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AHMED, O., SIDDIQUA, S.J.N., ALAM, N. and GRIFFITHS, M.D., 2021. The mediating role of problematic social media use in the relationship between social avoidance/distress and self-esteem. Technology in Society, 64: 101485. ISSN 0160-791X

ALCARAZ-IBÁÑEZ, M., PATERNA, A., GRIFFITHS, M.D. and SICILIA, Á., 2021. An exploratory examination of the relationship between symptoms of depression and exercise addiction among undergraduate recreational exercisers. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction. ISSN 1557-1874

ALCARAZ-IBÁÑEZ, M., PATERNA, A., SICILIA, Á. and GRIFFITHS, M.D., 2021. A systematic review and meta-analysis on the relationship between body dissatisfaction and morbid exercise behaviour. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18: 585. ISSN 1661-7827

ASGARI, S., ABBASI, M., HAMILTON, K., CHEN, Y.-P., GRIFFITHS, M.D., LIN, C.-Y. and PAKPOUR, A.H., 2021. A theory-based intervention to promote medication adherence in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: a randomized controlled trial. Clinical Rheumatology, 40 (1), pp. 101-111. ISSN 0770-3198

ASHWORTH, M., PALIKARA, O., BURCHELL, E., PURSER, H., NIKOLLA, D. and VAN HERWEGEN, J., 2021. Online and face-to-face performance on two cognitive tasks in children with Williams syndrome. Frontiers in Psychology, 11: 594465. ISSN 1664-1078

AUER, M. and GRIFFITHS, M.D., 2021. Gambling before and during the COVID-19 pandemic among online casino gamblers: an empirical study using behavioral tracking data. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction. ISSN 1557-1874

AUER, M. and GRIFFITHS, M.D., 2021. Reasons for gambling and problem gambling among Norwegian horse bettors: a real-world study utilizing combining survey data and behavioral player data. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction. ISSN 1557-1874

AWAN, I. and ZEMPI, I., 2021. How the 'beautiful game' turned to hate: why Islamophobia has creeped into grassroots football. Birmingham: Birmingham City University.


BHATTACHARYA, K., CHAKRABARTY, M., DASGUPTA, G., ACHARYA, R., CHATTERJEE, S., GUHA, P. and BELMONTE, M., 2021. Validation of revised reading the mind in the eyes test in the Indian (Bengali) population: a preliminary study. Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 63 (1), pp. 74-79. ISSN 0019-5545

BJØRSETH, B., SIMENSEN, J.O., BJØRNETHUN, A., GRIFFITHS, M.D., EREVIK, E.K., LEINO, T. and PALLESEN, S., 2021. The effects of responsible gambling pop-up messages on gambling behaviors and cognitions: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 11: 601800. ISSN 1664-0640

BREAKWELL, G.M., FINO, E. and JASPAL, R., 2021. The COVID-19 Preventive Behaviors Index: development and validation in two samples from the United Kingdom. Evaluation & the Health Professions. ISSN 0163-2787

BŐTHE, B., TÓTH-KIRÁLY, I., GRIFFITHS, M.D., POTENZA, M.N., OROSZ, G. and DEMETROVICS, Z., 2021. Are sexual functioning problems associated with frequent pornography use and/or problematic pornography use? Results from a large community survey including males and females. Addictive Behaviors, 112: 106603. ISSN 0306-4603


CATANIA, M. and GRIFFITHS, M.D., 2021. Understanding online voluntary self-exclusion in gambling: an empirical study using account-based behavioral tracking data. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18 (4): 2000. ISSN 1661-7827

CHANG, M., ZHANG, K., HAO, L., ZHAO, S., MCGOWAN, V.A., WARRINGTON, K.L., PATERSON, K.B., WANG, J. and GUNN, S.C., 2021. Word predictability depends on parafoveal preview validity in Chinese reading. Visual Cognition, 28 (1), pp. 33-40. ISSN 1350-6285

CHEN, I.-H., CHEN, C.-Y., PAKPOUR, A.H., GRIFFITHS, M.D., LIN, C.-Y., LI, X.-D. and TSANG, H.W.H., 2021. Problematic internet-related behaviors mediate the associations between levels of internet engagement and distress among schoolchildren during COVID-19 lockdown: a longitudinal structural equation modeling study. Journal of Behavioral Addictions. ISSN 2062-5871

CHEN, S.-T., GUO, T., YU, Q., STUBBS, B., CLARK, C., ZHANG, Z., ZHU, M., HOSSAIN, M.M., YEUNG, A., GRIFFITHS, M.D. and ZOU, L., 2021. Active school travel is associated with fewer suicide attempts among adolescents from low-and middle-income countries. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 21 (1): 100202. ISSN 1697-2600

CICCARELLI, M., NIGRO, G., D’OLIMPIO, F., GRIFFITHS, M.D. and COSENZA, M., 2021. Mentalizing failures, emotional dysregulation, and cognitive distortions among adolescent problem gamblers. Journal of Gambling Studies, 37, pp. 283-298. ISSN 1573-3602

CLARK, I. and HUNTER, J., 2021. Employment relations and the informal economy: the spatial dynamics that shape the presence of unregulated hand car washes. In: Manchester Industrial Relations Society Meeting, Online Zoom public lecture, 4 February 2021.

COLE, M. and STEWART, K., 2021. (Mis)representing veganism in film and television. In: L. WRIGHT, ed., Routledge handbook of vegan studies. Routledge international handbooks . Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9780367897468 (Forthcoming)

COLE, M. and STEWART, K., 2021. The distance between us. The Psychologist, Jan 21. ISSN 0952-8229

COOKSON, D., JOLLEY, D., DEMPSEY, R. and POVEY, R., 2021. "If they believe, then so shall I": perceived beliefs of the in-group predict conspiracy theory belief. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations. ISSN 1368-4302 (Forthcoming)

COONEY, C., COLUMB, D., COSTA, J., GRIFFITHS, M.D. and O’ GARA, C., 2021. An analysis of consumer protection for gamblers across different online gambling operators in Ireland: a descriptive study. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 19, pp. 19-31. ISSN 1557-1874

CRUNDALL, D., VAN LOON, E., BAGULEY, T. and KROLL, V., 2021. A novel driving assessment combining hazard perception, hazard prediction and theory questions. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 149: 105847. ISSN 0001-4575


ELLIS-DAVIES, K., LEW-LEVY, S., FLEMING, E., BOYETTE, A.H. and BAGULEY, T., 2021. Demonstrating the utility of Egocentric Relational Event Modelling using focal follow data from Congolese BaYaka children and adolescents engaging in work and play. Field Methods. ISSN 1525-822X


FERNANDEZ, D., KUSS, D.J. and GRIFFITHS, M.D., 2021. The pornography "rebooting" experience: a qualitative analysis of abstinence journals on an online pornography abstinence forum. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 50, pp. 711-728. ISSN 0004-0002

FIDO, D., HEYM, N., BLOXSOM, C.A.J., HUNTER, K.A., GREGSON, M. and SUMICH, A., 2021. Don't slap the fish: the relationship between dietary omega-3 intake and physical aggression is mediated by motor inhibition in response to distressed faces. Personality and Individual Differences, 169: 110062. ISSN 0191-8869

FINAULAHI, K.P., SUMICH, A., HEYM, N. and MEDVEDEV, O.N., 2021. Investigating psychometric properties of the self-compassion scale using Rasch methodology. Mindfulness. ISSN 1868-8527

FURNAN, H., GRIFFITHS, M., PAKPOUR, A. and SIMPKIN, H., 2021. Evidence of validity of the Fear of COVID-19 Scale (FCV-19S) in the Argentinian context. PSOCIAL: Journal of Research in Social Psychology, 6 (2), pp. 99-110. ISSN 2422-619X


GOMEZ, R., STAVROPOULOS, V., ZARATE, D. and GRIFFITHS, M., 2021. ADHD symptoms, the current symptom scale, and exploratory structural equation modeling: a psychometric study. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 111: 103850. ISSN 0891-4222


HADLINGTON, L., BINDER, J. and STANULEWICZ, N., 2021. Exploring the role of moral disengagement and counterproductive work behaviours in information security awareness. Computers in Human Behavior, 114: 106557. ISSN 0747-5632

HARPER, C.A., FIDO, D. and PETRONZI, D., 2021. Delineating non-consensual sexual image offending: towards an empirical approach. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 58: 101547. ISSN 1359-1789

HARPER, C.A. and RHODES, D., 2021. Reanalysing the factor structure of the moral foundations questionnaire. British Journal of Social Psychology. ISSN 0144-6665

HARRIS, A., GOUS, G., DE WET, B. and GRIFFITHS, M.D., 2021. The relationship between gambling event frequency, motor response inhibition, arousal, and dissociative experience. Journal of Gambling Studies, 37, pp. 241-268. ISSN 1050-5350

HENN, M., OLDFIELD, B., KISBY, B. and SLOAM, J., 2021. Voice, equality and education: the role of higher education in defining the political participation of young Europeans. Comparative European Politics. ISSN 1472-4790

HEYM, N., KIBOWSKI, F., BLOXSOM, C.A.J., BLANCHARD, A., HARPER, A., WALLACE, L., FIRTH, J. and SUMICH, A., 2021. The Dark Empath: characterising dark traits in the presence of empathy. Personality and Individual Differences, 169: 110172. ISSN 0191-8869

HILL, R., PICKFORD, R. and POTTER, A., 2021. Submission from NTU to the Risk Assessment and Risk Planning Inquiry. Nottingham: Nottingham Trent University.

HILL, R., PICKFORD, R., TOWLER, A. and HOPKINSON, A., 2021. Local resilience forum learning. C19 National Foresight Group.

HILL, R., STEWART, S., POTTER, A., PICKFORD, R. and SMITH, K., 2021. Managing the first 230 days. C19 National Foresight Group.


IAO, L.-S., ROESER, J., JUSTICE, L. and JONES, G., 2021. Concurrent visual learning of adjacent and nonadjacent dependencies in adults and children. Developmental Psychology. ISSN 0012-1649 (Forthcoming)

IKE, T.J., SINGH, D., JIDONG, D.E., MURPHY, S. and AYOBI, E.E., 2021. Rethinking reintegration in Nigeria: community perceptions of former Boko Haram combatants. Third World Quarterly. ISSN 0143-6597


JAHAN, I., ULLAH, I., GRIFFITHS, M.D. and MAMUN, M., 2021. COVID‐19 suicide and its causative factors among the healthcare professionals: case study evidence from press reports. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care. ISSN 0031-5990

JASPAL, R., ERIKSSON, P. and NYNÄS, P., 2021. Identity, threat and coping among gay men living with HIV in Finland. Cogent Psychology, 8 (1): 1878980.

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JIDONG, D.E., HUSAIN, N., ROCHE, A., LOURIE, G., IKE, T.J., MURSHED, M., PARK, M.S., KARICK, H., DAGONA, Z.K., PWAJOK, J.Y., GUMBER, A., FRANCIS, C., NYAM, P.P. and MWANKON, S., 2021. Psychological interventions for maternal depression among women of African and Caribbean origin: a systematic review. BMC Women's Health. ISSN 1472-6874 (Forthcoming)

JOLLEY, D., DOUGLAS, K., SKIPPER, Y., THOMAS, E. and COOKSON, D., 2021. Measuring adolescents' beliefs in conspiracy theories: Development and validation of the Adolescent Conspiracy Beliefs Questionnaire (ACBQ). British Journal of Developmental Psychology. ISSN 0261-510X (Forthcoming)

JONES, B., BOWE, M., MCNAMARA, N., GUERIN, E. and CARTER, T., 2021. Exploring the mental health experiences of young trans and gender diverse people during the Covid-19 pandemic. International Journal of Transgender Health. ISSN 2689-5269 (Forthcoming)


KAUR, K., EVERITT, G., BOWPITT, G. and CLARKSON, M., 2021. Keeping Everyone In: rough sleepers and the Coronavirus emergency in Nottingham. Nottingham: Opportunity Nottingham.

KELLEZI, B., 2021. Interviews with survivors of Albanian dictatorship across generations. [Dataset]

KELLEZI, B., GUXHOLLI, A., STEVENSON, C., WAKEFIELD, J.R.H., BOWE, M. and BRIDGER, K., 2021. 'Enemy of the people': family identity as social cure and curse dynamics in contexts of human rights violations. European Journal of Social Psychology. ISSN 0046-2772 (Forthcoming)

KELLEZI, B., WAKEFIELD, J., BOWE, M., STEVENSON, C. and MCNAMARA, N., 2021. Healthcare provision inside immigration removal centres. A social identity analysis of trust, legitimacy and disengagement. Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being. ISSN 1758-0846 (Forthcoming)

KENDRICK, D., DAS NAIR, R., KELLEZI, B., MORRISS, R., KETTLEWELL, J., HOLMES, J., TIMMONS, S., BRIDGER, K., PATEL, P., BROOKS, A., HOFFMAN, K. and RADFORD, K., 2021. Vocational rehabilitation to enhance return to work after trauma (ROWTATE): protocol for a non-randomised single arm mixed-methods feasibility study. Pilot and Feasibility Studies, 7: 29. ISSN 2055-5784

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KIRCABURUN, K., SURAL, İ., MARCH, E., BALTA, S., EMIRTEKIN, E. and GRIFFITHS, M.D., 2021. Study addiction and 'dark' personality traits: a cross-sectional survey study among emerging adults. Journal of Addictive Diseases. ISSN 1055-0887

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LIN, C., IMANI, V., GRIFFITHS, M.D., BROSTRÖM, A., NYGÅRDH, A., DEMETROVICS, Z. and PAKPOUR, A.H., 2021. Temporal associations between morningness/eveningness, problematic social media use, psychological distress and daytime sleepiness: mediated roles of sleep quality and insomnia among young adults. Journal of Sleep Research, 30 (1): e13076. ISSN 0962-1105

LIN, C., NAMDAR, P., GRIFFITHS, M.D. and PAKPOUR, A.H., 2021. Mediated roles of generalized trust and perceived social support in the effects of problematic social media use on mental health: a cross‐sectional study. Health Expectations, 24 (1), pp. 165-173. ISSN 1369-6513

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MUSTAFAOGLU, R., YASACI, Z., ZIREK, E., GRIFFITHS, M.D. and OZDINCLER, A.R., 2021. The relationship between smartphone addiction and musculoskeletal pain prevalence among young population: a cross-sectional study. The Korean Journal of Pain, 34 (1), pp. 72-81. ISSN 2005-9159


NOMAN, A.H.M., GRIFFITHS, M.D., PERVIN, S. and ISMAIL, M.N., 2021. The detrimental effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on domestic violence against women. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 134, pp. 111-112. ISSN 0022-3956

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STEWART, S., POTTER, A., HILL, R. and PICKFORD, R., 2021. Fourth Recovery Strategic Roundtable executive summary. C19 National Foresight Group.

STEWART, S., POTTER, A., HILL, R. and PICKFORD, R., 2021. Fourth Recovery Strategic Roundtable report. C19 National Foresight Group.


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ZIREK, E., MUSTAFAOGLU, R., YASACI, Z. and GRIFFITHS, M.D., 2021. Response to "Symptoms and absence of symptoms while using a telephone: the paradox of thoracic outlet syndrome". Musculoskeletal Science and Practice, 51: 102264. ISSN 2468-8630

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