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ANDREWS, K., 2007. Ann Yearsley: a literary career reconsidered. Literature Compass, 5 (1), pp. 90-105. ISSN 1741-4113

ANDREWS, K., 2007. Countering 'the poverty of thought in novels': radical authorship and The Royal Captives by Ann Yearsley. Romanticism on the Net. ISSN 1467-1255


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BAILEY, O.G., 2007. Transnational lives and media: re-imagining diasporas. London: Palgrave.

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BENNETT, M., 2007. Que l'on m'apporte la tête d'Oliver Cromwell! In: P. SEDDON, ed., Tête-à-Tête. Nîmes: Musée des Beaux Arts.

BENNETT, M., 2007. Review of 'Black Tom: Sir Thomas Fairfax and the English Revolution' by Andrew Hopper. Reviews in History (637). ISSN 1749-8155

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BURCH, S., 2007. Equiano: an exhibition of an extraordinary life (Birmingham Museum) [exhibition review]. Museums Journal, 107 (12), pp. 44-45. ISSN 0027-416X

BURCH, S., 2007. Hastings Museum and Art Gallery [exhibition review]. Museums Journal, 107 (11), p. 53. ISSN 0027-416X

BURCH, S., 2007. Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery (Glasgow) [exhibition review]. Museums Journal, 107 (8), pp. 38-39. ISSN 0027-416X

BURCH, S., 2007. Museum landscapes: zoning in on a complex cultural field. NaMu, Making National Museums Program, Setting the Frames, 22, pp. 49-52. ISSN 1650-3686

BURCH, S., 2007. Talkback: Is the Art Fund the right sponsor for the former Gulbenkian prize for museums and galleries? , p. 17.

BURCH, S., 2007. Wolverhampton Art Gallery [exhibition review]. Museums Journal, 107 (6), pp. 38-39. ISSN 0027-416X

BURCH, S., 2007. The past in pictures: a pre-coronation snapshot. , p. 81. ISSN 1469-8552

BURCH, S. and SMITH, D.J., 2007. Empty spaces and the value of symbols: Estonia's 'war of monuments' from another angle. Europe-Asia Studies, 59 (6), pp. 913-936. ISSN 0966-8136

BURCH, S. and SMITH, D.J., 2007. Empty spaces and the value of symbols: Estonia's 'war of monuments' from another angle. Europe-Asia Studies, 59 (6), pp. 913-936. ISSN 0966-8136


CARBAYO ABENGÓZAR, M., 2007. Epitomising the modern Spanish nation through popular music: coplas from La Caramba to Concha Piquer, 1750-1990. Gender & history, 19 (3), pp. 419-440. ISSN 0953-5233

CHO, N.J., 2007. 'The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended': the consolation of Victorian funeral hymns. In: The Day of Mourning: an Interdisciplinary Symposium, King's College London, 30 November 2007, London.

CHO, N.J., 2007. The female soldier and the naked mountaineer: Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-1879)'s revision of feminine behaviour in her poetical works and life. In: Home, Nation, Empire: Readings of Gender from the Eighteenth Century to the Present Day Conference, University of Manchester, 16 July 2007, Manchester.

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COLEMAN, D., 2007. King Johan. The Literary Encyclopedia. ISSN 1747-678X

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COLEMAN, D.S., 2007. Neo-realism and Italian national identity: a Jungian reading. PhD, Nottingham Trent University.

CORDLE, D., 2007. In dreams, in imagination: suspense, anxiety and the Cold War in Tim O'Brien's 'The nuclear age'. Critical Survey, 19 (2), pp. 101-120. ISSN 1752-2293

CORDLE, D., 2007. In dreams, in imagination: suspense, anxiety and the Cold War in Tim O'Brien's 'The nuclear age'. Critical Survey, 19 (2), pp. 101-120. ISSN 1752-2293

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JOWITT, C., 2007. 'Et in arcadia ego': the politics of pirates in the 'Old Arcadia', 'New Arcadia' and 'Urania'. Early Modern Literary Studies, 16 (3). ISSN 1201-2459

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