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Journal article

ACKRILL, R.W., 1992. The Common Agriculture Policy - its operation and its future. Economics, 28 (1), pp. 5-10. ISSN 0300-4287

ANDREWS, J.F.P., REGAN, A.C., WALLIS, J.D. and POVEY, D.C., 1992. A Substrate for the Asymmetric Nazarov Cyclization. Acta Crystallographica Section C-Crystal Structure Communications, 48, pp. 2196-2199. ISSN 0108-2701

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BANDYOPADHYAY, S., 1992. The traditional architecture of Oman. Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review, 4 (1), pp. 64-65. ISSN 1050-2092

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BEATTIE, R.C., TYLERJONES, R. and BAXTER, M.J., 1992. The Effects of Ph, Aluminum Concentration and Temperature on the Embryonic-Development of the European Common Frog, Rana-Temporaria. Journal of Zoology, 228, pp. 557-570. ISSN 0952-8369

BELBIN, D., 1992. Different ways of getting drunk. Ambit, 128, pp. 40-49. ISSN 0002-6972

BELBIN, D., 1992. Paul Odd's Picasso. The Wide Skirt, 19, pp. 36-44.

BELBIN, D., 1992. Poems, cars. Echo Room, 19.

BELBIN, D., 1992. The day her head exploded. Echo Room, 19.

BENNETT, M., 1992. Between Scylla and Charybdis: the establishment of rival administrations in the English Civil War. Local Historian, 22 (4), pp. 191-202. ISSN 0024-5585

BENNETT, M., 1992. The King's gambit: Charles I and Nottingham in the summer of 1642. Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, pp. 35-45. ISSN 0309-9210

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BOULÉ, J.-P., 1992. L'être-dans-la guerre de Sartre vu à travers le corps. Lendemains (Etudes Comparées sur la France - Vergleichende Frankreichforschung), 68.

BOULÉ, J.-P., 1992. The cancelling of 'La pudeur ou l'impudeur': modesty or hypocrisy on the part of French television? French Cultural Studies, 3.

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Authored book

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