trial to isolate the effects of fasting and energy restriction on weight loss and metabolic health in lean adults. Science Translational Medicine, 13 (598): eabd8034. ISSN 1946-6234

LAVAN, N., SMITH, H., JIANG, L. and MCGETTIGAN, C., 2021. Explaining face-voice matching decisions: the contribution of mouth movements, stimulus effects and response biases. Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics. ISSN 1943-3921

SMITH, H., ANDREWS, S., BAGULEY, T., COLLOFF, M., DAVIS, J., WHITE, D., ROCKEY, J. and FLOWE, H., 2021. Performance of typical and superior face recognisers on a novel interactive face matching procedure. British Journal of Psychology. ISSN 0007-1269

COLLOFF, M., FLOWE, H., SMITH, H., SEALE-CARLISLE, T., MEISSNER, C., ROCKEY, J., PANDER, B., KUJUR, P., PARVEEN, N., CHANDEL, P., SINGH, M., PRADHAM, S. and PARGANIHA, A., 2021. Active exploration of faces in police lineups increases discrimination accuracy. American Psychologist. ISSN 0003-066X

SMITH, H., BIRD, K., ROESER, J., ROBSON, J., BRABER, N., WRIGHT, D. and STACEY, P.C., 2020. Voice parade procedures: optimising witness performance. Memory, 28 (1), pp. 2-17. ISSN 0965-8211

ROBSON, J. and SMITH, H., 2019. Can we have faith jurors listen without prejudice? Likely sources of inaccuracy in voice-comparison exercises. Criminal Law Review, 2, pp. 115-130. ISSN 0011-135X

BAGULEY, T., SMITH, H. and GUEST, D., 2015. Memory. . ISSN 9781446274828

WHITELAM, G.C., ANDERSON, M.L., BILLETT, E.E. and SMITH, H., 1985. Immunoblot analysis of cross-reactivity of monoclonal-antibodies against oat phytochrome with phytochrome from several plant-species. Photochemistry and Photobiology, 42 (6), pp. 793-796.

BILLETT, E.E. and SMITH, H., 1980. Control of phenylanine ammonia-lyase and cinnamic acid 4-hydroxylase in gherkin tissues. Phytochemistry, 19 (6), pp. 1035-1041.

BILLETT, E.E., WALLACE, W. and SMITH, H., 1978. Specific and reversible macromolecular inhibitor of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase and cinnamic acid-4-hydroxylase in gherkins. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 524 (1), pp. 219-230.

BILLETT, E.E. and SMITH, H., 1977. Cinnamic acid 4-hydroxylase from gherkin tissues. Phytochemistry, 17 (9), pp. 1511-1516.

BILLETT, E.E. and SMITH, H., 1977. Stimulation of maize intervase activity following infection by Ustilago-maydis. Phytochemistry, 16 (8), pp. 1163-1166.

Conference contribution

JONES, G., ROESER, J., SMITH, H., STACEY, P. and TORRANCE, M., 2017. Effects of associative (sequential) learning across speech perception, speech production, reading, and typing. In: Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing (AMLaP) 2017, Lancaster University, Lancaster, 7-9 September 2017.

SMITH, H., DUNN, A.K., BAGULEY, T. and STACEY, P., 2015. The effect of increasing the interstimulus interval on novel face-voice matching accuracy. In: 32nd BPS Cognitive Pyschology Section Annual Conference, University of Kent, Canterbury, 1-3 September 2015.

SMITH, H., DUNN, A.K., BAGULEY, T. and STACEY, P., 2014. Integrated processes in person perception: matching novel faces and voices [oral presentation]. In: 31st BPS Cognitive Psychology Section Annual Conference, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, 3-5 September 2014, Nottingham.

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