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Journal article

WRIGHT, P., 2016. Seeing is believing. Or is it?: visual literacy in art & design education. Art Libraries Journal, 41 (1), pp. 32-39. ISSN 0307-4722

DAVIES, J. and WRIGHT, P., 2010. Just keep digging: memory and the framing of heritage. Memory Studies (3), pp. 196-203.

WRIGHT, P., 2010. Looking backwards. Architecture Today (209).

WRIGHT, P., 2010. Owen Hatherley's 'The new ruins of Great Britain': a review. Architecture Today (212), pp. 6-7.

WRIGHT, P., 2010. Review of: Mark J. Selverstone, Constructing the monolith: the United States, Great Britain, and international communism, 1945-1950. American Historical Review, 115 (1), pp. 201-202.

WRIGHT, P., 2010. 'A kind of critique that works by allegorizing': an interview with Patrick Wright by Noel King [dialogue]. Cultural Studies Review, 16 (2), pp. 290-313.

WRIGHT, P., 2008. On civil defence and the staging of modern politics. Vertigo, 4 (1), pp. 3-6.

WRIGHT, P., 2008. Review of Shadow sites: photography, archaeology and the British landscape 1927-1955, Cambridge University Press, 2007 [by Kitty Hauser]. Twentieth Century British History, 19 (2), pp. 239-242. ISSN 0955-2359

WRIGHT, P., 2006. Industrial bread and a ship full of bombs: some reflections on history and heritage in East London. Rising East Online (5).

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WRIGHT, P., 1995. Brideshead relocated [in Spanish]. Revista do Patrimônio.

WRIGHT, P., 1995. Schama's country. Modern Painters.

WRIGHT, P., 1995. The overtaken art of transgression. Modern Painters.

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WRIGHT, P., 1979. Against Bush-paranoia. Georgia Straight, 12 (585).

WRIGHT, P., 1979. Poetry centre 'A part of the trouble'. Georgia Straight, 12 (580511), p. 2.

Authored book

DRANSFIELD, R., SCOTT-THOMPSON, M. and WRIGHT, P., 2011. Economics for the Caribbean school certificate. Nelson Thornes.

WRIGHT, P., 2010. Passport to Peking: a very British mission to Mao's China. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780199541935

WRIGHT, P., 2009. On living in an old country: the national past in contemporary Britain. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

WRIGHT, P., 2009. A journey through ruins. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

WRIGHT, P., 2007. Iron Curtain: from stage to Cold War. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

WRIGHT, P., 2003. Tank: the progress of a monstrous war machine. Penguin.

WRIGHT, P., 2002. Tank: the progress of a monstrous war machine. Viking.

WRIGHT, P., 2002. The village that died for England. London: Faber.

WRIGHT, P. and HYMAN, T., 2001. Stanley Spencer. London: Tate Publishing.

WRIGHT, P., 2000. Tank: the progress of a monstrous war machine. London: Faber.

WRIGHT, P., 1999. The river: the Thames in our time. BBC Worldwide.

WRIGHT, P., 1995. The village that died for England. [London]: Cape.

WRIGHT, P., 1993. A journey through ruins. Flamingo.

WRIGHT, P., 1991. On living in an old country: the national past in contemporary Britain. London: Verso.

WRIGHT, P., 1991. A journey through ruins. Radius.

WRIGHT, P., MELLOR, D. and SAUNDERS, G., 1990. Recording Britain. London: David & Charles.

WRIGHT, P., 1985. On living in an old country: the national past in contemporary Britain. London: Verso.

WRIGHT, P. and LANDRY, C., 1985. What a way to run a railroad: an analysis of radical failure. Comedia.

Chapter in book

WRIGHT, P., 2008. Introductory essay on Litvinoff's life and work. In: E. LITVINOFF, ed., Journey through a small planet. Penguin Classics.

WRIGHT, P., 2008. Last orders for the English Aborigine. In: S. DAVIDSON and J. RUTHERFORD, eds., Race, identity and belonging. London: Lawrence and Wishart, pp. 60-71.

WRIGHT, P., 2007. Redeeming the makeshift: introductory essay. In: D. SPERO, ed., Churches. London: Steidlmack.

WRIGHT, P., 2006. How privatization turned Britain's red telephone kiosk into an archive of the welfare state. In: F. BLOUIN and W. ROSENBERG, eds., Archives, documentation, and the institutions of social memory: essays from the Sawyer Seminar, University of Michigan, 2000-2001. Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.: University of Michigan Press.

WRIGHT, P., 2006. The quaysides of Brick Lane: walking with Emanuel Litvinoff. In: I. SINCLAIR, ed., London: city of disappearances. London: Hamish Hamilton, pp. 233-253.

WRIGHT, P., 2004. On melancholy and the humour of the night. In: B. ROGGER, ed., Roche commissions: Sir Harrison Birtwistle. Berne, Switzerland: Roche, pp. 69-85.

WRIGHT, P., 2004. Rodinsky's place. In: C. JENKS, ed., Urban cultures. London: Routledge.

WRIGHT, P., 2003. Down in the dirt. In: J. KERR and A. GIBSON, eds., London: from punk to Blair. Reaktion Books.

WRIGHT, P., 2003. The Great War and the re-envisioning of the Southern English Chalk Downs. In: E. LONGLEY, E. HUGHES and D. O'RAWKE, eds., Ireland (Ulster) Scotland: concepts, contexts, comparisons. (Belfast studies in language, culture and politics, 7). Belfast: Queens University Belfast, pp. 121-128.

WRIGHT, P., 2001. Around the world in three hundred yards. In: I. BORDEN, J. KERR and J. RENDELL, eds., The unknown city: contesting architecture and social space. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, pp. 476-503.

WRIGHT, P., 2001. Facing up to the subterranean stream: the challenge of Robin Blaser's libretto. In: Glyndebourne 2001,. Glyndebourne Festival Opera, pp. 124-128.

WRIGHT, P., 2001. Purposeful art in a climate of cultural reaction: Stanley Spencer in the 1920s. In: T. HYMAN and P. WRIGHT, eds., Stanley Spencer. London: Tate Publishing, pp. 42-73.

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WRIGHT, P., 1999. A conversation with Patrick Keiller. In: P. KEILLER, ed., Robinson in space. London: Reaktion Books, pp. 223-235.

WRIGHT, P., 1998. An encroachment too far. In: A. BARNETT and R. SCRUTON, eds., Town and country. London: Cape, pp. 18-33.

WRIGHT, P., 1997. The ghosting of the inner city. In: L. MCDOWELL, ed., Undoing place? A geographical reader. London: Arnold, pp. 102-111.

WRIGHT, P., 1994. Palaces of the mind. In: A. BARNETT, ed., Power and the throne. Vintage, pp. 157-163.

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Local distinctiveness; on the curiosities and perils of the English approach. In: S. CLIFFORD and A. KING, eds., Local distinctiveness. London: Common Ground, pp. 37-46.

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WRIGHT, P., 1984. A blue plaque for the Labour movement. In: Formations of nation and people. London: Routledge, pp. 42-67.

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WRIGHT, P. and BOMMES, M., 1982. Charms of residence: the public and the past. In: R. JOHNSON, ed., Making histories: studies in history-writing and politics. London: Hutchinson, pp. 253-302.

Conference contribution

WRIGHT, P., 2008. Are the Ming Tombs really in Wangford, Suffolk? Stanley Spencer's trip to China. A talk at 'Memory Maps: Image, Place, and Story'. In: Conference at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, Cambridge University, 02 July 2008, Cambridge.

WRIGHT, P., 2008. Heritage and danger: the place of criticism [keynote lecture]. In: Conference on 'Nostalgia and the Shapes of History', at Queen Mary, University of London, 13 June 2008, London.

WRIGHT, P., 2008. Introducing Timothy Neat's film and interviewing Sir Harrison Birtwistle. In: Aldeburgh Festival, 27 June 2008.

WRIGHT, P., 2008. Iron Curtain: from stage to Cold War [lecture]. In: Hay Festival, 30 May 2008.

WRIGHT, P., 2008. The Thames estuary (a sense of place). In: London Festival of Architecture Conference at Tate Modern, 11 July 2008, London.

WRIGHT, P., 2008. Where have all the radical thinkers gone? Discussion featuring Jacqueline Rose, Ernesto Laclau, Peter Dews and Goran Therborn [chair of discussion]. In: Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, London, 20 May 2008, London.

WRIGHT, P., 2007. Heritage and the place of criticism [keynote presentation]. In: Heritage of the Recent Past, a colloquium organised by the Valuing Historic Environments Research Cluster, University of Leicester, 26 January, 2007, Leicester.

WRIGHT, P., 2007. Iron Curtain: from stage to Cold War. In: Cultural and Historical Geography Research Seminar, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, 28 November, 2007, Nottingham.

WRIGHT, P., 2007. Speaker at: 'Passionate Natures' conference. In: Passionate Natures, a conference held at the Centre for Research into the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, Cambridge University, 22-24 June, 2007, Cambridge.

WRIGHT, P., 2007. The stone bomb [a talk presented at the Sylvia Pankhurst Festival]. In: The Sylvia Pankhurst Festival, Woodford Green, Essex, 08 July, 2007, Essex.

WRIGHT, P., 2006. How will London make history in 2012? In: The Third Docklands Lecture, The Museum of Docklands, London, 12 July, 2006, London.

WRIGHT, P., 2006. Iron Curtain: from the theatre to the burning world. In: Public lecture at the Institute for Historical Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michgan, USA, 12 October, 2006, Michigan, USA.

WRIGHT, P., 2006. The tank and its conquest of Dorset [keynote lecture]. In: Annual Conference of the Museums Association, Bournemouth International Conference Centre, 23 October, 2006, Bournemouth.

WRIGHT, P., 2005. Tank: a story of the applied arts [guest lecture series]. In: Guest Lecture Series, Royal College of Art, London, 01 February, 2005, London.

WRIGHT, P., 2004. 'Art of the Garden' [chair and plenary speaker]. In: 'Art of the Garden', Tate Britain, 18 June, 2004.

WRIGHT, P., 2004. Melancholia and the music of Sir Harrison Birtwistle [lecture]. In: Lecture for Roche Commissions at Lucerne, 21 August, 2004, Lucerne.

WRIGHT, P., 2004. Speaker and chair: at 'Cutting Edge Heritage'. In: Cutting Edge Heritage, a conference of the Royal Institute of British Architecture, 20 November, 2004.

WRIGHT, P., 2004. Speaker at: '20th Year of Bedri Baykam's San Francisco Manifesto'. In: 20th Year of Bedri Baykam's San Francisco Manifesto, an International Symposium, Bilgi University, Istanbul, 10 November, 2004, Istanbul.

WRIGHT, P., 2004. Tank tracks on chalk [a lecture on Geoffrey Household's 'Rogue male']. In: Twentieth Century English Graduate Seminar, University of Cambridge, 24 February, 2004, Cambridge.

WRIGHT, P., 2004. Visions In chalk; the utopian qualities of southern English downland, 1900-1945 [lecture at 'Unravelling Ravilious', a conference connected to the IWM's centenary exhibition of Eric Ravilious, 'Imagined Realities']. In: Unravelling Ravilious Conference, The Imperial War Museum, London 10 January, 2004, London.

WRIGHT, P., 2004. Who do we think we are? Heritage and identity in the UK today [plenary speaker]. In: A national debate, organised by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and held at the British Museum, 13 July, 2004.

WRIGHT, P., 2003. Consultant and chair of: 'Buildings, Meanings and People' conference. In: Buildings, Meanings and People Conference, organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal Institute of British Architecture, 25 October, 2003.

WRIGHT, P., 2003. Lecture at: 'The View from Imber' conference. In: The View from Imber Conference, held in the church at Imber on the army ranges at Salisbury Plain, and organised by Artangel in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence, 30 August, 2003, Salisbury Plain.

WRIGHT, P., 2003. Plenary speaker at: 'Smart Bombs/Dumb Wars' conference. In: Smart Bombs/Dumb Wars Conference, organised jointly by University of East London and the Institute of Education, 08 November, 2003, London.

WRIGHT, P., 2003. Stanley Spencer in China [lecture series]. In: English Department Lecture series, University of Newcastle, 12 February, 2003, Newcastle.

WRIGHT, P., 2003. The village that died for England [lecture]. In: Bath Music Festival, Holburne Museum of Art, 22 May, 2003.

WRIGHT, P., 2002. Deep and true? The cultural life of the English landscape [lecture]. In: The 2002 John Berger Lecture, delivered at Examination Schools, University of Oxford, 24 April, 2002.

WRIGHT, P., 2002. The Great War and the re-envisioning of the southern English Chalk Downs [lecture]. In: Ireland (Ulster) Scotland: Concepts, Contexts, Comparisons Conference, organised by the Irish-Scottish Academic Initiative at Queen's University Belfast, 20-22 September, 2002.

WRIGHT, P., 2002. Ruins [lecture]. In: Lecture presented at the Royal College of Art, 06 March, 2002.

WRIGHT, P., 2002. Visiting the revolution: the British Left goes to 'New China', 1954. In: The 2002 George Orwell Lecture, Birkbeck, London, 06 November, 2002, London.

WRIGHT, P., 2002. The village that died for England [lecture]. In: Lewes Live Literature Festival, 02 November, 2002.

WRIGHT, P., 2001. Behemoth: the symbolic power of the tank [lecture]. In: Lecture at the Advanced Study Center, International Institute, University of Michigan, 03 April, 2001.

WRIGHT, P., 2001. Reflections on the cultural life of the English countryside [lecture]. In: The 2001 Proms Lecture, broadcast on Radio Three from the Victoria and Albert Museum, 19 August, 2001.

WRIGHT, P., 2001. Stanley Spencer and place; a loss of Eden [lecture on Stanley Spencer]. In: Tate Britain Conference, 22 March, 2001.

WRIGHT, P., 2001. The politics of the past [lecture]. In: Historians and their Publics Conference, organised by the Royal Historical Society and the Department of History at the University of York, 20 April, 2001.

WRIGHT, P., 2000. Cultural dimensions of military technology [lecture]. In: Cultures of Killing Conference, Birkbeck College, University of London, 30 June, 2000, London.

WRIGHT, P., 2000. Speaker at: 'Heritage: Cultures and Politics' conference. In: Heritage: Cultures and Politics, an international conference run by the Eleni Nakou Foundation at the European Cultural Centre, Delphi, Greece, 03-07 May, 2000, Delphi, Greece.

WRIGHT, P., 2000. The question of heritage [lecture]. In: Inaugural Symposium of the Open University's National Everyday Cultures Programme, 19 May, 2000, London.

Edited book

WRIGHT, P., 2008. Emanuel Litvinoff's 'Journey through a small planet'. Penguin Classics.

Newspaper or popular journal contribution

WRIGHT, P., 2010. China: behind the bamboo curtain. .

WRIGHT, P., 2010. The bamboo curtain. , pp. 18-19.

WRIGHT, P., 2008. Enemy alien. , p. 21.

WRIGHT, P., 2007. Omnipresent eye. , pp. 19-20.

WRIGHT, P., 2007. Theatre of war. , p. 22. ISSN 0261-3077

WRIGHT, P., 2006. Cubist slugs. , pp. 16-20.

WRIGHT, P., 2006. Little England. , pp. 19-22.

WRIGHT, P., 2006. A fistful of Fredericks. . ISSN 0261-3077

WRIGHT, P., 2005. Last orders. , pp. 4-6.

WRIGHT, P., 2004. Land of the lost. , pp. 40-43.

WRIGHT, P., 2004. 'Recording Britain' and the Council for the Preservation of Rural England (1940-43). .

WRIGHT, P., 2004. Wild blue yonder. , p. 4.

WRIGHT, P., 2003. Another dodgy dossier. , p. 4.

WRIGHT, P., 2003. Look what I built. , pp. 14-15. ISSN 0261-3077

WRIGHT, P., 2003. Restoration tragedy. .

WRIGHT, P., 2003. Take this man off the telly. , pp. 12-13.

WRIGHT, P., 2003. The joy of sadness. , pp. 14-15.

WRIGHT, P., 2002. The stone bomb [reprinted LRB article on Eric Benfield and Sylvia Pankhurst]. , pp. 18-21.

WRIGHT, P., 2001. Berkshire to Beijing. .

WRIGHT, P., 2001. Dropping their eggs. , pp. 11-14.

WRIGHT, P., 2001. On melancholy and the humor of the night. , pp. 55-63.

WRIGHT, P., 2001. A farewell to armour. .

WRIGHT, P., 2001. The stone bomb. , pp. 12-13.

WRIGHT, P., 2000. New Father Thames. .

WRIGHT, P., 1997. Apocalypse here and now. , p. 8.

WRIGHT, P., 1997. Museum of irrational history. , p. 15.

WRIGHT, P., 1997. The Peter Mandelson of aesthetics. .

WRIGHT, P., 1997. Present tensions in a perfect past. .

WRIGHT, P., 1996. Do we put the right value on the arts? .

WRIGHT, P., 1996. England as lost idyll. .

WRIGHT, P., 1996. Future wars. .

WRIGHT, P., 1996. Sunday in the park with the down and outs. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. Can the centre hold? .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. Faulty towers. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. Heritage clubs slug it out. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. In your space. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. Lady with the common touch. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. Play a song for me. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. Resist me. Make me strong. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. Rites and wrongs. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. Rooting in the greenery. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. Salad days. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. Statues of liberty. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. Those GI blues. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. Two loos, low trek. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. The cogs of war. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. A dream of England. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. The fan club that still loves the UN. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. The history-cracker. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. The lost horizon. .

WRIGHT, P., 1995. A plinth among men. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. Every dogma has its day. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. Harvesting a future from rocky ground. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. How the Hobbits saved the world. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. Ill at ease in the health system. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. Keeping the hills alive. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. Little England engulfed in a sea of sleaze. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. A Martian in Farnham. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. More ahead than abreast. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. Order beneath blue skies. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. The Oxbridge mafia. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. Radical, romantic and wrong. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. Rebuilding olde England. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. Sad aisle lands of dreams. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. Sign of the times. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. Spectator sports. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. There's nowt so funny as folk. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. Villages of the doomed. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. Wrapped in the tatters of the flag. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. A good murder. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. The nerd in a gilded cage. .

WRIGHT, P., 1994. The war goes on. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Antique roadshow. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Asphalt and old lace. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Beastly trials of the last Politburo. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Ghetto blaster. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Nostalgia for the old new towns. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Olde England outfoxed. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. One's realm. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Our island story. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Science of style. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Variations on a scheme. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. Where there's a Will? .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. The bottle thrower. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. The debate about culture. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. The empire strikes back. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. The last acre of truth. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. A night in a ghoulish tunnel. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. The stain on St George's flag. .

WRIGHT, P., 1993. A train of thought. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Broken barrel of laughs. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. From mill to mall. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Home is where the cart is. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Icon of the revolution. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Lexicon of life for the common man. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Making a fuss. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Music of the new model orchestra. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Quebec's tainted separatist dream. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. Voice of the loud young Turks. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. The disenchanted forest. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. The fall from grace and favour. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. The mystery of the kiosk composer. .

WRIGHT, P., 1992. The staff that dreams are made of. .

WRIGHT, P., 1991. Christmas spurned. .

WRIGHT, P., 1991. Guns 'n' roses. .

WRIGHT, P., 1991. Life among the ruins. .

WRIGHT, P., 1991. Poet of the lower depths. .

WRIGHT, P., 1991. Putting culture in the picture. .

WRIGHT, P., 1991. Scribbles of a viper sniper. .

WRIGHT, P., 1991. Shallow admen in deep waters. .

WRIGHT, P., 1991. Waging war over water. .

WRIGHT, P., 1991. Why a pink tank made Prague see red. .

WRIGHT, P., 1991. Working in the wild East End. .

WRIGHT, P., 1991. The bottling of Britain. .

WRIGHT, P., 1991. A night to remember. .

WRIGHT, P., 1990. Gesture politics. .

WRIGHT, P., 1990. Heroic survivors of the welfare state. .

WRIGHT, P., 1990. The London bus queue falls to bits. .

WRIGHT, P., 1990. Melancholy fields and postures new. .

WRIGHT, P., 1990. Taste of hope in the land that time forgot. .

WRIGHT, P., 1989. Humbug or not, we have all joined the party. .

WRIGHT, P., 1989. Sneering at the theme parks. , pp. 48-55.

WRIGHT, P., 1988. Brideshead and the tower blocks. .

WRIGHT, P., 1988. Diary. .

WRIGHT, P., 1988. Going to blazes. .

WRIGHT, P., 1988. Halloo views. .

WRIGHT, P., 1988. Lord Baker of Tyneham. , pp. 22-24.

WRIGHT, P., 1988. Museum without exhibits. .

WRIGHT, P., 1988. On a ring and a prayer. .

WRIGHT, P., 1988. Sickle moons and the old school tie. .

WRIGHT, P., 1988. Slums and sharks. .

WRIGHT, P., 1988. The man who would be Christ. .

WRIGHT, P., 1988. The vegetable plot thickens. .

WRIGHT, P., 1987. Ackroyd's junkshop. .

WRIGHT, P., 1987. Black holes. .

WRIGHT, P., 1987. The Blandford martyrs. .

WRIGHT, P., 1987. Debating with Lubbock. .

WRIGHT, P., 1987. English identity crisis. .

WRIGHT, P., 1987. Excellence. , pp. 8-11.

WRIGHT, P., 1987. Hungarian gadfly. .

WRIGHT, P., 1987. Rodinsky's place. .

WRIGHT, P., 1987. Treasure island. .

WRIGHT, P., 1987. Venerable relics. .

WRIGHT, P., 1987. Why the blight must be so stark. .

WRIGHT, P., 1987. The call of the wild. .

WRIGHT, P., 1987. The heritage-thinking that spells decline. .

WRIGHT, P., 1987. The nervous system. .

WRIGHT, P., 1987. A symbol of national embarrassment. .

WRIGHT, P., 1986. 'English' not English. .

WRIGHT, P., 1986. Hearth and home. .

WRIGHT, P., 1986. Misguided tours. .

WRIGHT, P., 1986. Money and friends. .

WRIGHT, P., 1986. Out of the ghetto. .

WRIGHT, P., 1986. People of the abyss. .

WRIGHT, P., 1986. Seven deadly skills. .

WRIGHT, P., 1986. Towards mutual aid. .

WRIGHT, P., 1986. Trust houses. .

WRIGHT, P., 1986. Waving the flag. .

WRIGHT, P., 1986. The good village. .

WRIGHT, P., 1986. A journey through ruins (Douglas Oliver's 'The infant and the pearl'). .

WRIGHT, P., 1986. A world we have lost. .

WRIGHT, P., 1985. Age of dead statues. .

WRIGHT, P., 1985. Agnes Heller - a socialist in exile. .

WRIGHT, P., 1985. Beauty trade. .

WRIGHT, P., 1985. Dissidents. .

WRIGHT, P., 1985. Dreams of escaping. .

WRIGHT, P., 1985. Ideal homes. .

WRIGHT, P., 1985. Way to the top. .

WRIGHT, P., 1972. Om Englands aristokratiska baksmälla och Sveriges märkvärdiga kollektivism. , p. 2.

Professional or trade journal contribution

WRIGHT, P., 2010. Looking backwards. .

Website content

WRIGHT, P., 2008. Real England? Reflections on Broadway Market. Arts Council; BBC.

WRIGHT, P., 2008. Real England? Reflections on Broadway Market. Open Democracy.

WRIGHT, P., 2008. 'A museum of embryos': the Great Exhibition and London's Chinese junk.

WRIGHT, P., 2003. On melancholy and the humour of the night.

WRIGHT, P., 2003. The stone bomb.

WRIGHT, P., 2001. Facing up to the subterranean stream: the challenge of Robin Blaser's libretto.


WRIGHT, P., 2008. China stands up: Maoist peasant or English leveller (English takeaway; reflections on the Anglo-Chinese encounter series). BBC Radio Three.

WRIGHT, P., 2008. 'Dumb-walking-man': Chiang Yee becomes 'The silent traveller' (English takeaway; reflections on the Anglo-Chinese encounter series). BBC Radio Three.

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WRIGHT, P., 2008. Made in England: some reflections on Broadway Market. BBC Radio Four.

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